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Traxxas E Revo Diff Upgrade: A Complete Guide

E-Revo is the only monster truck of its kind. It shows the most creative design and engineering at its best. 

However, you may not be satisfied with the stock differential. You want more out of it.

Hence, you might be thinking, “How can I start my Traxxas E-Revo upgrade?”

You can start with differential oil and a case upgrade. You can use thicker oil for the front and central differential. Using thinner oil in the rear diff will increase acceleration and traction. Upgrading the case to aluminum will increase robustness. You can also upgrade to gear or ball diff.

That’s just a short brief. We have made a complete guide for your ease.

Let’s start.

Is It Worth Upgrading Traxxas E-Revo Differential?

The Traxxas E Revo differential performs quite well out of the box. It is even ideal for most scenarios.

But then again, the question of upgrading arises in the common mind. The answer is “Yes”. It is worth upgrading. And it is as easy as upgrading a traxxas blast.

Upgrading your Traxxas E Revo differential will not only give you better power delivery but also boost track performance. 

The stock Traxxas E Revo differential offers a 50:50 power split which cannot be changed. This limits the performance of the vehicle in different situations. 

Therefore, upgrading the differential to a better central differential will allow a dynamic power split. This will improve on-track performance.

5050 power split

This is just a perspective of upgrading. There are several other benefits like good braking, better acceleration, increased endurance, etc. So, it’s safe to say that the upgrade is worth a try.

4 Drawbacks of Traxxas E Revo Differential

The Traxxas E Revo differential is good. Understanding a differential can be quite tricky. It also performs up to the mark in most cases. But the product does have a few flaws. 

Here are 5 major drawbacks of the Traxxas E Revo Differential.

Drawback 1: Not Holding up 6S Lipo Battery

Perhaps this is the most talked about problem about the Traxxas E Revo differential. The Traxxas E Revo Differential is marketed to hold up to 6S Lipo Battery.

When the differential is paired with a 6S Lipo, it goes hard on the diff. The high power output of the Lipo puts an overload on the gears and pinions.

Also, the motor of the vehicle can burn up due to high current delivery. This can create hazards during the operation.

Drawback 2: Weak Differential Case 

Another drawback of the Traxxas E Revo differential is the weak differential case. The case of the Traxxas E Revo is made of Plastic. 

Plastic deforms very quickly under stress. The power distribution is fixed on this differential and at times it may stress out the parts. Hence, there can be deformation during stressful operations. 

When a car speeds up quickly, the weight of the car shifts to the back. The rear differential gets strained and the plastic build may break down.

Drawback 3: Fixed Power Distribution

Another technical drawback is the fixed power distribution system of the Traxxas E Revo.

A spool is what you call the stock part which is a basic gear. It always sends 50% of the power to the front and 50% to the back. This makes sure that the front and back wheels spin at the same speed.

The wheels on the front and back axles can spin at different speeds. This is because they have different gears. When speeding up in a forward direction, the vehicle’s weight moves to the back. This is then put on the back axle.

That means that 50% of the power has to go through the rear differential. So, the weight of the car puts stress on it, which can cause it to break.

Drawback 4: Weak Stock Arms

Small and weak, the stock arms will break very quickly. The RPM parts are much better at taking hits and will last longer than the rest of the truck. 

Please note that these arms are slightly longer than stock ones. Here is a visual representation of a stock arm for your understanding;

The RPM parts

Since the stock toe links are not adjustable, you will get a little toe out (1.5 degrees or so). Toe out isn’t always a bad thing. 

It makes turning into corners more direct and easy to control. But this costs a little bit of straight-line stability at high speeds.

Compatibility Factors for Upgrading Traxxas E Revo Differential

When updating a Traxxas E Revo Differential, there are a few things to keep in mind. As a convenience, we have written them down for you.

Differential Oil

These days, diffs in RC cars are often loaded with oil. One, two, or even three of these might be found in a car. Changing the viscosity of the oil can do a lot to improve the differential action.

In RTR cars, the diffs are lubricated with grease for simple hobbyist steering. 2–3 times per season, the diff needs to be checked. 

