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T Maxx VS Savage: Which is the Best RC for You?

Picking the best RC for you can be a challenging job. There are a lot of brands and models out in the market. 

Getting to a decision can be really difficult. Especially around RC cars like T-Maxx and Savage. 

So, which is better between T-Maxx vs savage?

Savage is more fast compared to T-Maxx. The savage can hit 45+ mph whereas T-Maxx can hit only 40+ mph. Also, Savage has more fuel tank capacity than T-Maxx. However, T-Maxx performs better off-road than Savage. But, Savage will have much more racing advantage than T-Maxx.

That was a quick look at all the specifications. However, you need to learn more to choose the right RC for yourself.

Now let’s get down to the details.

Quick Comparison

When it comes to RCs, there are a lot of factors to consider. Cause the Traxxas T-Maxx first gen and the Savage aren’t your ordinary RC. These are both highly capable machines. These RCs are best in class in many areas. 

Even though, both of these RCs have some resemblance. There are some key factors that you can use to differentiate between. And for your help, we have prepared the table below. This table holds the key factors of both of the RCs. 

Top Speed+40 mph+45 mph
Radio System2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Fuel Tank Capacity125cc160cc
Drive System4WD4WD
Off-road CapabilitiesBetterGreat
Racing CapabilitiesGreat Better
Price Range$460-$560$415-$730
Product LinkCheck latest price on AmazonCheck latest price on Amazon

So, that was a quick look at all of the factors. Now, if that’s not enough for your understanding, look below. We have jumped into the details about each factor. So you can differentiate both of the RCs. 

Extended Comparison

Determining which RC is the best on the basis of the table isn’t wise. You need to learn about each factor to understand the difference. 

That is why we have prepared this whole segment. So, let’s jump right into it.

Source: RC Canada

Top Speed

No matter if it’s an RC or a real race car, top speed matters. Maybe you don’t need to drive at the high speed. But the top speed can actually bring out other possibilities. A higher top speed means the motors are more capable. 

And the best top speed is achieved by the Savage RC. the Savage RC can get up to 45 mph or more at times. On the other hand, the Traxxas T-Maxx 3 3 engine can get up to 40 mph. Which is pretty close but 5 mph can make a difference. 

In a head-to-head battle, the Savage will be the winner. That is why in this round the Savage RC takes the crown. You can find similarities when you compare Traxxas slash and stampede.

Winner: Savage

Radio System

The radio system in RC doesn’t mean the radio on the infotainment system. Radio means connectivity with the car and the controller. Strong network connectivity is necessary in order to drive the RC. 

But in this case, both of the RCs packs a 2.4 GHz network. The 2.4 GHz network system can be really strong. Also, the network can spread over a long range. So you can control your RC from really far. 

So, it’s a draw between the two. 

Fuel Tank

Like real-life vehicles, RCs have their own fuel tank. RCs also use batteries and electrical power for many users as well. Like a real-life vehicle. So, having a bigger fuel can let you play for longer hours. 

The Savage takes the crown again. Because the Savage has packed a bigger fuel tank inside. The take a Savage RC uses is a 160cc or ml tank. Whereas the T-Maxx classic can pack 125cc or ml of fuel. 

The tank holds nitrous fuel. There are many beginner-friendly RCs that use nitrous in the engine to get more power. But there is T-Maxx electric as well. 

Winner: Savage.

Savage rc
Source: RC Car Action

Drive System

The drive system determines how capable the off-roading capabilities are in the RC. is the RC is AWD it will do great in the streets and racing. But for off-roading, you need the power of a 4WD. With Traxxas T-Maxx parts you can also change the drive system. 

The 4WD system can give power to all the wheels without moving other wheels. So it can get you unstuck real easily. And fortunately, both Traxxas T-Maxx models and Savage RCs pack a 4WD system. So, it’s a draw between them in this round as well. 

So, it is also a tie.

Off-roading and Racing

Off-roading and racing are two factors to consider for a monster truck RC. So, let’s see how these two will perform in each segment.

The T-Maxx is equipped with aggressive 6.3” Maxx-sized all-terrain tires. The tire is specially made for off-roading. The traction is great. However, due to high traction, the RC fails to hit the top speed fast.

The HPI Savage is equipped with 1/10 scale RC GT2 tires. The tires are great on the road because it slipstreams. Yet, if you are wondering about traction, it is as good as T-Maxx. So, off-roading feels smooth too.

Winner: HPI Savage.

Final Verdict

So, it all boils down to this, which RC should you get? According to the whole discussion, we are suggesting you get the Savage RC. Because it is a better overall monster truck RC than the T-Maxx monster truck

If you are wondering if T-Maxx is bad, then you are wrong. T-Maxx was the #1 selling RC monster truck in the USA:

So,  T-Maxx can be a great RC as well. There are some similarities between the RCs. such as with the drive and the radio systems. Both of the RCs are crowd favorites and are fun to drive. 

The difference between RCs always exists. There are also differences between models under the same manufacturer. Such as in T-Maxx and Traxxas Revo

But if you want to make your money worth it, it’s just better to get a Savage RC. 

T-Maxx monster truck
Source: Ganshoren

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Between Savage and T-Maxx, Which Is More Customizable?

Both of the RCs are highly customizable. But the Savage RC is more customizable than T-Maxx. There are more parts and components available for Savage RC than T-Maxx. also, you can do the customization by yourself. 

What are the Engine Specifications of a Savage RC?

The engine Savage RC uses is the F4.6. This is a 4.6cc engine, which can output 2.9 horse powers. Also, the engine can run up to 32000 RPMs. the carburetor on the engine is F1-7.5. 

What is Nitro Fuel?

Nitro fuel is a mixture of methanol fuel and nitro methanol. The amount of nitro methanol actually depends. Usually, 20% of it is nitro. But the range can vary from 10% to 40% or more. The oil in the fuel lubricates the engine. 


So, that was everything you need to know about, T-Maxx vs savage. 

RCs are really fun to drive. They are really capable on any terrain. No matter which RC you get, you will have a great time. 

Have fun with your RC!

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