Traxxas EZ Start Problems: Complete Troubleshoot Guide


Struggling to make your engine start with your Traxxas EZ Start? Been there quite a few times. 

While the problems with EZ Start can be really frustrating at times, they are not that hard to fix. If anything, you can actually avoid EZ Start problems if you do things right!

So, how do you troubleshoot Traxxas Ez start problems?

Replace your Traxxas EZ start battery if your EZ start is not responding to the throttle. Clear the excess fuel from the Engine if your EZ engine is flooded. You should replace worn-out EZ motors, or try holding the motor wires against a 9V battery terminal.

There are actually a lot more problems you can face with your Traxxas EZ start. And each of the issues has different troubleshooting steps. 

So let’s learn more about them.

Common Traxxas EZ Start Problems

When using a unique system like Traxxas EZ Start, you can expect unique problems to tag along with it. 

While some of the issues are very common, it might end up being hard to execute their troubleshooting on this device. 

That’s where I come in. With experience of working over 8+ years with different RC models, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve!

I’ve provided a detailed, helpful guide to help you troubleshoot your Traxxas EZ Start Issues.


Got no time to read long guides? No problem!

Here are the quick fixes to all the Traxxas EZ start problems!

Traxxas EZ Start ProblemsTroubleshooting
Traxxas EZ Start Battery ProblemsFully charge the EZ battery. Properly the EZ start.
EZ Start Motor Not TurningConnect the motor wires to their respective terminals. Replace damaged wires and worn-out motors.
EZ Start Turns But Engine Does Not RotateClean and lube the bearings. Replace any damaged bearing or stripped motors. 
Flooded EngineClean up the excess fuel from the engine.
Damaged Glow Plug WireTape the breaks in the blue glow plug wire shut. Replace badly damaged blue wire.

Still there? Good. Because I’m just getting started!

At the end of the troubleshooting guide, I got some really helpful tips to keep your Traxxas EZ Start in great condition. Don’t miss out!

With that said, let’s go through all the problems and their solutions one by one. 

EZ Start Battery Problems

A very common problem that a lot of EZ Start users run into is the battery problem. 

You allow users the flexibility to use Lipo, NiCd, or NiMH batteries as the Traxxas EZ Start battery. 

Unfortunately, EZ Start has a negative reputation for not being able to hold battery charges for too long. 

A weak battery won’t be able to spin the engine fast enough, let alone make it start. The battery won’t be capable enough to light the glow plug. 

Keeping the EZ Start inactive for a long period of time will gradually deplete the charge from the EZ Start battery. So you have to make sure to freshly charge the EZ Start battery before using your Traxxas EZ Start system. 

Now, how long does it take for EZ Start battery to charge?

A fast charger will fully charge a 1200mah EZ Start Battery within 15-20 minutes. A Trickle charger will take 6 hours to fully charge that same 1200mah battery. 

Well, that sure takes a lot of time with the trickle charge if you ask me!

However, some EZ start starter ends up experiencing fast battery drainage. And this can be really frustrating when it takes about a quarter of a day to fully charge one. 

Well, what makes Traxxas EZ Start batteries drain that fast?

Not properly grounding the EZ Start is responsible for killing the battery that quickly. Grounding the EZ Start ensures that the system is not leaking any excess energy, resulting in longer battery life.  

So if your batteries are dying rather fast, try checking the grounding and fix it. 

You can also use a glow plug igniter instead of an EZ start to start your engine. 

EZ Start Motor Not Turning

The motor is the heart of your EZ Start. And if it’s not working, that’s definitely not a good sign!

A loose motor connection will render your EZ Start unusable. Your EZ Start motor won’t start spinning if you have a loose motor wire connection. 

Look for the red and black wires between the EZ Start motor and the connector. Make sure that the red wire is connected to the motor terminal that is marked with a red dot. Similarly, connect the black wire to the opposite terminal.

Still not spinning?

Check if there’s any damage to the insulation of the red wire. A damaged red wire will let itself short against the chassis or engine.

And trust me, you don’t want any of that!

I advise replacing the damaged EZ start wire with a new one. That’s the safest option. 

But what if the motor is worn out?

It’s best to replace the worn-out motor with a new one. This detailed guide on identifying bad brushless motors can help! 


You can still check whether or not the EZ Start motor is working. Hold the red and black electric motor terminals against a 9v battery. If it spins normally, you can still get some use out of your EZ start motor!

I would also suggest you check your EZ Start wiring harness. If it’s damaged, replace it. 

EZ Start Turns But Engine Does Not Rotate

This is the problem where your EZ Start works just fine, but still fails to turn the engine on.

You can blame a number of reasons for that. Luckily, they can all be solved just as easily!

