T Maxx 3.3 vs Revo 3.3

T Maxx 3.3 vs Revo 3.3 (Which is the Best RC for you)

Traxxas is a really famous RC manufacturing organization. But they have a lot of products. And the debate between the T Maxx and Revo keeps starting to flare up. 

So, which one is the best when it comes to t maxx 3.3 vs revo 3.3?

Between t maxx 3.3 and revo 3.3, t maxx is lighter than the revo 3.3. On top of that, it’s shorter than its taller counterpart revo 3.3.  However, both the wheel diameter of t maxx 3.3 and revo 3.3 is the same. The fuel tank capacity of revo 3.3 is more than the t maxx 3.3.

Well, here we have just mentioned which factor the RCs are different at. But wait, below we have an extended comparison. 

So why don’t we jump in and learn about it? 

Short Comparison

Today RCs are super realistic. They are becoming more and more like cars than ever before. 

If you have a general understanding of car parts, you can understand an RC car really quickly. You can also read the manual for t maxx 3 3 vs revo 3 3 for a better understanding

So, there are a lot of RCs to pick from. But the two we are going to talk about are crowd favorites for a while. So, it can be confusing when you pick from any of these two. 

That is why for your help, we have prepared this comparison. 

In the table below we have compared both of the cars against the same factors. This way the battle between the two will be fair. 

So, what are you waiting for, let’s get started!

FactorsT Maxx 3.3Revo 3.3
Weight 4.54 kg4.69 kg
Height 10.9 inches11.2 inches
Wheel Diameter3.8 inches3.8 inches
Ground Clearance4.2 inches4.5 inches
Top Speed45+ mph45+ mph
Fuel Tank Capacity 125 cc150 cc
Differential Type Hardened steelbevel gear, sealed,limited-slipBevel gear, sealed, limited-slip
Drive SystemShaft-driven 4WDShaft-driven 4WD
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Now that you know a little bit about the two RC cars, check out this graph for a comprehensive view.

Now that was a quick glance at some of the differences. But there is more to learn. If you don’t know about each of the parts, you cannot choose the best performer.

Below we have gone deep inside and talked about them in detail. So let’s get down to it. 

Extended Comparison

Now that you are done with the short comparison let’s get started with the detailed comparison. 

Below we have divided each factor into small titles. Under those, we have given detailed descriptions of both of the cars. 

So, let’s not waste time here, and let’s begin with the comparison. 


The weight of any vehicle is really important. Because the lighter the vehicle, the faster it will go. Lower weight means the car has to carry less weight so that the car will be moving faster. Other than that, fuel efficiency will increase as well. 

So in this scenario, the T Maxx is 4.54 kg. In contrast, the Revo is 4.69 kg. Now you might be thinking this is a tiny difference. 

Source: laboutiqueduteleguide.com

But in the racing arena, this can cause many different results. The T Maxx is moving much faster because of its lower weight. 

Winner: So, the T Maxx is the clear winner in this round for being faster. 


The height of the car is equally as important as the weight as well. While you are racing with your RC a lot can happen in a small time. 

Such as you have to take a corner while increasing your speed. And if the car is too high it can get sidetracked and start rolling. You don’t want that. 

Also, you don’t want a really low height as well. This might cause a lower gap between the ground and the car. So the T Maxx is 10.9 inches tall and the Revo is 11.2 inches tall. But the gap between them is really minor. 

Since the difference is really small, the chances of getting sidetracked are similar. But the extra height will give Revo the upper hand. That is why Revo would be a better fit than the t maxx 3.3 for you. 

Winner: Revo is the winner in this round.

Wheel Diameter

The wheel diameter is really important as well. The wider the wheel is the more grip the truck will get. Although, the tire materials such as rubber or foam RC tires can determine the grip as well. 

But in this case, both of the cards have the same diameter wheels. 

However, one thing to note is that 3.8 inches of wheels are really grippy and strong. They can bite onto the ground better than regular RC wheels. 

Winner: This round is a tie between the two. 

Ground Clearance

We already talked about ground clearance in the height section. But it is an important feature for RCs. 

The battle arena of RCs is really harsh. So it is better to have good ground clearance. 

Now, the T Maxx has 4.2 inches of ground clearance. But the Revo has 4.5 inches of clearance. So, it has to handle less skiing on the mud. 

