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Spektrum Smart ESC Problems: 5 Problems & Solutions

Spektrum smart ESC is a new addition to the world of remote-controlled vehicles. This ESC is well-known for its presentation of vehicle information. Yet there are some complaints about the smart ESCs. 

But what are the Spektrum smart ESC problems?

First, there is a compatibility issue. The smart ESC functions only with the Spektrum components. Then there is the issue of slow response. This ESC also has poor build quality. Sometimes bugs and glitches are seen in the smart ESCs too. Last but not least, the price of the smart ESC is also high.

This is only the starting. Much more information is yet to be unveiled. So keep scrolling to know all the details!

Quick View of the Problems & Solutions

The Spektrum smart ESC is very useful in determining various aspects of the RC car. Yet they have some flaws. And these falls are the same for brushed and brushless motors. Here I have made a list of common problems with smart ESCs. 

Works Fully with Spektrum Components OnlyDesign ProblemMake The Design Universal 
Slow ResponseSlow Working of The Components Using Fast Components 
Poor Build Quality To Cut Cost Using Low-Cost High-Quality Materials 
Bugs & GlitchesProgramming FaultsUpdates & Proper Programming 
High PriceUse of Advanced Technology Reduce The Cost by Mass Production

These problems are pretty dissimilar to the problems of Spektrum Smart chargers. The reason and solutions are different too. I have discussed the smart ESC problems in detail in the latter sections. 

PROBLEM 1: Works Fully with Spektrum Components Only 

The smart ESCs are useful for getting additional information about the RC car. They provide data that can be used for optimum performance. But the collection of this car information depends on a major condition.
The condition is that all the components must be from Spektrum. This is also mentioned in the Spektrum Firma 100a ESC manual. Or else the ESC will not work smartly to provide the car facts.

pektrum Firma 100a ESC transmitter
Source: horizonhobby.com

So if you get a Spektrum Smart ESC, you must get other parts of the car from Spektrum too.


The main reason behind this is exclusiveness. Spektrum made the smart ESC which brought a revolutionary change. They will want to keep it exclusive for a certain period. Also, other RC parts manufacturers do not have the technology yet.

So they are unable to manufacture parts compatible with the Smart ESC. For this reason, information about parts made by third parties is not available.


This is an issue related to the presentation of data related to the RC car. So there is no use in finding Symptoms for the problem. Anyway, while assembling third-party components with the Spektrum smart ESC you can observe the issue.


The solution to this problem depends on many factors. Changing a single factor will not make every component compatible with the Spektrum Smart ESC. Let’s see some probable solutions to this issue. 

  • The smart ESC technology could be made open to all. Then all the manufacturers can make parts compatible with the ESC. Spektrum can make deals with other manufacturers in this case.
  • Some other manufacturers will surely come with another smart ESC in the future. The proper synchronization between Spektrum and the other party is needed. But we will have to wait for that time.

These are the probable solutions to the compatibility issue of third-party parts. Till then we have to use the parts made by Spektrum only.

PROBLEM 2: Slow Response 

This issue is common with every new technology. Smart ESC is made from various smart components. The output of these completely varies with their capabilities. Sometimes they work pretty slow. 

And in such a situation the response of the smart ESC is also slow. The Spektrum Firma 160a ESC manual does not cover this information. So it can be surprising to many new users of the smart ESC. 


Many reasons can cause the slow response of the Smart ESC. Here are some of them.

  • The Smart ESC is a relatively new technology. So there are still some lackings. Thus the Spektrum 160a ESC programming is not the best yet. Things will change when technology gets updated. 
  • Using high-quality components will increase the price. So the manufacturers are trying to maintain a balance between the price and the response speed. 
  • The correct Spektrum ESC programming chart must be used for the fastest response. 

These are the probable causes of the slow response of smart ESCs. Let’s see some symptoms and solutions to this problem. 


The symptoms of the slow response of Spectrum smart ESC are very common. You can easily identify them. Some of the symptoms are given below. 

  • The data of the battery, motor, and other parts will appear slowly on the display.
  • There will be lagging in the overall process of the smart ESC. 

Once you know the symptoms, you can look for a solution. I have discussed the required solution to this problem in the next part.


The ways to get a fast response from the smart ESC are pretty obvious. However, I have tried to simplify them for you.

  • The Spektrum smart ESC technology must be upgraded with time.
  • Too much pressure on the ESC must be avoided.
  • If the ESC starts to lag, it is ideal to rest it for some moments.

Following these methods to make the output of the ESC faster.9

PROBLEM 3: Poor Build Quality 

Now I am going to talk about the problem with the built material of the Spektrum smart ESC. The ESC is an integral part of the RC control system. It has to go through lots of hardship during its functioning. So the built material must be strong enough to endure it.

Source: shutterstock.com

But the built material of the smart ESCs is not up to the mark. These ESCs are made from cheap plastics. They neither have aesthetic visuals nor longevity. Thus, the ESCs break within a short time. This is a very big issue considering the price of the ESCs.


There are some specific reasons for using cheap materials. Some of them are given below.

  • To keep the production cost low.
  • To maintain high profit.
  • To ensure the final cost does not become too high. 

Generally to ensure these factors the manufacturers use low-quality materials in smart ESC production. 


