steering servo only turns one way

Steering Servo Only Turns One Way [4 Fixes]

You want to move your RC car to the right and it’s going left every time. You guessed some problem regarding its steering servo. But, don’t know exactly what it is and how to solve it.

This often happens to RC cars with servo problems. So what to do when the steering servo only turns one way?

Steering servo only turns one way, possibly for four reasons. Transmitter setting, non-centralized servo, wrong wiring, or a low battery. The most serious issue is non-centralized servo. However, it’s fixable by centralizing the servo. Along with that, correct radio and transmitter settings.

This is just a preview. You’ll get a full guide to troubleshoot servo problems. 

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Steering Servo Only Turns One Way (4 Reasons with Solutions)

Steering servo doesn’t work is frustrating but not too serious to solve. Servo turning one way might happen due to any of the 4 reasons described below. 

We haven’t only pointed out issues triggering RC car steering servo problems, but also solutions.

Let’s have a look at them now!

Reason 1: Transmitter Settings

The problem might be with your transmitter settings. RC transmitters have dual rates for steering and end point adjustment for throttle. 

Dual rates limit the amount of travel for the steering server. So, if you’ve upgraded your steering server, adjust the dual rates set up accordingly. Otherwise, it would steer too far beyond its capability and cause the problem.

RC car steering

Putting unnecessary strain on the steering linkage causes steering problems to RC cars. However, the solution is simple for this particular issue.


First, check that dual rates are set up correctly. Dual rates shouldn’t be turned down. If so, that would limit the natural ability of the steering servo to travel. 

See, the solution is so easy. Along with the transmitter setting, check on the radio setting. Here, you’ve to do just the opposite of the transmitter setting. You’ve to turn down the EPA or end point adjustment knob on the radio. 

You will find various models of transmitters in the market. 

If you want a transmitter that is comfortable to hold, y64 can look into FlySky FS-GT2 2.4GHz 2 Channel Transmitter and Receiver.

If you’re looking for a transmitter that’s great for the money, pick GoolRC 2.4G FS-GT2 2CH RC Transmitter.

Our next one is considered the most common reason for RC servo keeps turning.

Reason 2: Servo Is Not Centralized

When the servo’s placement shifts from the center, it can’t equally travel from both sides. It gets stuck on one side and only turns one way.

But, why is RC car steering not centering?

RC car steering not centering may be a result of a manufacturer’s error. Sometimes, it could be your transmitter’s settings. Also, if you set your radio knobs incorrectly, your steering servo won’t center. Whatever the reason is, we have a solution.

Let’s see how to do that!


To centralize the servo we need to follow a few steps.

  • First, locate the steering servo
  • Remove the servo horn from the servo. 
  • After removing the horn, check the servo. If it’s working correctly there’s no need to worry. But, replace it if it makes funny clicking noises or is not turning properly. Because the steering servo has stripped its internal gears.
  • Now go to the radio. On the radio, set the trim to zero. This will directly center the servo. 
  • Lastly, keep the wheels straight to put the horn back in place.
RC car

This will give equal travel on the servo from the left and right sides. You’ll get a centralized steering servo. After this, steering servo turning the wrong way won’t happen.

Looking for some low-profile steering servo? Futaba transmitter could be your savior. 

Hope you’re clear about this solution. Now move on to the next.

Reason 3: Wrong Wiring

Sometimes your steering servo may go full left lock. It doesn’t even respond to the transmitter. 

The reasons here could be wrongly wired receivers and putting power in the wrong slot.

If this is the reason and you’re swapping servo wire, it’s of no use. You’ve to follow the right way to fix the issue.


Once you identify that you wrongly wired the receiver, make it right. Use a manual or call the repair center. Be careful while putting the power on. This might look like a tiny mistake but will irritate you for hours.

There isn’t much to do, unlike fixing the throttle that’s not responding to RC car. We can go to the last one now.

Reason 4: Low Receiver Battery

Oftentimes we don’t give much importance to the receiver’s battery. Little do we know it affects the overall performance of RC cars.

With a low battery percentage of the receiver, the steering servo gets stuck on one side. Both the wheels then can’t cover an equal distance.


The solution is simple. Just make sure the receiver is fully charged before putting it down for racing. 

Also, to be sure it’s the receiver’s problem, plug in a spare receiver. Of course a fully charged one. If the servo works fine, you know the receiver is at fault.

So, these are the most common issues faced when the steering servo only turns one way. These solutions are highly effective for both electric and nitro RC cars.

However, we hope that you liked our troubleshooting. If followed correctly, your problem will be solved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Tell If Your Servo is Broken?

Servo is broken when it struggles to move freely. Also, when it stops halfway. There are times when the servo starts ok but stops after reaching a high speed. Some other indications might be burnt or overheated servo. Your major hint is when the servo isn’t moving on both left and right sides. 

How Do You Fix a Traxxas Steering Servo?

To fix the Traxxas steering servo unplug the servo from the receiver. Now plug it into a different channel. Try to run the throttle trigger while the servo is disconnected. If nothing happens, you need to replace it. But, if it works by switching to a different channel, the receiver was at fault.

Why Do New Bright RC Steering Problems Happen?

New bright RC steering problems happen due to three common issues. One, the steering doesn’t work with the throttle. You may have fixed the wrong steering rate. Or, steering wheel is problematic. Another one is a broken steering servo. Lastly, RC car steering setting is not correctly adjusted.

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