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Tello Drone Troubleshooting: Tips and Tricks

Well, you’ve finally taken the plunge and bought yourself a DJI Tello drone! Congrats! But now that you’ve got it, you’re probably thinking about what to do when something goes wrong.

Be at ease; I’m here to help.

So, how to troubleshoot the Tello drone?

Tello drone is crashing or not responding to commands. There are several potential causes for this. From low battery to interference from other electronic devices. Recalibrate the drone. Check your connection, or update the firmware. If none of those solutions work, then contact DJI for support.

You may learn how to troubleshoot your Tello drone from scratch by reading this article. I’ll cover everything from battery problems to lost connections. So you won’t have to wait long to start flying your drone.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide

SymptomsReasonA Quick Troubleshoot
Stops flying in the middle of a shootBattery is not completelychargedIf the battery becomes too hot, let it cool down. Or change the battery if it is damaged.
Propellors are out of alignmentPropellors are not flying straight and tiltingAttach the propellers correctly. Replace if damaged.
The camera is not working properlyThe pictures or videos are blurryMake sure there is debris or anything that blocking the view. Clean the lens with a soft cloth.
Tello drone is not stableTello drone flies unstablyWhile flying Tello, avoids sources of electromagnetic interference.
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Problem 1: Stops Flying In The Middle Of A Shoot

Reason: Battery Is Not Fully Charged

The most common reasons why Tello won’t charge are inadequate voltage or amperage and harmed battery cells. Also, out-of-date battery firmware, defective or damaged chargers, and inappropriate battery temperature.


Here is a few tips to help troubleshoot your DJI Tello drone:

  • Connect the Ryze Tello charging station to a power outlet that has the needed voltage and current. 5V and 3 A are needed as inputs for the Ryze Tello charging hub.
  • Whenever your battery is overheated, remove it and let it cool down.
  • If you see your Tello battery is crossing 5-45 degrees then let it cool down. Because it is the temperature range that the Tello charging hub prefers.
  • Check to see whether the charger is defective or broken.

Problem 2: Propellers’ Blades Are Out Of Alignment

Reason: Propellers Are Not Flying Straight And Tilting 

Most drones have two separate sets of propellers that are mounted diagonally opposite each other. It is simple to misfit a propeller and installs the incorrect one on the incorrect engine. This will prevent the drone from flying and, in some situations.


Before you start troubleshooting your DJI Tello drone, it’s important to check the propellers. Here’s how:

  • Make sure the propellers are attached to the drone correctly.
  • If the propellers are damaged in any way, or they are visibly worn, replace them immediately.
  • Ensure that the propellers are firmly fastened.
  • If the propellers are not spinning correctly, try cleaning them with a soft cloth.
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Problem 3: The Camera Is Not Working Properly 

Reason: The Pictures Or Videos Are Blurry

It is a typical issue with the camera being crooked or shaking. The camera may be to the reason for this if it is not properly mounted. This also can happen if the gimbal is not functioning correctly.

This same problem can happen with any DJI where the camera is not working.

Solution 1:

Before you do anything else, checking the camera is crucial.

  • Ensure the lens is clear and that there’s no debris blocking the view. 
  • If there is, try to gently remove it using a soft cloth.

If the camera is still not working, then you might need to replace the lens. 

Solution 2:

If your Tello drone isn’t performing as it should, the first place to check is the gimbal. The gimbal is the part of the drone that holds the camera. If it’s not working properly, it can cause all sorts of problems. Observe the following red flags::

  • The camera is crooked or shaking. This is usually a sign that the gimbal is not functioning properly.
  • The pictures or videos are blurry. This could result from the gimbal being incapable of accurately stabilizing the camera.

Solution 3:

Now, let’s check how to fix a camera issue. Your Tello drone isn’t taking pictures or videos correctly. The initial action you should take is re-calibrating the camera. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the DJI Tello app and go to the Camera page.
  • The screen’s bottom contains a Re-calibrate button. Tap it.
  • To finish the calibration procedure, stick to the on-screen directions.

That’s it! Once the calibration is finished, your drone camera should be back to normal.

Problem 4: Tello Drone Is Not Being Stable

Reason: Tello Drone Fly Unstably

Tello drone can fly unstably for a variety of factors. One common reason is that the propellers are not balanced correctly. Another reason might be that the drone is not calibrated correctly. You might attempt the following to solve the issue.


  • Observe Tello’s propellers. Check that your propellers are in the proper pattern. If parts of the propellers are deformed or bent, replace them with a new set.
  • IMU Tello calibration. Open the more menu by tapping on the three dots in the top left corner. Once you’ve pressed the calibrate button under the IMU area, press enter. The Tello must then be placed in six different locations in order to calibrate the IMU. The Tello app will show all of the instructions and examples.
  • Avoid power lines, telephone towers, and any other sources of electromagnetic interference.
  • Tello’s firmware should be updated.
Tello Drone flying
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What You’ll Need To Troubleshoot Your Drone

Here’s what you’ll need in order to troubleshoot your DJI Tello drone:

  • A computer with an internet connection
  • The DJI Tello drone and its battery
  • The DJI Tello app
  • The latest firmware for your DJI Tello drone
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • A micro USB cable

First, you’ll need to download and install the DJI Tello app on your computer. After installation, launch the app, then connect your drone to it using the micro USB cable. Make sure the battery is fully charged, then go to the “Settings” tab and update the firmware if there’s an update available.

Once the firmware is updated, go to the “Troubleshooting” tab and follow the instructions in the app. If you continue to experience issues, you can find more help on DJI’s website. Additionally, you can get in touch with their support staff.

Tips to Prevent Future Drone Issues

Well, drone pilot, you’ve made it to the end of our troubleshooting guide! I’m hoping you’ve gotten all the information you need to fix your Tello drone’s problem.

I did, however, want to leave you with a few last suggestions before I go. It will help you to prevent future drone problems. Also, if you’re facing air tracking issues on Mavic air 2. You can prevent the problems as well with just these few tips.

To begin with, always remember to read the instruction manual thoroughly before you fly. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the controls and how your drone works. Being mindful of your environment is also essential. Always keep an eye on where your drone flies.

And lastly, always fly safely and responsibly, and be mindful of other people and property.

These tips should assist you in maintaining your Tello drone in good flying condition. Now, you continue to enjoy many hours of happy flying. And don’t forget to take care of your drone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Reset My Tello Drone?

Turn on the Tello drone and watch for the yellow LEDs to start flashing. The indicator light will turn off after five seconds of prolonged power button pressing. Yellow flashing begins on the indicator light. Wi-Fi SSID and password will revert to their factory defaults because there is no default password.

How Do You Change A Tello Drone Motor?

You will need to replace your Tello motors if they are broken or have simply lost thrust. It is suggested that you contact customer care. Because it’s possible to break other components while replacing the Tello motor inadvertently. It’s a difficult task that takes some engineering knowledge.

Is Tello Drone Worth It?

The answer is YES if you want to purchase a portable, safe, dependable, and entertaining drone for a child or adolescent. If you’re looking for high-quality aerial photos and videos, rapid performance, and extended battery life, the answer is NO. Really, it all depends on what you plan to use this drone for. 


I truly hope that my guidance has been useful to your Tello drone troubleshooting. If you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to reach out to us for help. As soon as I can, I’ll reply to you.

Until then have fun with your Tello drone. I’ll see you in the next article.

Stay safe and have a good day!

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