Traxxas M41 Problems

Traxxas M41 Problems [Easy Troubleshooting Guide]

Is your Traxxas M41 encountering various issues? We understand why it’s frustrating. Being confronted with these problems is a difficult situation to be in. We’ve got you covered with the solutions.

So, what exactly are the most common Traxxas M41 problems?

For starters, you may notice that your Traxxas M41 Steering servo isn’t working properly. A poor battery will also result in your Traxxas M41 malfunctioning. Furthermore, there can be leakage issues that can be blamed for your M41 problems.

These are the basic problems that you may face with Traxxas M41. However, if you want to know more, you’ll have to follow us along.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Traxxas M41 Troubleshooting at a Glance

For those who don’t have time to go through the entire article, here’s a quick look into the problems and their possible solution. 

Traxxas M41 ProblemsTroubleshooting
Battery ProblemsRe-install the battery, Check the circuit board, Check battery wiring, and Replace the battery if needed
Water Level IssueInsert transom drain plug, Replace the plug. Inspect the M41 for holes. Fix the holes with glue if needed
Engine IssuesExamine the loop for obstructions, Check the cooling & exhaust system for hose bursts. Replace hoses & clamps if needed. Replace the engine
Propeller IssuesClean the propeller, Check the propeller for any bent flaps. Check for rubber bushing in the hub. 
Steering Servo IssuesSecure the servo cable. Waterproof the servo.

Well, if you’re still here, I got a surprise for you by the end of the article. For now, though, let’s start by getting into the details. 

Traxxas M41 Problems: 5 Common Problems With Solutions

Traxxas M41 is an RC boat with complex issues. Fortunately, though, these complex issues have comparatively simple solutions.

An Image of Traxxas M41 zooming through the water
Source: RC Newb

You could run into a slew of issues. The following are among the most common problems you’re likely to face-

M41 Battery Issues

The Traxxas M41 faces quite a few battery issues. However, most of the issues take a toll on the battery life. 

Traxxas M41s battery life is typically around 30-90 minutes. You simply will not get that time out of your battery if it’s facing these issues-

  • The M41’s battery refuses to charge.
  • The device displays an incorrect battery percentage.  
  • The battery may drain quickly at times.

Furthermore, these also point to a potential battery transmitter issue. Don’t worry! Here are the simple solutions I’ve prepared for these issues. 


Reconnecting the battery, replacing the circuit board, and replacing the battery solves Traxxas M41 battery problems most of the time. 

These are the organized solutions that are guaranteed to work for your Traxxas M41 battery- 

  • Reconnect the battery: The first thing you should do is to unplug and re-plug the battery.

    Verify that your battery is actually charging. You need to take out the Traxxas M41 battery and plug it in the dock to charge it.

    If this is the case, keep in mind that it may only be a short term solution. Furthermore, You can also use a voltmeter to test the battery and make comparisons.
  • Diagnosing the circuit board: It’ll be a good idea if you take apart the circuit board. In that way, you’ll be able to diagnose if it needs any fixing.

    Circuit boards have chips. If that burns out, the Traxxas battery won’t charge. The solution, in that case, is to replace the circuit board. 
  • Dead Battery: There’s a possibility the battery might already be dead. If that happens, you can try charging a dead battery.

    However, the ultimate solution to this problem is to replace the battery for a new one like the Traxxas 2857x.

    Also, check if the wires connected to the battery didn’t get detached. Reconnect them just to be sure all the connections are secure. 
  • Faulty battery receiver: Finally, a faulty battery receiver misreports battery percentage and will show you the wrong numbers for the battery. Replacing it is the easiest fix. 

If it was a problem with your battery, these simple solutions will fix it for you. The next issue is a bit more complex. 

Water Level Issues

When your RC boat’s bilge pump begins straining under workload, it’ll feel heavier than usual. It also starts sinking. If that happens, that’s a sign of unchecked water in the Traxxas M41. 


Treat water level issues immediately as these could kill your boat. Here are the possible solutions-

  • Insert transom drain plug: First, consider the possibility that you simply forgot to insert the transom drain plug. Now, this may seem to be obvious. However, It’s a common occurrence and it’ll hamper your work.

    If you’ve entered it and the water is still getting in, you’ll need to replace the drain plug. Repairing them won’t be a good idea because the drain plug is now compromised.
  • Inspect the M41 body: You should always inspect M41 for any holes before taking it out into the water. If you find some, apply some marine glue or sealant to the blemish.

    Finally, you can test it in water to see if you glued it correctly. By the way, resolving water level problems can also help a Traxxas blast to go at its top speed. 

With that out of the way, let’s deal with the worst kind of problems you can face with the Traxxas M41, the engine issues. 

M41 Engine Issues

Watching your engine temperature gauge steadily rise without rest is unsettling to say the least. 

An Image of Traxxas M41 Engine
Source: Traxxas

That points to a potential burst hose in your engine’s cooling and exhaust system. But Set your concerns aside, the solutions to this one are simple. 


Here are the solutions that worked for most M41s with engine problems- 

  • Examine the Engine for burst hose: Engine overheats due to insufficient water flow in the boat’s cooling loop. Examine your loop for obstructions and flush it out through the intake.

    Is there a burst hose in the cooling and exhaust system? Then, turn off your engine and replace the hoses and clamps with a spare set.

