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3 Common Spektrum NX8 Problems and Easy Fixes!

A lot of users have been complaining about their Spektrum NX after getting an upgrade. There are a few common issues that have been observed. If you are new to using the Spektrum NX series, you might stumble over these problems. 

So, you must be looking for – how to fix Spektrum NX8 problems.

Most Spektrum NX8 problems occur for using an older version of the receiver. Downloading the updates will fix it. Users also face problems with micro SD cards. The size of the SD card should not be above the limit. Read the activation manual properly to double-check.

We will discuss the common problems in detail. Without further delay, let’s start.

Common Spektrum NX8 Problems

After upgrading the transmitter from the older model to NX8, a few issues were found. People switched to the NX series due to problems in the DX series. We will provide the solutions below. Hope you find it helpful.

Spektrum NX8
Source: Spektrum

Problem 1: Glitching of Spektrum NX8 

This issue was reported by a lot of users. Here, keeping the Spektrum NX inactive for some days is causing glitches when operated later. 

The most common cause is that the elevator and the rudder glitch simultaneously. It happens after every 10-11 seconds. They move a little bit away and then come to the center.

Between these continuous glitches, other parts remain inactive. 


This phenomenon happens in the case of older versions of the receiver series. It has been fixed in the Spectrum TX update

So to solve this problem you have to get the latest updates on RX and TX. If the problem sustains you have to get a new RX. Now, where can you get the updates?

You can check the RX TX system website. There you will get an overview of the products and their compatibility.

The website link is txrx.com. There you will get the RX sensibility improvement products, tx combining system, filter products, base station antenna, and many more.

The hardware products come with a warranty. And they provide servicing facilities too. To update the software, press RECEIVER on the remote controller and got to SETUP. Click FIRMWARE Update. Then select UPDATE VIA NET. 

At last, press Enter. Your RX has been updated.

Problem 2: No Power After Updating

The second problem is also very common. After downloading the update into an SD card, the card is put in the transmitter. Then the power button is pressed. But there is no response, no sign of any power. The Spektrum NX8 won’t turn on.

You might see a similar issue in Spektrum AR620.


To solve the no power issue check the SD card if it’s compatible or not. The SD card is required to be 32 GB or smaller. It cannot be over class 6. A compatible SD card is needed for the Spektrum nx8 update.

On the download page, there is a PDF called “How To”. Check it to find out if you are doing anything wrong.

Here are some of the best SD cards for your Spektrum NX8.

One of the fastest SD cards you can buy for this device is Sandisk 32GB. You can check latest price on Amazon.

For small works or a cheaper option go for Lerdisk Micro SD Card 4GB. You can check latest price on Amazon.

Spektrum nx8 update
Source: AHLtec

Problem 3: No Power Back-up in Transmitter

After getting a new Spektrum transmitter, a few steps are carried out. The battery should be charged fully. Powering up the radio, check the firmware. Check if the latest version is present, and update if required. Some users cannot turn the power on after binding to the craft.


Don’t turn off the power while binding. If you are using Wi-Fi, then remove the micro SD, put it back, and try again. If the power is not back, remove the battery and put it back. Hold the power button to reboot the system or do a Spektrum nx8 factory reset.

Check the internal micro SD card contents through the computer and remove the file SPMTX.SAX.

Spektrum nx8 factory reset
Source: Logic RC

That’s all about troubleshooting Spektrum NX8. Spektrum NX8 is a great controller. Here is an image of Spektrum NX8 compared to Spektrum DX6i.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between NX8 and NX10?

There are a few differences between NX8 and NX10. Some upgrades have been made too. One of the key differences is the hall effect gimbals. It facilitates having fewer moving parts. As a result, there is accuracy and precision. 

How to find compatible receivers for my spectrum and NX8?

For the Spektrum NX8 transmitter a compatible receiver is AR8020T. They are accompanied by Smart batteries and Smart Avian. The Wi-Fi connectivity of the radio is convenient too. 

How to charge my spectrum in the NX8 transmitter? 

NX8 has a lithium-ion battery. You can charge it with a micro USB port. Any USB to micro USB cable will serve the purpose. Connecting to Wi-Fi makes your job easier. The product registration can be done quickly from the transmitter. And firmware can be downloaded easily too.


The availability of the nx8 has been reduced recently. NX10 is worth a shot too. If you were struggling with spectrum NX8 problems, hope you found the solution. 

That’s all for today. See you again with a new technical problem. 

Take care. Bye-bye.

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