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Spektrum Servo Problems – Let’s Find Out!

Like the motor and the battery on the RC, servos are a really important part. Because servos make sure the RC can turn. But since it’s a moving part, different types of problems occur to them. 

So, what are the spektrum servo problems?

One of the most common problems this servo faces is, it’s not connecting. Other than that, the servo can run into failsafe mode. The servo can also stop responding while using the RC. Also, lagging between sending commands to the transmitter happens as well. But all of these can be fixed.

That was a quick glance at all the common problems. But do you know how to solve them? Well, worry not. Because we have covered everything down below. So, let’s get started!

Quick View of the Problems & Solutions

spektrum servo battery
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There can be a lot of different problems with the servo. But there are particular reasons and solutions to all. In the table below we have listed a few of the problems. We have also provided reasons and solutions to the problems. So that you can take a glance. 

The system doesn’t connect to the servoConnection to the battery and the receiver is looseConnect the servo properly with the RC
Failsafe mode starts on the servoThe servo is jammedLubricate the servo or replace it
The servo stops responding while usageLoose wires or battery voltage lowChange the battery and rewire the servo
Lagging between sending the command Loose connection with the receiver and battery Connect the battery, and the receiver properly

Now that was a quick look at all the problems. But there are more details to learn if you want to solve them. That is why we have given all the details below. 

So, what can you do if the servo not working properly? Let’s learn about each of the problems and the solutions. 

The System Doesn’t Connect to the Servo

There are a lot of servos of Spektrum which as receivers on to them. And in that case, the system doesn’t connect to the servo. Also, the servo is connected via wire if there’s no receiver. So, why doesn’t the servo connects to the system?


What are the reasons for the servo not connecting to the system?

  • The servo might not connect if the battery and the system connection is loose
  • The battery on the RC isn’t charged fully
  • The battery is running on low voltage
  • The wires are damaged


There are a few symptoms which portray such results. So, what are the symptoms of the issue? 

  • The RC is not turning
  • The servo is not working
  • The servo doesn’t function properly


If you are seeing such results, check if the wires are connected properly. Check if the battery is connected to the servo. Make sure the battery is fully charged and it’s not on low voltage. Low-voltage batteries can damage your servo. 

Also, if the wires are damaged, it’s better to change the wires as a whole. If you are also using the smart battery, diagnose any problem with that as well. There are a few problems with Spektrum smart battery

Failsafe Mode Starts on the Servo

Failsafe Mode Starts on the Servo
Source: Spektrum RC

The failsafe mode protects the servo and the RC as a whole. If there’s any problem with the servo, it will go to failsafe mode. Also, the battery will cut power to the servo. 

This is also known as rc servo twitching problem. that means your RC will not run and make noise. So, why does this happen?


The reasons for this happening are, 

  • The servo is jammed
  • The gears inside the servo are not moving
  • The connection between the servo and the receiver is not working


There are a few symptoms which show that you have this problem. They are, 

  • The RC will not turn or move
  • The servo will make noise inside


To solve this problem you need to change the gears in the servo. There are replacement gears available in the market. But if the gears are not damaged, you can lubricate them and place the servo back. 

You also should check the connection between the receiver and the servo. If they are connected using wires, make sure to change the wire if they are damaged. But, if nothing works, replacing the servo is the best thing to do.

The Servo Stops Responding While Usage

This is one of the most common scenarios. Where the servo stops working while you are using the RC. This can mean a lot of things. But a problem with the servo is most likely to happen. But why does this happen to the servo?


The reasons for this to happen are, 

  • The wires connecting the servo and the battery is damaged
  • The wires from the receiver to the servo are broken
  • The receiver on the servo is not working


The particular symptoms for this to happen are listed below,

  • The RC will lag when using 
  • The RC will not turn
  • The servo will make jamming noise


If your servo isn’t responding, you can try to change the battery. If the battery is running on low voltage, the servo will not work properly. Also, make sure the battery is fully and properly charged when testing. 

The wires from the servo to the receiver can be damaged as well. If so, you need to change the wires from the servo to the battery and the receiver. 

Lagging Between Sending the Command

This doesn’t happen that often, nor that common. But those who face this problem know how annoying this is. Lagging is when your RC isn’t responsive to the commands you send from the transmitter. So, why does this happen?


The reasons for this to happen are listed below,

  • Connection is loose with the receiver
  • Wires have not properly connected to the battery
  • The battery is running on low voltage


There are a few symptoms which can be seen with this problem. They are listed below,

  • Your RC is turning a bit late after turning on the transmitter
  • The servo is making noise inside
  • steering servo not turning all the way


This problem can be solved if you completely change the servo. But if you want to reuse your servo, you can repair it. Make sure the wires connecting to the servo are not damaged. If damaged you need to change the wires connecting to the servo. 

There can be problems with the transmitter as well. So check if there are any problems. There are many problems with the spektrum DX5 series transmitter

The battery is the part that powers everything. Now if the battery is low on power or the voltage is low, the servo will not work. So attach the functioning battery and check on the servo again. If nothing works, changing the servo is the best thing to do. 

All of these are ​​rc steering servo problems. We hope the solutions we provided were helpful. 

Some Additional Tips

There are a few tips that you can follow to make sure the servo will be all good. The servo is a really important moving part of the RC. if the servo isn’t functioning properly, it the performance will be affected. The tips are listed below. 

  • Make sure the servo is attached to the RC properly. The servo needs to be screwed down with the body of the RC. 
  • The rods coming out of the servo cannot touch any other part on the RC. make sure the rods are properly hooked to the servo and the wheels. 
  • If the servo isn’t waterproof, don’t run the RC on water. That will ruin the servo

A Proper Maintenance Guide

servo fail safe programmer
Source: Spektrum RC

Properly maintaining the servo quality is important. A properly maintained servo will have fewer problems for you to solve. So, how can you take care of the servo? Check the list below,

  • Properly lubricate the gears on the servo. Especially if you are replacing the gears on the servo, make sure to use the necessary lubricant on the servo. 
  • Clean the main gear on the servo with isopropyl alcohol. Don’t use water on the servo to clean it. 
  • Don’t submerge the servo under water. Even if the servo is waterproof, water can get inside and ruin the motors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Warranty Cover?

The warranty of the servo only covers any defects in the material. It also covers any defect in workmanship. The warranty period lasts only 1 year. You will get a completely free servo if the other one has any defect within 1 year. 

Does Repairing the Servo Void the Warranty?

If you repair your servo, it will void the warranty. The warranty will also be void if you open the internals of the servo. But you can tune the servo and your RC through a PC. this won’t void the warranty. 

Is the Transmitter Waterproof?

The servo isn’t waterproof. Although the servo is water resistant. But that doesn’t mean you should use the servo wet. Because this might ruin the servo. Also, water damage is not covered by the warranty. 


So, that was everything about the spektrum servo problems. Spektrum is a well-reputed brand for servos. But that doesn’t mean they don’t cause problems. 

But the problems are really easy to fix. Make sure you have the proper tool to do so. 

Good luck with your servo!

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