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Tekin RX8 Problems: 3 Problems Solved!

Imagine you marked a day when you’ll show the new RC car to your friends. All of a sudden it doesn’t turn on or emit other problems. It just ruined your day.

Tekin RX8 has been in the market for quite some time now. It released its RX8 for up to three generations now.

But, still, users of RX8 from all generations faced some problems while using it. What are some Tekin RX8 problems?

Tekin RX8 has problems related to its motor, fan, and ESC. The gen 1 RX8 motor doesn’t turn on. It needs some reset and other adjustments as well. The gen 2 model has issues with its ESC that’s not powering up. Lastly, gen 3 has several problems, like calibration, no lights showing, and more.

You must be curious to know all the solutions. Stick around!  

Tekin RX8 Problems with Solutions (3 Generations Included)

If you have an older generation Tekin RX8, you may be facing some common problems. Even the new Gen 3 Tekin RX8 comes with technical problems.

Whatever the problem is, we’ve some simple solutions. In this article, we tried to figure out the most common problems related to Tekin RX8.

Find the problems with solutions next!

Tekin RX8
Source: Team Tekin

Problem 1: Tekin RX8 Gen 1 Motor isn’t Turning On 

Providing the fact that you’ve Tekin RX8 gen 1, you’ve bought it a long ago. With time the motor became old and worn out. The ESC of the motor can also cause the problem.

You may have calibrated successfully. It even identifies a radio signal but the motor still won’t turn on. 

The most common solution people follow is to swap sensor wires. You must have also done that before coming here. Still no luck?

So, let’s find out some real solutions that will turn the motor on.

Before that, let’s know a similar kind of problem. If your motor fan doesn’t work properly, it increases the setup temperature. This further causes the motor not to turn on. 

Solution: Factory Resetting

The proven solution to the problem is doing a factory reset. It’ll be as easy as resetting the DJI wifi password. Long press the INCR and MODE buttons. Release it when you see flashing lights.

The motor is not always at fault. If only 1 and 8 port’s LED light blinks then ESC is faulty. Calibrate ESC in this case. You can also reset it. If you don’t get any error codes, check on settings.

Now let’s solve the bad fan problem. It requires easy wiring. Just plug the wire directly from the receiver to the fan. This will turn the fan on when the car is on. 

No more unnecessary heat problems will occur afterward.

In this way, you can easily solve your gen 1 motor problem.

Tekin RX8 gen 1
Source: Team Tekin

Problem 2: Tekin RX8 Gen 2 ESC isn’t Powering Up 

Sometimes, your Tekin RX8 gen 2 problems are related to ESC. ESC is showing clearly but not powering up. The main reasons could vary.

It could be the fan that is not plugged in or solder joints are loose. Mainly this problem occurs because of wrong wiring.

So, the solution also revolves around adjusting wires. Let’s find out in detail. 

Solution: Proper Wiring

If it’s your fan that’s not plugged in or wrongly plugged, we got you. Make sure the fan is not plugged backward in your ESC port. 

The black wire of the fan should be directed to the sensor point. When the fan is plugged this way, switch it on.

Also, for solder joints, you can readjust the points if you find any bugs there. Mainly, solder points should perfectly be fitted in the ports for ESC to power up.

Proper Wiring On Tekin RX8
Source: LiveRC

Problem 3: Tekin RX8 Gen 3 Problems

You may witness more than one Tekin RX8 gen 3 problems. Sometimes it doesn’t calibrate, lights don’t show up. Even at times, all LEDs start flashing.

These problems take place when ESC is not correctly connected with both motor and radio. The solution is different for each problem and not as simple as adjusting the wire.

Solution for Calibration Problem

First, let’s find out how to troubleshoot when Gen 3 doesn’t calibrate the problem. Follow a few steps to solve it.

  • Start by checking transmitter batteries. 
  • If you find a throttle channel on the transmitter causing a problem, reverse it. Often RC cars don’t respond to throttle
  • Make sure you’ve bound the transmitter and receiver correctly.

Thus, you can solve calibrate problems. 

Solution for No Lights Showing up Issue

Now, let’s solve the problem of no lights showing up after turning the motor on.

  • First, check on the battery if it’s fully charged or not.
  • Make sure you turned on the switch
  • All solder joints should be plugged in correctly
  • If needed unplug the servo from your receiver
  • Check ESC receiver plug and if necessary reflash ESC.

Doing all these, you can expect lights to pop up after turning the motor on.

Solution for LED Flashing Problem

It’s time to solve the other problem which is, that all LEDs start flashing.

  • Again the transmitter should be bound properly with the receiver. You’ve to be extremely careful while binding and follow the manual.
  • For correct polarity, the ESC receiver should be plugged into CH2.

In this way, your gen 3 problems could be solved. For precaution, always be careful while installing all the gen 3 components.

While installing Tekin RX8 gen 3 fans, place them down facing. The sticker should be on the bottom. Otherwise, the motor will easily get hot in the absence of airflow.

Tekin RX8 is most of the time seen as reliable. Every machine falters. The problems with Tekin RX8 are simple to solve. We tried to give you an even simpler explanation. Hope it’ll help you.

Regardless of the problems, Tekin RX8 is a great RC car. Here’s someone, who bought a Tekin RX8.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Tekin RX8 Waterproof?

Yes, Tekin RX8 is waterproof. All the components are designed for water resistance. Even Tekin’s ESC is considered to be waterproof as well. So, if accidentally you spill some water on it, it won’t break. In general, it needs extra care. The official warranty doesn’t cover excessive water damage.

The number of Timing Profiles in Tekin RX8?

You can find 7 timing profiles in RX8. Basically, Tekin has a dual mode timing profile. You can use both sensors and sensorless drives for better performance. Tekin’s RX8 timing profile is updated from its previous version to get a higher RPM. You can get sensored timing profiles in the Rs series.

How to Bind Hotwire for Tekin to the Phone?

First, download the hotwire app on your device. Then open the app to bind. To do so, turn on the speed controller. Press and hold the LED button on the hotwire. Now turn on your car and pull down the red button till the blue LED flashes. Once it’s done click on the start bind option on the phone.

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