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Sport Cub S2 Battery Upgrade – 6 Factors to Look at!

Flying for a long time might decrease the strength of your Sport Cub S2 battery. Or, the strength of the drone might not be enough to run it for a long time. 

In that case, an upgrade of the sport cub S2 will be helpful. 

So what to consider for the sport cub s2 battery upgrade?

If you plan to upgrade your sport cub s2 battery then 500 mAh will be the best. You can also try out 300 mAh JST-PH high-current batteries. These don’t weigh that much and offer an extended flight time. Along with new batteries, the new weight of your RC plane also matters.

Now, to get a proper idea about the upgrades, you’ll need to come along. 

Without further ado, let’s just hop right into it!

Why Should You Upgrade/Replace Your Sport Cub S2 Battery?

The first thing about sport cub s2 upgrades is the battery. Battery is the main component that controls the total flight time of your sport cub s2. Speaking of the flight time, you might be wondering about sport cub s 2 flight time

The optimal flight time of sport cub s2 flight time is around 6-7 minutes. As this RC plane uses micro LiPo batteries, it’s tough to get a long period of flying time. That’s why many tend to replace the batteries with higher mAh ones.

sport cub s 2 flight time
Source: RC Groups

You should replace your Sport Cub S2 battery every 3 years or 12,000 miles. This depends on the frequency of your usage and how often you charge your battery.

The average lifespan of a starter battery is about 3-4 years. Although some batteries can last for as long as 7-8 years. 

You may think about purchasing a very cheap starter battery. It may be worth it if you are using your Sport Cub S2 mainly for short trips. So you can use it until the point when it becomes unusable due to frequent overcharging.

Upgrading your battery will give you more time in the air. So you’ll get more time to take great shots.

6 Things to Consider When Upgrading the Battery 

The Sport Cub S2 is a great device to take with you on hikes, on balconies, or inside your home. It also offers owners a long battery life when good care is taken. 

Upgraded Battery Should Be of Same Voltage:

If you’re using Battery Power on the Cub, the new battery better be of the same voltage. The same as your old one.

You might need to replace the terminal blocks. While replacing, don’t forget to also replace any parts of it that are worn down. Such as connectors and terminals.

If you have a voltage meter with you when changing batteries ensure that they match. Only in this way you can know whether your batteries are compatible. It’s by measuring their voltage while they’re connected together in series.

Sport Cub S2 Flying Time Expectation:

If you want a long flight time, then here’s our answer: Li-Po Battery. This is typically what most people would ask. Because most people want to fly long before landing and charging their battery pack again.

Generally, a LiPo battery with a 2C rating can be used. It can replace a Ni-MH battery with a 1000mAh capacity.

Battery with Higher MAh for More Flight Time:

More flights mean more fun! More importantly, it’s important that your drone has enough power to fly long distances. That’s why you should upgrade your battery to a higher capacity one with the same voltage output.

Battery with Higher MAh for More Flight Time
Source: Model Flight

However, looking for a higher mAh battery replacement can take a lot of time. We already tried out bunch of best-selling batteries that we can confidently suggest-

Try to use batteries that are compatible with RC drones and planes. Because using the batteries that you utilized while upgrading your cheap RC car might not work!

This is mainly necessary if you would like to make the most out of low-voltage inputs. Like on an RC airplane.

Charging Time Expectation:

Generally, the charge time of LiPo batteries is faster than that of NiMH batteries. This is the main reason why many people think LiPo batteries are good for fast charging. They are also high current discharge applications such as for Fixed Wing and Multi-Rotors.

Exercise caution about voltage and current on your sport cub s2 battery charger. If the charger seems faulty or broken, change it as soon as possible! You can also use 1S LiPo 3.7V/4.20V 6 Channel Battery USB Charger for more flexibility. It can charge 6 batteries at the same time!

Size of the Battery:

The next considerable thing is to determine the size of the battery you want. Suppose that your original E-flite 150mAh 1S 3.7V NiMH battery has a length of 44mm. And the size of an upgraded LiPo battery is 55mm in length. 

You may need to make some adjustments to your electrical components. You’ve to make sure that they aren’t too close to the motor or motor mount area.


The last thing to consider is weight. The size of a battery can affect the overall weight of your plane. DO you want to reduce the total weight of your plane? Then choose a smaller battery. On the other hand, if you want to gain some flying time, choose a bigger battery.

Here’s a sport cub s2 owner with only 74g weight including the LiPo batteries-

Also, a LiPo battery is lighter than a Ni-MH battery. So you might have to make your Sport Cub balance after a battery upgrade. You might consider gluing some weight to your plane. Remember, this gluing process is different from gluing RC tires.

Removal And Replacement Instructions

As we said, you might face some sport cub s2 problems with batteries. Fortunately, battery life can be dramatically increased if certain measures are implemented. Here are 6 easy steps to replace your battery-

  • First, remove the front cover, side cover, and left side plate.
  • Disconnect the old battery tabs by lifting up the plastic tab on top of it. Then disconnect the metal tie rod at the bottom of the battery tray. And remove the pack of the old battery from the plane.
  • Install new battery pack to the plane by following directions in reverse order of removal instructions.
sport cub s2 problems
Source: RC Groups
  • When installing a new set of batteries, make sure terminals are in positive sign orientation. It’s for easy installation and without nicking any wiring.
  • Connect battery terminals to positive and negative terminals for faster charging.
  • Finally, reconnect the front cover, side cover, and left side plate.

And you’re done! 

Tips For Extending The Life of Your New Sport Cub S2 Battery

Here you’ll learn about 3 ways to extend the battery life of RC batteries your Sport Cub S2’s. So, let’s take a look-

Do Not Let Battery Drain Completely Before Charging It:

You shouldn’t allow the battery to completely drain before charging it. Then it will lose a lot of its value. You could also damage your device by completely draining the battery before charging it.

The best way to avoid this is to charge your battery whenever you plan on using it. This way, you will never exhaust the available energy in the battery.

Optimize Your Battery’s State:

You may think the battery of your Sport Cub S2 is not doing anything. But it is still awake and active. This energy is being wasted in other ways, but it can be optimized.

If you want to speed things up on your device, deactivate the following options to optimize the battery.

  • The Wi-Fi function (Settings > Display > Wi-Fi)
  • The Bluetooth function (Settings > Display > Bluetooth)

These will reduce battery usage. 

Charge When You Have Enough Power:

The Sport Cub S2 has a built-in power meter called Smart Charging. This feature monitors the battery level. And it only lets you charge it when you have reached an appropriate power level.

This means you may not have to leave your house or office to charge your device. But you can charge it through a USB connection.

The best way to use this feature is to leave it on Automatic. And you don’t have to worry about charging problems. Many users are still concerned about overcharging their Sport Cub S2’s battery. But in reality, this technology prevents damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often do you replace a starter battery?

It’s important to replace your starter battery before it completely dies. There is no sense in blindly replacing a battery that already should’ve been replaced long ago.

How long can a starter battery last?

A starter battery can last up to 30 minutes but the Sport Cub S2 Battery Upgrade can increase that to three hours. It also enables you to recharge your battery in a few seconds rather than several hours.

Can you use a third-party device to charge your battery?

Yes, you can use a third-party device to charge your battery. There are many options available for this. This includes the Anker PowerPort batteries and the Mophie Juice Pack Pro by Incipio.

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