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Tazer ESC Problems- Analyzing Everything!

Tazer ESCs are well known for their performance and how bug-free they are. Well, not so much actually.

Although they are rare, there are some head-scratching issues you’ll encounter. 

So, how do you solve Tazer ESC problems?

To solve your Tazer ESC problem, first, check the throttle trim switch. See if it’s in the right position or not. Then, do the same thing for the throttle reversing switch. After that, inspect your RC battery health. If the battery is not full, recharge it all the way. Now, check if the ESC is functioning well or not.

While these are the quickest ways to solve the ESC issues, there is a lot more to know.

Let’s find all about that one by one.

The Rarity of Tazer ESC Problems

Most RC hobbyists know Tazer. Primarily because most ESCs in the RC vehicles come from Tazer. 

However, unlike many other companies, Tazer issues are relatively rare. I’ve scoured many cases and only came across three. 

Tazer ESC Problems pie chart

Even this pie chart is based on merely 8 reports and that’s all I could find. Rare as it is, I will attempt to solve it for the unfortunate few. 

To get to the bottom of the issues, let us first move on to analyzing them. 

Phase 1: Analyzing The Issues

Before getting right into the issues, I’ll need to talk about what makes a bad ESC. Basically, bad ESC symptoms. Because if you can’t understand why esc blinking red on Arma RC, or anything like that, you’re in deep waters.

So, let’s get on with that.

Bad ESC Symptoms:

ESC has some specific working functions. It controls the speed of the motor spin. So, if anything happens to ESC, there are some very obvious symptoms. 

The most obvious symptom is the RC truck engine stuttering. Because that means the ESC is not doing its job. Engine throttling often means a bad ESC as well. If it doesn’t start at all, that might mean a bad ESC too.

ESC Symptoms
Source: youtube.com

However, if the car is not responding to throttle it’s a different issue. But don’t worry! We got a solution for that too. 

With that out of the way, now let’s start with the problems. 

Dynamite Tazer 15T ESC Problem:

According to this user report, they cannot program the 15T ESC. Only the red light comes on in the first step of programming. They could not even start the truck because of this issue. 

This is a specific problem with only common solutions. It is caused by some common perpetrators. Interrupting programming, Battery not charged, A defective product- these are the three common reasons.  

The more specific reasons are loose connection and reversed ESC to receiver connection.

Problem Using Tazer 12T with a 14T Motor:

Finally, this is a problem with a definite working solution. That is because the reason is just as clear. 

This user tried to use a lower capacity ESC with a higher capacity motor. That combo is fatal. I call it fatal because they’re simply incompatible with each other. As a result, more than a few issues could crop up and kill the ESC. 

Some examples are over gearing, over throttling, and the strain build-up of the ESC. 

Problems with Dynamite Brushless 45A Tazer ESC:

This is a unique issue. It does not have any solution anywhere. Regardless, I will attempt to get to the bottom of it. 

Dynamite Brushless 45A Tazer ESC
Source: manuals.plus

The user reported that the engine starts getting to full throttle without even touching the trigger. They also mentioned that the issue started after the remote was turned off before the truck. They could not reprogram it afterward since the engine would throttle at the second step. 

This could mean a few things – a short circuit in the ESC, or a glitched-out transmitter. 

With that, I have covered all the known issues. Now it’s time to test if some good ol’ troubleshooting works on it or not. 

Phase 2: Good Old Troubleshooting

The easy part of these problems is the solutions. Especially because common troubleshooting works for most of them. The problem-wise solutions are included below.

glitched-out transmitter
Source: worthpoint.com

The Common Solution: Reprogramming the ESC

Well, my philosophy is ‘normal is best’. As such, this is my favorite kind of solution. But people do not like these solutions since you can find them anywhere. I will just touch base with this solution before jumping into more complex ones. 

Let’s start reprogramming the ESC now- 

  • The first thing you gotta do is turn on the transmitter. Although it is not necessary for ESC programming, the ESC won’t turn on without it. Obviously, to do this, you need to know how ESC works!
  • Secondly, do not forget to fully charge your battery before plugging it in. Turn on the ESC after making sure the battery is fully charged. 
  • Hold down the “set” button till the green light blinks. If you’re into numbers then, the time of holding the button is going to 1 second. 
  • Now press the button to move through the menus. It will indicate what menu is on through blinking lights. 

I.e., It will blink only once for running mode. For Drag brake force, it’ll blink twice and so on. 

  • Now you’re on the menu you want to be in. It’s time to play the holding game again. Hold the button for 3 seconds to get to the next step. 
  • Finally, just press the set button to go through your options with the light as your guide. Then all you gotta do is hold the button for 3 seconds once again to confirm the option. 

Even if you can’t understand all the instructions well, that’s okay. Because there are many videos about programming this particular ESC for better understanding.

That’s it. For the specific indicators, you have to rely on your Tazer ESC manual. This common solution is the only one that would work with the aforementioned 45A ESC issue. 

A Leap of Faith: The 15T ESC Troubleshooting

Let’s say the common solutions do not work on the Dynamite 15T Tazer ESC. Perhaps my solution will bid you well then. 

As much as I would like to get into the technical stuff, there aren’t any here. Here are my suggestions-

  • All you have to do is reverse the connection between ESC and the receiver. 
  • However, If that does not work, just reconnect all the cables. Do not forget to secure the connections properly.
  • Sometimes, recharging the batteries does the job nicely too. 

There aren’t any other solutions for this issue. If it still did not do it for you, I’d suggest you get a replacement. 

The Solution to the Most Preventable Problem: 12T ESC with a 14T Motor

Well if you had to search for a solution for this problem, then I got bad news. Chances are that your ESC is dead. 

That is primarily because you have used an incompatible ESC with the motor. All you have to do is replace your ESC with a compatible one. 

You can go for Dynamite Tazer Twin 2S Brushless Motor/ESC Combo for better compatibility. But if you don’t want to go the brushless way, there are brushed motors too. Dynamite Tazer 25-Turn 380 Brushed Motor is one such example.

That’s it! I covered all the problems related to the Tazer ESC and their solutions too. 

What do you think? Did the article help you solve your problem too? Let me know in the comments below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Produces the Dynamite ESC?

Horizon Hobby Produces Dynamite ESC. Every kind of ESC that is under the Dynamite trademark belongs to Horizon Hobby. 

Is Programming an ESC a Must?

No, Programming an ESC is not a necessity. Most ESCs are fine right outside of the box so you do not need to program them. So, it is more of a want rather than a need.

Is There a Firmware on ESC?

Yes, there is firmware on ESC. Software is required on every ESC to regulate its performance. 

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