At different times during cornering, the oil’s thickness will change how well the car can turn. The performance of your car is greatly impacted by the differential oils.

Ball Differential vs Gear Differential

Differentials can be divided into two groups: gear and ball. The main difference is in how the differential output gears connect with the spider gears. 

When it comes to a gear differential, the gears are just gears. 

In a differential with balls instead of spider gears, the output gears are flat rings. 

There are good and bad aspects to every design.


The term “open differential” can refer to either a gear or a ball differential. Since the least-tractioned wheel will receive power, the diff is doing its job.

Or, more precisely, to the wheel that requires the least amount of torque. 

Let’s say your truck is going up a hill and one of the wheels starts to slip. The wheel with the least grip receives more power from the differential.

This makes it spin faster, or “unload” into the wheel with the most grip.

5 Types of Recommended Traxxas E Revo Differential Upgrades

Here are 5 types of Traxxas E Revo differential upgrades you can do to your RC car. These are suitable for different situations. We have mentioned them in detail.

AspectFor ClimbingFor BashingFor RacingFor Environment Protection
Differential Case 
Differential Oil 
Stock Arms 
Ball Differential
Gear Differential

Upgrading Traxxas E Revo Differential for Better Climbing & Bashing 

Upgrading Traxxas for climbing requires most power and durability. For this, you can upgrade the differential case, oil, and stock arms. 

You can also use ball differential for this purpose. Ball differential is more robust and can handle more torque than gear differential. Here are some recommended differentials for your Traxxas E Revo;

The fluid should be thin enough that when you accelerate, you can send more power to the front wheels than to the back. It should be thin enough to reduce back-wheel power.

This will cause your buggy or truggy to oversteer when leaving a corner. For most buggies and truggies, the center diff should be filled with a fluid of 7000wt.

So, why differential fluids are important?

Because just changing the fluid can change the way the power steering works. Thicker fluid will help you get more power out of corners. Thinner fluid will make it easier to turn. For the front diff, the average viscosity of a buggy diff is 5000wt and a Truggy diff is 7000wt.

If you want 7000CST diff lube, pick the Team Associated 5454 Factory Team Silicone Differential Fluid.

If you want 500CST diff lube, pick the Team Associated 5453 Factory Team Silicone Differential Fluid.

For the Differential case, you can upgrade to aluminum ones instead of plastic. You can also upgrade the stock arms to more robust ones. 

Here is someone who loves racing on the new Traxxas E Revo;

Upgrading Traxxas E Revo Differential for Better Racing

For better racing performance, you need to upgrade the case and oil. Also, you can switch to gear differential for better acceleration and performance.

Using thicker oil in the front and central diff will increase steering into corners and stability during braking. Don’t forget to use thinner oil on the rear differential. This will increase acceleration and corner traction.

Upgrading to a gear diff will increase acceleration, speed, and traction. Also, make sure you use an aluminum diff case. Do not worry about waterproofing. The components are already waterproof and you need not do waterproofing by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the RC Gear Ratio Calculated?

Dividing the total number of teeth on one gear by that of other yields the gear ratio. A radio-controlled car’s gear ratio describes the relationship between each paired set of gears. Your car’s top speed may be affected by the gear ratio. It also affects how fast it can get to that top speed.

Is Traxxas E-Revo waterproof?

Yes, the Traxxas E-Revo is waterproof. Its steering servos and receiver box, as well as its electronic speed control, are all waterproof. You can run it in wet conditions without any hassle or worrying. There is no limit to driving the car in harsh conditions.

What do more teeth on a pinion gear do in a differential?

When the pinion gear and spur gear have a similar number of teeth, the speed increases. The torque gets stronger as the number of teeth gets further apart. When viewed in this light, switching gears is a moot point. It is applicable to any vehicle, any gear pitch, and any number of gear teeth.


That will be all regarding the Traxxas E-Revo upgrade. Hopefully, you have got the idea of upgrading your vehicle for suitable performance.

Do maintain your differential will regular oil changes and wear control.

See you soon.

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