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Sport Cub S2 Problems – The Three Big Issues!

When it comes to RC Planes, Sport Cub S2 is one of the most prominent ones. It offers good features and convenience at an affordable price tag. 

However, like all RC, it is prone to failures. Here are the major Sport Cub S2 problems.

One of the most common Sport Cub S2 problems is the pulsing motor. The transmitter binding issue comes second to that but still is relatively common. Finally, the elevator not working is a unique case. The solutions also vary depending on the problem.

This article covers all things Sport Cub S2 problems. If you’re stuck at one of these problems yourself, you’re in for a treat. Let’s get right into it. 

Sport Cub S2: The Problem Chart

Problems with the Sport Cub S2 are rare but not unprecedented. Unlike the quickshot problems with DJI, Horizon Hobby problems are few. Some unfortunate users do face a good number of issues with the RC plane. Some issues are relatively common while others are relatively uncommon.

Sport Cub S2 Problem Chart

This pie chart is based on user reports from various RC hobby forums. According to it, the most commonly faced issue is the pulsing motor. That is followed by the plane not binding to the transmitter and finally, the elevator issue. 

These are the most common problems that Sport Cub S2 owners face. Let’s move on to finding out the origin of those problems. 

Phase 1: Getting to the Root of The Issues

You might first want to know what your sport cub s2 not working means. If there is an issue, there most definitely is a reason for it. I have listed the possible reasons in a problem-wise manner below.

Problem 1: Sport Cub S2 Motor Pulsing

Right from the get-go, users face this issue the most. But that’s only because it is that easy to cause. 

The Sport Cub S2 motor pulses only when the battery is low because it is not provided with the required power. Hence the pulsing. This is the most common reason.

However, things start getting more complicated from here. If that is not the issue, it may point to a more severe problem. It might mean a bad ESC. 

Replacing a bad ESC is a whole nother issue when it comes to this particular model. 

Problem 2: Sport Cub S2 Not Binding to Transmitter

Whether the charging problem is with DJI smart controllers or with Sport Cub S2, it’s common. This issue is annoying because of how unclear the reason usually is. Binding is an essential part of the Sport Cub S2 setup.

The only clear reason for this is not following the guide properly. Horizon Hobby RTF planes have an oddly specific set of instructions for binding. If you fail to follow the guide properly, the plane might not bind to the transmitter. 

As silly as it sounds, another reason may be that your plane was not right-side up. An RC plane with a SAFE receiver needs to be right side up for binding. 

Nevertheless, the SAFE receiver is designed to stop planes from getting crashed. Here’s someone who shared their thoughts.

Problem 3: The Elevator Suddenly Not Working

This issue is very specific and the only case I could find was on Reddit. So this problem is the rarest of the bunch. Let’s talk about the reason. 

According to the user, their elevator had suddenly stopped working for a brief moment. That caused the Cub S2 to crash land. 

The possible reason for this problem is ESC failure. ESC failure might explain why the plane did not speed up, thus the elevator not working.

That’s about it for the reasons of these issues. Without further delays, I’ll get right into solving them.

Sport Cub S2 setup
Source: Horizon Hobby

Phase 2: Fixing the Issues

This is the most important bit of the article. So far, I talked about why the problems occur. I will attempt to fix it in this segment. 

The Least Viable Solution: Replacing the ESC

This is a solution that works for two of the three problems I am covering today. In other words, it is the solution to the pulsing motor and the failed elevator. 

Every RC has an Electronic Speed Controller in it. ESC helps control the motor spin and thus if it fails, it exhibits multiple issues. Replacing the ESC will usually solve the issue. 

However, you have to buy an ESC for it. The styrofoam body of the plane is especially fragile. So, one wrong step can lay waste to your efforts too. 

So rather than replacing the ESC, I would suggest you get a new plane. It costs around $98. You will have to spend $60 otherwise to buy the ESC. So it would be more convenient and efficient. 

The Simplest Solutions: Charging And Binding

This solution segment in particular works on the pulsing motor problem and the plane, not binding. 

Charging the batteries will effectively get rid of the pulsing motor in your Cub S2. However, that’s only if low batteries are the reason. 

Now let’s move on to properly binding the plane to the transmitter. Horizon Hobby has a specific set of instructions for binding your plane to the transmitter. Make sure to follow those instructions and it will work out just fine. 

However, the SAFE receiver requires your plane to be right-side up. Instructions do not mention that. Keep that in mind. 

The Uncertain Solution: Applying For Warranty

This is the most suggested solution, but it is also the most uncertain one. They check warranties on a case-by-case basis and not many users got it to work. 

It is a leap of faith. If nothing works, you can take this one. There is still a chance it might work for you. If it does, Congratulations! Either way, you don’t lose out. 

Sport Cub S2
Source: RCGroups

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Sport Cub S2 a Good Choice For Beginners?

Yes, The Sport Cub S2 is an amazing choice for amateurs as well as intermediate users. Its affordable price tag only adds to it. 

Is Sport Cub S2 Fragile?

Yes, The Sport Cub S2 is Fragile. That is because the RC Plane is composed mostly of styrofoam. That makes it fragile because of the nature of styrofoam. So, best be careful while flying the Sport Cub S2. 

Does Sport Cub S2 Work Under Extreme Temperatures?

The answer is no, the Sport Cub S2 will not work under extreme temperatures. That is because motors cannot function well in extreme temperatures. So, in that kind of environment, chances are your plane will end up failing. 

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