The symptoms of this issue are easily visible on the smart ESCs. Some major symptoms are presented here.

  • Cracks appear on the ESC body within a short time.
  • The product feels cheap when hold.
  • Any medium to severe blow will damage the Spectrum smart ESC. 

These are the most seen symptoms of the poor build quality of the smart ESC. 


The solution to this problem is in the hand of the manufacturers. The users can not alter the built material. Anyway, some simple solutions are discussed here.

  • The user should be careful that the RC car does not clash with anything.
  • The car should be placed in a safe place when not in use. This will ensure the safety of the ESC.
  • Manufacturers should use strong but low-cost materials to ensure the longevity of the ESC. 

These steps are useful in increasing the lifespan of the Spektrum smart ESCs. As these ESCs cost high, longevity is very necessary for them.

PROBLEM 4: Bugs & Glitches

The problem of bugs is not so uncommon in programmable devices. Even high-end laptops are also affected by this issue. The Spektrum smart ESC and the programming update box is also a victim of bugs and glitches. Because of this issue, the ESC shows the wrong data. Also, the response time increases.

programming update box
Source: horizonhobby.com


The main reason behind bugs and glitches is an error in the programming. To err is human. Often there are loose ends in the programmed software because of errors. And these errors result in glitches in the smart ESC.


The symptoms of bugs and glitches in the smart ESC are similar to other devices. You will notice the following symptoms. 

  • The output of the smart ESC will get delayed.
  • The Spektrum smart ESC will show wrong information about the RC car.
  • The presented data might change suddenly.

In the next part, I have shown the solution to bugs and glitches. 


The solution to bugs and glitches are given below.

  • The user should update the software of the smart ESC regularly. 
  • Enough testing should be done before releasing the smart ESC in the market.
  • Both the user and the manufacturers should be careful about this aspect. 
  • Spektrum ESC reset can be useful in getting rid of bugs too.

By following the above-mentioned methods bugs and glitches can be prevented.

PROBLEM 5: High Price

The last issue with this Spektrum smart ESC is its price. Price is a major issue in choosing the best ESC for remote-controlled cars. The smart ESC comes at a higher price than the normal ESC. This can be a problem for many buyers.


The main reasons behind the high price of the smart ESC are not surprising. Here are the main reasons explained to you.

  • The Spektrum Firma 130a ESC manual shows that the ESC is made with new technology. This technology increases its price of it.
  • Spektrum is the only provider of smart ESCs in the market. So they have no restrictions in setting the price. And this results in high price.

These are the probable causes of the high price of smart ESCs.


The solution to this problem is to reduce the price. But that depends on various factors. When the technology becomes old, the price will drop. Also, the presence of other competitors will reduce the price too.

Now you are familiar the common problems and solutions of the Spectrum smart ESC. I will share some additional tips for your convenience in the next part. 

Some Additional Tips

Spektrum smart ESC is an excellent addition to your RC car. But there are some conditions to get the best output from this ESC. Here are some tips for you. 

  • You must get the ESC that is compatible with the rest of the parts.
  • The ESC should not be given excess force. It must be given rest after certain intervals.
  • Use a battery that is safe for the smart ESC.
  • Do not use an incompatible motor with the ESC.

I have some suggestions of batteries for the best performance of the ESC of your RC car. Check them out! These are the best products available in the market. You will surely enjoy them! Also make sure follow the other tips discussed!

Is It Worth The Problems?

Yes, the problems are almost worth it. The smart ESC will help you to run your RC at the optimum power. Though there are some setbacks, they can be ignored. If you can extend your budget, the smart ESC is the best choice for you.

A Proper Maintenance Guide 

Proper maintenance is a must for the longevity of the smart ESC. I have presented a guideline for maintenance here.

  • Do not overuse the smart ESC.
  • Don’t crash the car too many times. This will damage the ESC.
  • Use oils in the differential and other parts for proper control. 
  • Recharge the battery properly for a prolonged lifetime. 
  • Follow the  Spektrum 150a ESC manual for any confusion.

These tips will help you to have a long-lasting Spektrum Smart ESC. Follow these maintenence measures for the best outcome. Otherwise, the smart ESC might stop working just like the damaged DJI OM 4. So you must be very careful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I update Spektrum ESC programmers?  

You can update the Spektrum smart ESC programmer with the help of the Smartlink app. You have to download the latest version of this app first. Now open the app. Go to the Upgrade tab and find the Upgrade option. Click on it and the upgrade will start. You must have a working internet connection for this work.

What does a bind plug do?

A bind plug is nothing but a connecting wire. It is necessary to connect two pins of the receiver. Sometimes the pins of the receiver do not match. In such instances, it becomes difficult to connect the receivers. Then the bind plug is used to connect the receivers.

How do I reset my spectrum ESC?

First, turn on the transmitter and connect the ESC to it. But do not power the ESC. Set the throttle channel to 100% beforehand. Now press and hold the Set button while turning on the ESC. Release the Set button when the LED flashes. For programming mode, the button is for more than three seconds.


This is all I have on the Spektrum smart ESC problems. I hope that now you have understood the topic clearly. 

Get your RC car parts from a trusted source. Then you will get high-quality products from a trusted source.

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