Too much bump on the bottom can cause the receiver connected to be loose. That can cause, the receiver light not to turn on. So this can cause a lot of annoyance. 

On the other hand, the Traxxas Revo 3.3 doesn’t face any of this. Moreover, by upgrading your Revo you can enable more features on your RC car. 

Now, what are some of the Revo 3.3 upgrades?

One of the main upgrading points of the Revo 3.3 is it’s spring dampers. On top of that, you can get a slipper clutch eliminator. Some other upgrades include tie rod, brushless power systems and LED light bars. 

Here’s s list of full upgrades available for the Revo 3.3 on the market as of now:

UpgradesWhere To Get
Aluminum Front Or Rear Adjustable Spring DampersGet Now from Amazon!
Slipper Clutch EliminatorGet Now from Amazon!
Aluminum Anti-Clockwise Thread Steering Tie RodGet Now from Amazon!
Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL-3s Brushless Power SystemGet Now from Amazon!
Traxxas 8990 Complete Waterproof LED Light Bar KitGet Now from Amazon!

That is why your pick here should be the Revo 3.3 instead of T maxx 3.3.

Winner: In this round, Revo 3.3 wins. 

Top Speed

Speed is not the key in RC track battles. But these trucks can achieve really high speeds. And you do need the power to move. So speed is a good measurement of how powerful the truck is. 

Both of the trucks can move 45+ miles per hour. That is a hell lot faster than you are thinking. 

These are light and small trucks. It can accelerate really fast. Although, you can do some t maxx 3 3 engine upgrades to increase the speed. 

Winner: Since both of the top speeds are the same, it is a draw between the two trucks. 

Fuel Tank Capacity

The larger the tank is, the longer you can have fun. 

But a really large tank will slow your truck down. In this case, a proper balance is important. 

The T Maxx can hold up to 125 ccs or ml of fuel. But the Revo can hold up to 150 ccs or ml of fuel in the tank. Since the difference isn’t that much, you cannot see the difference in performance. 

Source: integrity88.top

But since the Revo has a larger tank without compromising performance, it will enhance your RC driving experience significantly. 

Winner: The winner here is undoubtedly Revo 3.3.

Differential Type

Differentials are a really important part when it comes to off-roading. It is important in real-life cars and in RC trucks as well. 

There are mainly two different types of differentials. These are gear-style differentials and ball-style differentials

The T Maxx uses a Hardened steel bevel gear, sealed, limited-slip. On the other hand, the Revo uses, Bevel gear, sealed, limited-slip. 

So, since the T Maxx uses hardened steel bevel gear, it will be more durable. And that is the reason why T Maxx is better in this regard. 

Winner: This round’s winner is the T Maxx 3.3.

Which One to Choose Between Revo 3.3 vs T Maxx 3.3

Well, now it all comes down to this. Which RC Should you buy? 

To help you with that here’s a table that summarizes all the points of this debate:

ProductFeaturesWhere To Get
T Maxx 3.3Lighter and perfect for straighter pathsGrab Now from Amazon!
Revo 3.3Ideal for off-roading and has a better ground clearanceGrab Now from Amazon!

Well, if you are focused on off-roading, get the Revo. It has more ground clearance and a larger fuel tank. So it can run for longer races. 

But on the other hand, we have the T Maxx 3.3. You can get this one as well. It can do similar levels of off-roading. Also, it’s lighter and the chassis is made with stinger materials.

Both come at a similar price point. So if you find any one of these RCs, you can get that. Since both of the RCs are really similar. 


Can Suspensions Change the Ride Height on the RC?

Yes, suspensions can change the ride height of the RC. in easy terms bouncer the suspensions are the higher the RC will be. Bigger suspensions require longer tubes. So that it can travel inside it. 

Does Better Tire Provide Better Grip?

Yes, better tires do provide better grip. Although, the amount of grip depends on the type of track you are using. If the roads are muddy, use tires which has deeper groves. But if the track is smooth, get smoother tires. It will increase the speed. 

Does Wider Wheel Base Provide Stability? 

Yes, a wider wheelbase does provide more stability. Better stability means the RC has less tendency to roll over and fall. But a wider wheel base will require a larger place to move. So it can be tight around the corners. 


So, that was everything you needed to know about t maxx 3.3 vs revo 3.3. 

Always remember, you have to customize your RC according to the type of track you are driving on. That way you get the best performance. 

Don’t forget to have fun!

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