striker spy drone troubleshooting

Striker Spy Drone Troubleshooting [6 Step Guideline]


It’s perfectly normal to panic if your striker spy drone isn’t working. Every issue, on the other hand, has a solution. For that, you must troubleshoot the issue first.

How should you do striker spy drone troubleshooting?

There might be problems with the drone’s battery, calibration, and propellor. You can fix these by seeing if the batteries are functional. You should update the firmware, and check the motors along with the GPS signal along with other fixes.

These are the problems you need to diagnose in short. With the aid of a thorough guide that we’ve provided, you may apply the fixes yourself.

Can’t wait to begin? Neither can we. Let’s get started.

Striker Spy Drone Troubleshooting: Step-by-Step Instructions

It’s never easy when our favorite devices stop working. That’s why we need to carefully inspect our drones to find out the root of the problem. Follow the instructions below to troubleshoot a Striker Spy drone issue-

Step 1: Checking the Batteries 

Sometimes, the main issue with drones is the batteries. It may not charge at all or is depleting pretty fast. 

The first item on your checklist should be to see if the charger is broken.. Check the charger with other devices to make sure it’s functional

Another reason why your drone isn’t charging is that the software isn’t up to date. Go to the app store, and update the firmware if it isn’t.

The main reason why your drone’s battery is depleting super fast is because of your flying style. Flying might be a tad bit aggressive.

Make a deliberate decision to move the sticks gently when flying. This will prevent the drone from accelerating against its momentum  The extra flight duration will be well worth it.

Sometimes the battery might die altogether. If that happens, you can learn to charge the dead Lipo battery

Of course, The best course of action is to replace the batteries. Here are our top two recommended Li-Pos.

Product 1 Product 2

We’ve now learned about the best batteries, so let’s continue.

Step 2: Checking the propellor 

Did your drone propellers stop spinning? If yes then what should you do?

First, look to see whether there are any obstacles in the propellers’ route. These can sometimes go unnoticed since they only impact propeller speed and flying performance.

For takeoff, the remote or transmitter must be connected. So, make sure the motors are properly synced. If they are not, the propellers won’t be able to spin. 

Sometimes the propellers might get bent. Place your striker spy drone on a flat surface and examine the propellers. Simply press down on the propellers to bend them back into form.

Taking a look at the difference between 2 blade and 3 blade quadcopters might propel you to upgrade your drone.

Step 3: Checking the Motors 

Motors are extremely crucial for drones.

You should examine the motors on a regular basis to ensure that they are dust-free. The motors produce the majority of the drone’s noise.  Knowing the noises would be beneficial.  If it doesn’t sound right, you can choose the right hex driver set and get to work.

Clean out the motor chamber and inspect the wiring and solder connections for damage. You may need to learn how to solder joints. To guarantee a strong connection with the base, make sure the antennas are clear of debris.

Step 4: Checking Compass Calibration 

Without proper calibration, the flying direction may be incorrect during flight. Everything you need to know about calibrating your drone may be found right here.

This can also happen if the drone has a built-in flight controller and the specs are misplaced. Hence, it’s critical to conduct a quick examination of your drone before each flight. 

Calibrating the compass typically solves these problems, although a reset of the remote control may also assist. Contact drone repair services if nothing works.

Step 5: Checking GPS Signal 

Most drones currently have a GPS built-in. The drone will return to “base” if the batteries run out or if the flier loses sight of it. However, GPS reception issues do occur from time to time, particularly in large, open regions.

First, check if signals are disrupted by underground cables. Also if the area has big rocks or walls.

You should consider the weather while flying because it might disrupt the GPS signal. Aim to fly while the sun is highest in the sky. You should avoid high winds and cloud cover.

Step 6: Checking for Transmitter Issues

Your transmitter might completely fail or it won’t connect to your striker spy drone at all. This may be rather inconvenient.

While connecting the transmitter, sometimes you might miss a very important step. If it isn’t working, then it might mean your drone isn’t connected to the transmitter. All you have to do now is trace back the connection and do it again.

All drones must have the appropriate arm by default. Hence, you should check if the mapping in your transmitter is properly connected.

This is how you should troubleshoot a striker spy drone.


Question: Why isn’t the screen transmission working?

Answer: Check if you have updated the firmware to the latest version. Make sure the antennas on your remote are clean. Lastly, check the transmission distance.

Question: What do I do if I break the frame of my drone?

Answer: You must replace a broken frame with a new one. Remove everything from the old frame and replace it with the new one once you’ve purchased it.

Question: Why does my drone keep flipping over? 

Answer:  If the drone constantly flips in the same direction, the reason could be a faulty motor or an ESC. The issue might also be due to wrong configuration and faulty parts.


And that concludes our comprehensive guide on striker spy drone troubleshooting.

Hopefully, this will help to fix whatever issues your drone might face. Always remember not to panic if you face any difficulties. 

Hope you were able to make your life easier even by a bit. Take care. Happy flying!

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