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Spektrum Receivers Troubleshooting: Both Surface & Air

RC devices are very popular for their remote connectivity. This connection is maintained by signal transmission. But sometimes the RC does not respond to the signal given to it. 

This is a nightmare for the user. It can be fixed by troubleshooting. So what’s the method of Spektrum receivers troubleshooting?

The Spektrum receiver consists of two parts. They are the surface receiver and the air receiver. Both of them are to be troubleshot to solve any issue. These devices must be bound properly for functioning. Also, a proper voltage is a must for optimum connectivity. There are other ways too.

This is only the starting. There are much more details in the troubleshooting of the receiver. So please keep scrolling!

Common Issues in Spektrum Surface Receivers 

The surface receivers are commonly known as remote controllers. Just like the DJI controller charging issues, Spektrum controllers can face various issues too. Many issues can cause troubles in the Spektrum surface receivers. 

spectrum 2.4ghz dsm
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Here I have presented the most common issues. Have a look at them before going for the solutions!

Slow Relink Time: 

Before using the surface receivers with the drone, they must be linked properly. But sometimes the link can get disconnected. At that time the Spectrum receiver is to be relinked again. Relinking the receiver might require some time.

The relink period is usually 3 to 5 seconds. This time should not exceed more than 10 seconds. But sometimes this procedure takes excess time. This is not normal for surface receivers. Problems in the circuit of the receiver are the reason behind this issue.

Solution: Correct Binding 

The term binding is used to explain the phenomenon of connecting the surface and air receivers. It can also be termed pairing. Yes, similar to pairing a device with your mobile phone. If the binding is not done properly, the transmitter will malfunction. 

So how to bind a Spektrum receiver to a transmitter? First, you have to turn on the transmitter. Then push the Link button on the transmitter. Hold it for a few moments. The LED light in the receiver will keep flashing. Hold it until the light becomes solid. Then the binding process is completed.

High Temperature: 

The remote of the Spektrum drones and other RC vehicles must be comfortable to hold. The user will not be able to control the vehicle properly without enough cosiness. And for that, the temperature of the remote controller or the surface receivers must be low.

The receiver temperature should never go above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature above this point can damage the remote. Then incidents like the Spectrum remote not working can happen. However, often this temperature gets too high.

There are various reasons behind this high temperature. The first of them is overusing the transmitter. Overvoltage and the small size of the receiver are also responsible for this problem. The temperature must be controlled for the safety of the receiver.

Solution: Avoid Overusing The Device

The best way to prevent overheating is to use the drone for a limited time. Then the temperature of the receivers will remain in control. Also, use batteries with the correct voltage to prevent the supply of excess power. This is important for longevity too!

Frequency Deficiency: 

The surface receivers work at a certain frequency range. It won’t receive or send signals above or below this range. To get the best outcome from the receivers this signal must be maintained. Anyway, often the transmitter suffers from frequency deficiency.

You can get an idea about the problem from its name. The transmitter does not get enough frequency to work with. As a result, complications in the receiver function are found. The phenomenon of frequency deficiency of receivers occurs due to improper binding. 

Solution: Correct Binding

The solution to this problem is similar to the above issue. Follow the previously given procedures to bind the receiver and the transmitter. Then frequency deficiency can be easily avoided.

Software Glitches:

Modern receivers come with various features. Some receivers can transmit video from the drone. In contrast, some can send necessary audio signals. To maintain all these features without any errors, the software of the transmitter must be compact. 

But often the software comes with bugs and glitches. The main cause behind these glitches is faults in the programming of the software. Also, the age of the receiver can play an important role in forming glitches. Old receivers often get attacked by bugs.

Solution: Keeping The Software Updated

Software Update is very important for any device. It is crucial for the Spektrum surface receivers too. Keeping the software updated helps to get rid of bugs and glitches. It also keeps the transmitter fast and responsive. 

You can easily update the surface receiver software by using the DXe application. This app is available on the official website of Spektrum. Connect the transmitter’s interface cable to the device with the app. Then you can update the software.

These are the main issues that are mostly seen in the Spektrum surface receivers. I have also mentioned the techniques to solve these issues. I hope that you would be able to solve the surface receivers problems. 

Common Issues in Spektrum Air Receivers

Besides the surface receivers, Spektrum air receivers are prone to many issues too. Some of the issues are similar to the surface receivers. While other issues are different. Let’s see some common problems that users face in their Spektrum Air Receivers.

Spektrum Air Receivers
Source: spektrumrc.com

Air Receiver Getting Disconnected: 

The air receiver has to travel very high in the sky. And sometimes in the sky, the receiver gets disconnected. As a result, it can not send or receive signals from the surface receiver. The drone loses control in such an instance. 

This issue can happen for various causes. The surroundings can play a big role in this problem. If the drone is flown over any water body this problem can happen. Because the huge water area disturbs signal sending procedures of the receiver.

Also, any connection issue within the circuit of the air receiver can cause this difficulty. A loose or wrong wire connection hampers the function of the air receiver. 

