traxxas 3.3 wont stay running

Traxxas 3.3 Wont Stay Running: (5 Reasons and Solutions)

Traxxas 3.3 is used as the engine for nitro trucks and cars. It is used for jumping, climbing, racing the terrains and so on. But a common problem with Traxxas 3.3 is that it won’t stay running.

And it can be very frustrating for you as you can’t run your nitro cars smoothly. 

Now, the problem arises why does your Traxxas 3.3 won’t stay running

There are a lot of reasons why Traxxas 3.3 won’t stay running. The main reason can be that the main plug is weakened. Besides, there might be issues with a carburetor. There can be issues with fuel lines and blockage too. You just need to check before starting the engine and maintain it properly. 

For more details read along with us. Hopefully, you’ll know all the basics about this issue. 

Reasons Why Traxxas 3.3 Won’t Stay Running

There are a few major reasons why Traxxas 3.3 won’t stay running. The main plug is not being strung to the fuel pressure line, anything can be the reason. You might also face issues with Traxxas tsm.

We’ve discussed 5 major reasons behind your issue. 

Reason 1: Faulty Glow Plug

Faulty glow plugs can be a reason why Traxxas 3.3 not running smoothly. 

Glow plugs make sure that fuels give off enough oxygen and make more heat. The heat will help the engine to go and burn the fuel. But faulty glow plugs turn the fuel into black smoke. So, it gets hard for the engine to continue running smoothly. 

Reason 2: Carburetor Adjusted Incorrectly 

Incorrectly adjusted carburetors also cause Traxxas 3.3 not to run for while. 

If carburetors aren’t set properly then they can’t make a proper mixture of air-fuel under all temperatures. Carburetors also play a huge role in maintaining the engine speed. Also, an improper adjustment in the carburetor causes low performance in the engine. 

It is also important for you to know about Traxxas 3.3 carb rebuild kit. In the carb rebuild kit, there’s a wrench with four ways. Also a flat head screwdriver, hex screwdriver, and a pair of pliers. 

Reason 3: Set the Right Idle Speed

When your engine is at a lower idle speed, then Traxxas 3.3 might not stay running. 

You might also face issues with Traxxas 3.3 low-speed needle setting.

To fix it the low-speed needle has to be carefully adjusted. The needle should be positioned such that its head is flush with the carburetor’s end.

So, it’s essential to set the perfect idle speed for Traxxas 3.3. High idle speed is needed to run the engine without any stoppage. High idle speed will keep the oil pressure increased. It will also put the engine temperature higher and ready to use. 

Reason 4: Air Leakage in the Fuel System 

If there’s any air leak in the fuel line, then it’ll cause air bubbles in the fuel system. And air bubbles can cause your Traxxas 3.3 won’t keep running. 

This extra air will block your fuel line from fuel. Air bubbles will also create unwanted and insufficient pressure in the fuel tank. These will cause engine failure. 

Reason 5: Blocked Fuel Line

A blocked fuel line is another reason why the engine isn’t running smoothly.

Fuel System

In order to know more you’ve to know details about the nitro fuel as well. 

If the fuel line gets blocked then there’ll be an extra pressure buildup in the carburetor. And it gets hard to start the engine after that. 

Troubleshooting of Traxxas 3.3 Not Staying Running

The troubleshoots for this issue is pretty easy. You just get to work and understand what the reason is. Then you can then just follow the solutions. 

These solutions can also somewhat help you with the issues of Velcro not sticking.

Troubleshoot 1: Fix Glow Plug

Glow plugs are mainly used to provide the right heat and temperature underneath the engine. If the engine isn’t properly heated, then it won’t work properly. 

So, if you have a faulty Glow Plug then definitely fix it. Or you can simply just replace your faulty glow plugs

Troubleshoot 2: Adjust the Carburator Properly 

A properly adjusted carburetor will help your engine stay running. The carburetor keeps the engine warmed up and ready to use. It also helps to speed up the engine so that it runs smoothly. 


Troubleshoot 3: Check Clutch Spring

 Clutch springs help to prevent the unwanted vibrations of the engine. It also helps to get the engine from being overworked. So, it’s important to check the clutch springs.

Troubleshoot 4: Repair or Replace

Sometimes it’s hard to fix the engine back. So don’t get stressed out about it. 

You might think about Traxxas 3.3 engine alternative. Now, if you can’t get your engine repaired, you can switch to the Traxxas engine replacement plan. 

You can always repair or replace your Traxxas 3.3. For replacing you can check the Traxxas 37054-1-REDX

You can take your engine to their customer care service. And claim the warranty. Or just get it fixed by them. If that’s not possible then you can buy yourself another brand new one.

You can easily get your Traxxas 3.3 fixed and have a perfect experience. For example, this guy is running smoothly the Traxxas 3.3 he just purchased. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Temperature Should the Traxxas 3.3 Run at?

You should ideally stay between 250 and 270 degrees. That’ll vary a little depending on the outside temperature, gasoline, glow plug, and the engine’s overall health. Also, keep in mind that the tiny hand-held temperature indicators are not usually reliable.

Which Pinion Gear is Faster?

With less acceleration, a larger pinion or small spur gear increases the vehicle’s peak speed. Gearing up will probably result in a little increase in operating temperature and a reduction in run times. The opposite is true if the spur gear is larger or the pinion smaller.

How Fast Does the T Maxx 3.3 Go?

T Maxx 3.3 goes up to 45 mph. The wide, linear power produced by the TRX 3.3 racing engine is nearly constant across the RPM range.


We hope that this article helped to understand why your Traxxas 3.3 won’t stay running

You can definitely repair the Traxxas 3.3 on your own. All have to do is have a little patience and follow the troubleshoots explained. 

It is also needed for you to have ideas about the insides of Traxxas 3.3. For example, you definitely need to you about all the functions of the engine. 

The key is to not stress out about it. Hopefully, your Traxxas 3.3 will be back to running smoothly. Good day! Be hopeful and patient. 

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