Tamiya Blackfoot Upgrades

4 Tamiya Blackfoot Upgrades That You Must Try

Every Tamiya RC car needs to be upgraded. But relax! Upgrading your favorite Tamiya Blackfoot is nothing new. Hobbyists have been doing that for years. But without enough knowledge, upgrading can get quite confusing. 

So, what are the Tamiya Blackfoot upgrades that you must have? 

Tamiya Blackfoot is quite infamous for its frontal body. That’s why you’ll have to replace stock shocks with oil shocks. After that, you should install softer tires. RC shock brackets/arms are also crucial when it comes to shock absorption. Lastly, replace the screws with longer screws. 

Anyways, that was nothing but just a summary of the whole discussion. We’ve elaborated on all the above-mentioned upgrades.

Keep reading if you want to know more about Tamiya Blackfoot upgrades. 

Upgrading the Tamiya Blackfoot: 4 Things You Must Try

Every good-quality Tamiya Blackfoot needs upgrading. Upgrading a Tamiya Blackfoot is by no means an easy task. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible or super hard to do. 

Source: vintagerccars.com

With some min-maxing here and there, you too can upgrade it to run really well. 

Upgrading a Tamiya Blackfoot is quite similar to upgrading a Basher Sabertooth. They share some of their problems together. 

Before we head to the main discussion, let’s discuss some problems first. We’ll keep it brief, no worries. 

By noting these problems, you can pinpoint what upgrades you need first. 


Tamiya Blackfoot’s body has one major flaw. And that’s the front side of the vehicle. 

It tends to break too often. Other than that, Tamiya Blackfoot tires and shocks require upgrades. 

Here, we’ll mention all the mandatory Tamiya Blackfoot upgrade parts that you need. Simply, relax, and go through the steps one by one. 

Upgrade 1: Replace Stock Shocks With Oil Shocks

Tamiya Blackfoot not having oil shocks is a serious disadvantage. We all know how bumpy the roads can be. A poor shock can easily break your RC vehicle. 

And unfortunately, that’s one of the biggest problems regarding Tamiya Blackfoot. Their front ends break too easily. 

The stock oil shocks that Blackfoot comes with are made of plastic. They don’t bend as much and are too stiff in nature. Because of that, stock shocks give poor performance. 

If pushed further, they end up breaking into pieces. That’s why Tamiya Blackfoot oil shocks are our first upgrade. 

This is the most important and it works as a pillar for consequential upgrades. 

Luckily, you can easily buy oil shocks from online stores. If you have a hobby store nearby, ask them for oil shocks. 

They’re widely available and super easy to afford. You can also maintain them easily with good shock oils. 

To save some time, we’ve recommended some of the best RC oil shocks-

Simply choose whichever you like more and you can get your Blackfoot upgraded right away. 

Upgrade 2: Remove Stock Tires & Install Softer Tires

After the Tamiya Blackfoot shock upgrade, Blackfoot stock tires are our next attention. Unfortunately, stock Blackfoot tires are too hard for racing and bashing. 

Source: Tamiya_Blackfoot_2016

The Tamiya Blackfoot wheels have a plasticky rubber feel. It’s too hard for bashing and even for racing. Because of that, it can’t handle the bumps too well. 

If you like to bash, tires are something you can’t ignore. Because the more bump it fails to absorb, the faster the body will break. 

Softer tires along oil shocks are better shock absorbers. But shocks are more important that’s why we’ve put that first. 

If you already have the shock upgrades, upgrade your tires. You’ll feel a drastic change in the performance right away.

Upgrade 3: Get Aftermarket Shock Arms

To upgrade your Tamiya Blackfoot Chassis even further, you’ll need shock arms. Shock arms can reduce a lot of bump effects when placed properly. 

Shock arms are part of the shock upgrades. After getting oil shocks and softer tires, you should get the shock arms. 

By simply installing some aftermarket shock arms, you’ll get a significant boost. 

For better results, you’ll also need to position your shock properly. And that involves adjusting the shock arms. 

But that’s for another day. The stock shock arms of Tamiya Blackfoot are weak and do a poor job. That’s why the shock mounts of the Tamiya Blackfoot rear arm tend to break often. 

Source: tamiyaclub.com

By installing some aftermarket shock arms, you can easily solve this problem. These aluminum braces can absorb way more bumps; making Blackfoot great for bashing. 

Shock arms are also called shock brackets. Look up online to get some great aftermarket shock arms. Like other parts, they’re also available and easy to afford.

For you, we’ve listed some of our best RC shock brackets- 

You can choose either one of these and your upgrade will be smooth!

Upgrade 4: Replace the Stock Screws with Longer Screws

If you’ve taken a peek at the Tamiya Blackfoot, you’ve probably noticed the small screws. Unfortunately, it has a lot of small screws. 

Some parts are connected with two screws instead of one. Some parts are connected with a single short screw. They are decently built but can be easily improved.

Replacing these screws with longer screws makes the structure tougher. You’ll need some lock washers and nuts to lock it. 

Replace those double screws with a single long screw. After that, use a lock washer and a nut to tighten the joint. 

The joints with small screws need to be drilled for longer screws. Make sure to not drill into plastic too much. 

Other than these, you can also change the upper body. For that, you’ll need to look it up online. As an example, there are some great bodies that fit Arrma Senton 3s. 

But for the most part, upgrading shocks and tires are enough. Tamiya Blackfoot motor upgrades are also something you can do later. 



When was Tamiya Blackfoot released?

Tamiya Blackfoot is one of the most iconic RC vehicles ever made. It’s a Japanese-made RC vehicle made by the Tamiya Corp. It was first released around 1986; on October 8. Tamiya kept producing this vehicle after 1993. After that, this vehicle’s availability started to decline really fast.  

How fast is Tamiya Blackfoot?

Tamiya Blackfoot is one of the oldest RC vehicles ever. It gained recognition back in the 90s for reliability. Since it’s pretty old, it runs very slow at 15 mph. For that time, it was a great deal. But don’t let that stop you. It’s extremely fun for both racing and bashing in the terrain. 

What scale is the Tamiya Blackfoot?

Tamiya Blackfoot is a 1/10 scale monster truck. It’s an electric radio-controlled model. This was made by a Japanese technology company named Tamiya Corporation. Despite being produced in Japan, it gained fame in America quickly. Today, it’s considered one of the most iconic 1/10 scale trucks.

Take Away

That was everything we could deliver on tamiya blackfoot upgrades

One more thing before you leave. You can also upgrade the ball bearings of Tamiya Blackfoot. Like other parts, they also improve performance by miles. 

Finally, have a nice day and happy upgrading!

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