    If that isn’t possible, you can reduce the size of the end fitting. Alternatively, wrap the split section in tape for a more temporary solution.
  • Replace the Engine: If your engine still doesn’t work even after undergoing repairs, consider getting a new one.  You should always get the top quality nitro engine for RC.

    If you ask me, the INJORA 550 motor does wonders for the Traxxas M41. It is better than the Velineon 540XL motor Traxxas M41 comes with. 

That should do it for the engines. Here comes the propeller side of things. 

M41 Propeller Problems

If the Traxxas M41 propeller is increasingly vibrating as you accelerate your RC, something is wrong with it.

But first things first, You should learn how to check RC boat’s propellers first. You might come across issues like bent or broken propellers. 


Once you’re sure of the problems, now it’s time to move on to the solutions- 

  • Clean the propeller: Defected prop blades might bend your boat’s streamlining as it slices through the water. Examine your prop for minor distortions and objects snagged in the blades.

    If you find anything, carefully remove the debris. Check if any of the propellers are out of shape.
  • Inspect the hub: Finally, inspect the rubber bushing inside the hub for slippage. If this is the case, you may notice a loss of power. In cases like these, it is best to seek professional assistance.
  • Replace the propeller: This is the final solution. Replacing the propeller will do the job for you if the other solutions don’t.

    A Hot Racing SPN1000MH propeller will work fine for your Traxxas M41. 

This youtube video goes a little deeper on the M41 propeller issues and their fixes. Hope it helps you. 

That being said, I’ll now talk about the last solution I have for you. 

M41 Steering Servo Problem

A servo is among the most crucial parts of your RC boat. You won’t be able to steer the boat if steering servos stop working. 

An Image of Traxxas M41 Steering Servo
Source: Traxxas

One issue can be your servos might lose connection with the receiver. Another example is the ESC could be faulty. 


These issues cripple the boat effectively, so here are the quick solutions you can use to fix these-

  • Secure servo connections: The first step is to ensure that the servo cable is properly hooked up. You should also ascertain that none of the wires are compromised.

    First, unplug the receiver’s connector that is connected to the channel. And then reconnect it.

    Does the servo operate normally on a different channel? If so, the servo failure is caused by the receiver.
  • Replace the receiver: So, if the root of the issue is the receiver, simply replacing it will get your M41 back to striding. 
  • Replace the steering servo: If the problem is not in the receiver itself, then it’s a bad servo you’re dealing with.

    Unfortunately, there is no way of dealing with a bad servo aside from replacing it. From what I know, the Traxxas 2085X is an excellent replacement for your servo. 

Lastly, waterproofing a servo will do you a bunch of good since the water might damage them.

With that, I’m now done with the solutions. But for those who stayed with the article till now, here’s a bonus segment. 

Traxxas M41 Maintenance

As a bonus, I’ll make sure you don’t have to troubleshoot your Traxxas M41 in the first place. 

An Image of Traxxas M41 internals
Source: Hobby Media

Here’s a guide on maintaining the Traxxas M41-

Post-Session Maintenance

These are the things you need to follow after each session of using your Traxxas M41-

  • Make sure the motor is completely dry. Wipe away any liquid you see on it. 
  • Lubricate the motor bearings with light oil. 
  • You should oil the flex cable every three runs. The oil is included in the packaging of the Traxxas M41. 
  • Secure all of the screws just to be safe. 
  • Disconnect and remove all the batteries from both the boat and the transmitter after you’re done using them. 

Another part of maintaining your Traxxas M41 is centering the servo. I’ll talk a little about that. 

Centering the Servo

Whenever you remove your radio system for service or cleaning, you must re-center the steering servo before re-installing the radio system. 

  • If you’ve already installed the radio system, disconnect the servo horn from the servo.
  • Then connect the steering servo to channel 1 on your receiver and the electronic speed control to channel 2.
  • Place new AA batteries in your transmitter and turn it on.
  • Make sure to turn the TSM off. 
  • Then you want to turn the steering rim and throttle adjustments to the center position.
  • Before connecting the battery packs to the electronic speed control, make sure nothing is near the propeller. The servo will automatically jump to its center position.
  • You can now install the servo horn without any issues. 
  • Be careful not to move the servo shaft when installing the linkages. Finally, just to be safe, readjust the electronic speed control.

And Voila! Your servo should now be centered. If you follow these guidelines, you will not face any Traxxas M41 issues in the short run at least. Wear and tear can do a number still. 

Now that I’ve solved all the issues. Now, I’ll now answer some of the frequently asked questions before concluding the article. 


Why won’t my Traxxas M41 accelerate?

Your Traxxas M41 won’t because of carbon debris in the exhaust port. The spark arrestor on your boat might also have debris. Cleaning these areas will likely fix the issue. Maintain caution throughout the process.

How do I limit my damage to M41?

You should inspect the M41 thoroughly to limit your damage. Defects such as broken axles are obvious. However, worn seals and tiny punctures will necessitate a more thorough inspection.

How do I improve M41’s battery life?

You can improve the M41’s battery life by keeping the batteries cool. Please give them a 20-minute break after they’re drained before charging. The battery should not be used after it has been discharged to 85% or overcharged.


This concludes my comprehensive guide on Traxxas M41 problems.

Was this guide helpful at all? Or are some issues still persisting through all of the solutions? Let me know in the comments below. 

That being said, see you again soon. Good luck!

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