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Traxxas Hoss vs Maxx: Which One Is Worth The Money?

Traxxas Hoss and Maxx have made their mark in the RC market. There are several valid reasons for this. Both are all-purpose vehicles that may be utilized on and off the road. As a result, choosing between these two monsters is tough.

You might be wondering, who will win the battle between Traxxas Hoss vs Maxx?

Maxx has a slightly heavier body. There is a big difference between Hoss and Maxx when it comes to chassis. Hoss is easier at handling. They have the same maximum speed. If you take upgradability into account, Maxx is the pick. It’s more expensive.

These are only the gist of the differences. Still not satisfied? We’ve broken down the differences for you. 

Let’s jump right into business!

Traxxas Hoss vs Maxx: Basic Differences

Are you looking to get into competitive action? Then, no decision is going to be bigger than choosing the best RC rally.

You’ll need to know the fundamental differences between the two. If you are in a time crunch, the table that we have prepared will help-

Size 20.24 inches21.60 inches
Weight 2.9 kg4.9 kg
Ground Clearance2.75 inches1.92 inches
Top Speed60 mph60 mph
Tires5.3 inches5.5 inches
Height 8.34 inches9.12 inches
Runtime Up to 18 minutesUp to 20 minutes
Battery3S and 4SBoth 4S and 6S
PriceCheaperMore Expensive

From this table, we can already tell which one you might want. But wait, we’re not done yet!

Traxxas Hoss vs Maxx: Head-to-Head Battle

Taking a look at this discussion is recommended before buying a car. The light at the end of the tunnel will be a lot clearer.

Build Quality and Appearance

Although the Hoss and Maxx look to be the same size, they are not. The Traxxas Maxx is a bigger and heavier model than the Traxxas Hoss.

The two bodies are beautifully designed. They have all of the components that make an RC vehicle strong. Such as the wheelie bar and body mounts.

Colors are another distinguishing feature that helps you to determine which one is which. Hoss typically has a green and blue body with a big HOSS printed on the side. 

The Maxx is available in popular orange and blue colors. There is a large MAXX printed on the side.


Chassis is the backbone of any RC car. It must be extremely robust, especially if it’s an off-road monster truck.

Hoss and Maxx both have a metallic chassis. However, there is quite a lot of difference between the chassis of Hoss and Maxx. Maxx’s ground clearance is 1.92 inches.  Hoss’s ground clearance is 2.75 inches. This means Maxx has improved aerodynamics, and traction. Has less chance of flipping over, too.

You should always get your RC the best steering servo available. So that it isn’t completely vulnerable. Otherwise, the engines will become filthy.

Are you looking to upgrade your engines? Here are two of our best nitro engines-

Product 1Product 2

We can now carry on with the differences. 


When your RC does not steer how you want it to, it can be inconvenient. If you try to drive a car with poor handling violently, it will overturn. That’s why many people prefer good handling over other aspects. In the case of Traxxas revo and tmaxx we see the same. 

Hoss is lighter than Maxx, so it has an advantage when it comes to handling. You will especially notice this in the air.

This is why many beginners start their journeys with Hoss. It’s more stable and easier to control.


Traxxas Maxx often employs a 4s Lipo battery. If you want additional speed and power, you may upgrade to the 6s. Traxxas Hoss runs on 3s, but it can be upgraded to 4s as well.

It’s very important to take proper care of your RC’s battery. Otherwise, it may die. If that happens, you’ll need to depuff a Li-Po battery.

Maxx can afford a more powerful battery. This is why it has a slightly higher runtime than Hoss. You may use it for up to 20 minutes. 

There is little difference because Hoss will last up to 18 minutes. All you need to do is upgrade the battery from 2s to 3s. 

Maxx uses a very powerful 5000 mAh battery while Hoss can support up to 3500 mAh. Both RCs also support NiMh batteries as well. 


Traxxas Rcs are well-known for their durability and these two are no exception. Their vehicles are designed for off-road racing and bashing.

Upgraded body and suspension kits improve durability. It costs a lot of money to make your automobile robust.

Maxx is bigger which means it has more room for upgrades. This makes it more durable as well.

Cooling System

Because of the existence of BEC circuits in ESCs, it generates a lot of heat. You’ll need a good cooling system to keep your RC car motor cool.

Both vehicles include a large heatsink as a form of defense to this issue. If you want to cool it down even further, you may buy a cooling fan.


Speed is probably the most sought-after factor when it comes to RCs. Who doesn’t like a fast, speedy vehicle?

If you are wondering about Hoss and Maxx’s top speed, it’s the same at 60 mph. This is possible because of the extremely powerful brushless motors being used.


Price is another huge factor buyers take into account. Because it’s a game-changer even for the comparison between SCX10 and Axial Wraith.

You’ll need to spend an extra $80 if you want to buy Maxx. It’s available for $450 in your nearest RC stores. If budget is your issue, you can get Hoss for around $370.

Remember, you will need to spend extra if you are willing to upgrade your RC. Keep that cost into consideration as well. 


After this comparison, it appears that both RC vehicles are excellent. There is very little difference between the two.

Traxxas Maxx is a better choice for beginners than Hoss. Are you an RC veteran and you are looking for a wicked vehicle? Maxx is the way to go. 

You can’t go wrong with both the cars even though Maxx is slightly ahead. It all comes down to personal choice. 


Question: What is the difference between 2s and 3s Li-Po batteries?

Answer: The 3s Lipo rotates at about 38850 RPM. The 2s, on the other hand, only spin at 25900 RPM. So, if you have a greater voltage, you will travel quicker.

Question: Will Maxx’s tire fit on a Hoss?

Answer: No, it won’t. The Hoss’ steering axle is smaller than Maxx’s. In addition, the arms are smaller. It cannot accommodate larger tires.

Question: How will I know if my Traxxas Hoss motor is broken?

Answer: When the motor fails, the entire vehicle comes to a standstill. The servo ceases to function and begins to burn.


And that is all we have for today. Hope you got your answer when it comes to Traxxas Hoss vs Maxx. 

Your mind should be a little less cluttered now. Did we help you decide which one you are going to buy? 

Have fun and drive safely. Until next time, take care.

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