Solution: Ensuring Sufficient Voltage 

The work of the air receivers is highly dependent on the supply voltage. As the drone has to cover a large range, the pressure on the receiver is very large. If the voltage is lower than needed, it will fail to maintain a continuous signal.

But that does not mean that the RC vehicle should be given overvoltage. The excess voltage will raise the temperature. This can also cause the failure of the air receiver. The voltage must be supplied according to the manual of the drone.

I have some suggestions for RC batteries for your drone. This will help you to maintain the required voltage. Check these RC batteries out!

Range Issue: 

Another big problem that is often found in air receivers is their limited range. The receiver works fine up to a certain range. Then suddenly it stops the signal transmission though it is in the prescribed range. As a result, the user loses control of the drone and it crashes.

The range issue can happen for the low power of the drone. Also, the defective antenna of the air receiver can cause disconnection. The visibility of the antennas is also significant for a continuous connection between the receivers.

Voltage issues might be responsible for the range issues too. Because insufficient voltage also causes RC drone flying problems. So make sure you are following the manual to supply power to your RC device

Solution: Make Sure The Antenna Is Visible 

Though many air receivers come without an antenna, most of them still function with the antenna. The work of the antenna is to receive the signal for the air receiver. This function is dependent on the visibility of the antenna.

Do not use any extra material on the antenna for aesthetics. This will hinder the antenna function. Make sure that you can see the antenna when the RC helicopter or drone is in the sky. Then there will be fewer chances of signal failure. 

Receiver Not Taking Commands:

The main work of the air receiver is to take commands from the surface receiver. Then it has to work according to that received signal. This is the usual procedure. But many times errors are found in this process. 

Though the air receiver receives the signal, it does not work accordingly. Then the user can not control the Spektrum RC drone properly. This can happen due to problems in the circuit board of the air receiver. Also, high temperature and wrong connection might be the reason.

Solution: Flying in An Open Space 

It is not a good idea to fly the RC device in a place with lots of obstacles. Because the obstacles hamper the signal transfer between the air and surface receivers. The signal gets blocked if there are too many obstacles. So fly the plane in open spaces.

RC drone
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Also, use the drone for a limited period. This is important for the optimum function of the receivers. Then high temperature and disconnection issues can be avoided easily.

Now you are familiar with the major issues often found in the Spektrum air receivers. The solutions to the air receiver issues are as simple as resetting the DJI WiFi. You have to follow the proper instructions only.

Some Additional Troubleshooting for Spektrum Receivers: Surface & Air

The symptom of the problem might misguide us from the main cause of the problem. The problem might be in other parts of the RC drone instead of the surface and air receivers. So check these parts too!

Check The Switches: 

The first thing you have to check is the switch of the receiver. Often the switch gets turned off by the touch of the hand. As a result, the transmitter stops functioning. So make sure the switch is in the ON position. Then the receiver operation will be as smooth as butter. 

Check The Servo Motor:

The servo motor is responsible for controlling the drone. That means the signal sent by the surface receiver is executed by the servo motor. Any problem in the servo motor will cause errors in the drone movement. So don’t forget to test the servo motor. Even the best servo motor can get damaged with time!

Wrong Cable Connections in The RC: 

The RC might move in the wrong direction despite a working set of surface and air receivers. This can happen if there is a faulty cable connection in the drone. The connection between the antenna, receiver, servo motor, and other parts is very crucial. You must make sure that they are connected correctly. 

Excessive Use of The RC Device:

The RC device can malfunction if it is used for a very long period. Then the internal temperature increases. This results in issues with various parts of the device. It is better to take breaks during the use of your remote-controlled drone.

Check with Other Options: 

Sometimes the transmitter has some issues within it that can not be identified. So the user can get confused about the root of the problem. However, the root of the issue can be identified by using some alternatives.

First, get an extra transmitter and then use it with the drone. If it works fine, you have to manage another drone. And use the new drone with the old transmitter. By doing this you can identify if the problem is in the transmitter or the drone air receiver.

If the problem is not in the Spektrum receivers, check for these parts. If you are still unable to solve the issues, take help from a professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Spectrum error codes? 

The Spektrum error codes are used to indicate any error in the Spektrum cable box. All the codes have different meanings. The Spektrum cable box connects the cable line to the television. There might be various troubles in this connection. The error codes easily show the cause of the problem. 

Do Spektrum transmitters work with other receivers?

Yes, Spektrum transmitters work with other receivers. However, there are some conditions. The algorithm of the transmitter must match the receiver. Spektrum transmitters work on the DSM2 and DSMx algorithms. So the receiver must work on the same algorithm to function with the transmitter. 

How do you reset a Spektrum receiver?

You can reset a Spektrum receiver by unplugging it and connecting it again. There is no dedicated button for resetting the Spektrum receiver. Keep the receiver unplugged for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then connect it again. This will reset the receiver to its factory settings. 


This is all on today’s topic: Spektrum receivers troubleshooting. I hope that now you will be able to solve your problem!

Always use authentic products in your RC device. This will ensure overall safety and the flight will be more enjoyable.

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