Spektrum Receiver Binding Problems

Spektrum Receiver Binding Problems [Reasons & Solutions]


If you’re into RC aircraft, you must be familiar with the Spektrum products. From radios to motors and servos, they have everything an RC hobbyist needs. Binding Spektrum receivers are super easy. But occasionally, you might face some troubles binding them.

So, what are the Spektrum receiver binding problems?

The first problem with binding Spektrum receivers is not following the binding steps correctly. Not keeping a proper distance between the receiver and transmitter is the second one. There is also the wrong polarity, antenna damage, wrong plane positioning, and receiver compatibility problems.

These problems might sound complex, but their solutions are very simple. Our article covers the detailed reasons for the issues and their effective solutions. So read along to find out!

How To Bind Spektrum Receiver Correctly?

Before finding out what the problem is, let’s see the correct binding process. You shouldn’t face any issues with binding if you know how to bind the Dx6i

However, if you’re facing the binding problem, there’s a high chance you didn’t perform it correctly. Every receiver has pretty much the same procedure of binding. 

So, go through the following steps to make sure if you followed the right method.

Find the bind port on your receiver. Take the bind plug and plug it in the bind port. Now it’s time to power the receiver. For that, you can take a 2s LiPo battery. Plug the battery in any open port of the receiver. The receiver light should start blinking.

Now pick up your transmitter. Some transmitters have a bind button. Hold that button and turn it on. The transmitter will blink and bind itself with the receiver.

Some transmitters have a bind option in their menu instead of a bind button. In that case, go to the bind menu after turning on the transmitter. Select ‘Bind,’ and they will be bound.

At this point, the transmitter and the receiver should be bound together. But even after following the steps rightly, you may still face some problems. If so, you have to detect the problem and try to solve it. 

What Are The Spektrum Receiver Binding Problems? 

Is the Spektrum receiver still having issues binding after you followed every step carefully? Then there must be other factors that are causing the problem. There are some very common binding problems of the Spektrum receiver. 

We’ve listed those problems and their detailed solution below.

Choosing The Right Transmitter & Receiver

The first mistake that you can make is to use the wrong receiver for the wrong transmitter. Remember, the surface and air receivers bind for surface and air applications, respectively. So the air receivers will only bind to a stick radio or any air transmitter. 

Likewise, the surface receivers will bind to surface transmitters like wheel radio. Make sure to buy a receiver that is compatible with your transmitter. 

Better if you gain prior knowledge of different transmitters, like the differences between DX6 and DX6e.

Transmitter & Receiver Distancing

If you keep the transmitter and receiver too close, they usually will not bind. The signals become too strong for the devices when they are very close. Strong signals overwhelm the devices, and they fail to bind. 

It is ideal to keep the receiver 4 to 6 feet away from the transmitter while binding. Thus you can avoid this oversaturation problem.

Powering In The Polarity

The pins of the receiver ports have polarities to them. Signal pin, power pin, and ground pin- they’re arranged in this manner. If you plug the battery in the wrong way, the receiver will not power up. So be mindful to connect the battery to the receiver in the right way. 

However, oppositely attaching the battery by mistake won’t harm the receiver. And, if you’re looking for LiPo batteries, here are some of our recommended ones-

Product 1
Product 2

Checking The Antenna

The next thing you have to check is if the antenna is damaged or not. If the antenna is shortened or kinked, it won’t receive any signal. In that case, you’ve to repair the antenna first if it’s in fixable condition

Nonetheless, some receivers have in-built antennas, and this problem doesn’t occur to them.

Position Of The Plane

If your receiver has a stabilization built in it, you should be concerned about this problem. While binding a receiver with stabilization, the plane should be standing on its wheels. That will help the receiver to understand the correct orientation of the aircraft. 

So the receiver won’t bind if your plane is in an upside-down position.

Those were the most common binding issues of a Spektrum receiver. You’ll hardly face any problem if you make sure to maintain the above points correctly. But if your Spektrum receiver still causes any trouble, probably your unit is a faulty one. In that case, you would have to return it to the store. But it is highly unlikely to happen.  

However, be sure to choose the right-wing for your plane so that it can fly properly. And, we hope we could clear out the main binding problems of the Spektrum receiver to you.


Question: Are all Spektrum bind plugs the same?

Answer: All Spektrum bind plugs are not specific to the receiver. It means you can use any bind plug to bind any of your receivers. They work on anything which binds by connecting the outer two pins.

Question: Why do I need to use the bind plug?

Answer: Plugging the bind plug is a mandatory step and the first thing you need to do while binding. This plug works as a jumper and makes the signal jump from the negative to the signal pin.

Question: Which Spektrum receivers have AVC?

Answer: Usually, the AVC system receiver is a 4-channel receiver. The Spektrum SRS4200, SRS4201 or SRS4220 receiver are at the heart of the AVC. They use exclusive software to make their power adjustments and lightning-fast steering.

Final Words

This is all about the Spektrum receiver binding problems. First, make sure to go through the binding process in the right way. If you still face issues, find them out. And then do the solution procedure accordingly. 

Ideally, this should solve your problem.

If you have any confusion about the topic, feel free to let us know. Wish you all the best!

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