The first thing you should look for is whether the one-way bearing of EZ Start is slipping on the starter shaft. A slipping bearing will eventually keep the engine from turning over. 

Remove the EZ Start and clean and lube the bearings before installing them back. Damaged bearings should be replaced.

Damaged gears can be yet another reason for EZ Start failing to start the engine. 

Stripped gears in the EZ Start gearbox will fail to start up the engine. Clean the gearbox after taking off the old gear. 

You might find a few broken gear teeth while cleaning the gearbox. Get rid of the broken gear teeth and install new gears. 

Make sure that you apply a light silicone grease coating on the new gear teeth before installing it.

Flooded Engine

Yet another reason why your EZ Start won’t work effectively is due to a flooded engine. 

The engine will appear to be locked while attempting a start using the EZ Start if the engine is flooded. An engine that has been primed excessively during routine startup tends to get flooded. 

Here’s how you can clear a flooded engine:

  1. Take off the blue glow plug wire.
  2. Turn the model upside-down after plugging the EZ Start.
  3. Clear the excess fuel from the combustion chamber by pushing the EZ Start button for several seconds. 
  4. Reinstall the glow plug with the gasket.
  5. Connect the glow plug wire back to the model.
  6. Take the EZ Start and remove one of the motor wires.
  7. Push the EZ Start button again for a few seconds until it lights the glow plug and burns off residual fuels. 
  8. Reconnect the EZ Start motor back and press the Start button without priming the engine.

That will clear up the engine and will let the EZ Start trigger it immediately. 


Damaged EZ Start Glow Plug Wire

Inspect the blue wire connecting the glow plug to the EZ Start connector. Wear and tears in the insulation of the wire can make it short against the chassis or motor.

Tape the breaks in the wire tightly to close it. Repair or replace the blue glow plug wire. You can also use a protective tube over the blue wire to keep it safe from any form of damage. 

And that’s all the possible fixes I could gather for Traxxas EZ Start problems. Hopefully, you’ll now be able to fix any of the recurring issues with your EZ start by yourself.

Now it’s time to keep my promise. So here are some extra helpful segments that can help you with your EZ Start!

How to Properly Charge EZ Start Batteries?

Wait, seriously? Am I really going to tell you how you should charge your EZ Start device?

Well, yes! I am! And there’s good reason for it. 

To begin off, we’ll address the charging method. Yes, fast charging can save you a lot of time and can get your EZ Start battery up for action within a flash. 

But it also has its downside. 

See, fast chargers can never exactly get your battery charged to its maximum capacity. Moreover, it’s not a good option for you if battery longevity is your preference. 

I think it’s better if I let Marques Brownlee explain it to you.

The slower you charge your EZ Start battery, the longer you can expect it to last. And it also has a better chance of charging your battery to its maximum capacity.

I personally prefer using NiMH battery packs for my Traxxas Slash EZ. NiMH has one big advantage over NiCd—it takes no memory. 

Fast charging NiCd on a regular basis without letting them drop to a low enough capacity will make the battery decline. 

NiCd batteries can “remember” the charging pattern. And being constantly undercharged will make the battery deteriorate at a very fast rate. 

So my recommendation is to trickle charge EZ Start batteries to make them last longer. 

You can read our detailed coverage on checking NIMH battery health.

Traxxas EZ Start Alternatives

Tired of your Traxxas EZ start?

While the EZ Start can be quite handy to start your engine, its problems can make it really frustrating to use at times.

But don’t worry, there are other alternatives to EZ Start.

Using pull start and glow plug igniters can be a great substitute for EZ Start. 

With a pull-start, the operator needs to pull the grip to start the engine. The pull start unwinds the crankshaft to crank up the engine. 

You can also manually start your Traxxas EZ engine using a glow plug igniter.


How do you charge a Traxxas EZ Start?

Answer: For this, you will need a rechargeable battery. A NiCad or NiMH battery works best for this. You need to make sure that the charger is the one provided by the manufacturer. Don’t buy the charger and the batteries separately as a precaution.

How do I know if my Traxxas battery is bad?

Answer: Take the battery out and examine it closely. The battery should not have any nicks and it should not be swollen. If the battery is swollen it means, it won’t charge properly and needs to be replaced.

Why is my Traxxas EZ Start Charger not working?

Answer: Your EZ Start charger may have a broken circuit or your batteries are damaged. Simply check with new batteries and see if it’s charging. If that doesn’t work, it means you need a new charger.

Final Words

That’s all. Hope that answers all your questions regarding Traxxas EZ Start Problems.

Got any further queries? Why not leave a comment? I’ll try to reach back as soon as I get my hands clean from all this motor gunk!

Make sure to keep your EZ Start motor clean and check the gears once in a while.

Best of luck!

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