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Traxxas Maxx Tire Size: A Complete Guide

Customizing an RC can be really troublesome. There are a million different parts, which also have millions of different sizes. And the Traxxas Tire Sizes can be really confusing. 

So, what is the traxxas maxx tire size?

Traxxas Maxx comes in 2.2 – 2.4, 2.6 – 2.8, 3.2 – 3.8”, and above 4 inches. Different sizes of tires are required for different customization. Also, the size of the tire can increase performance in different terrain. But not all tires can fit one RC. 

So, that was a quick look at the different tire sizes. But wait! There are more details for you to learn about. Below we have discussed in detail the different tire sizes. Let’s jump right into that!

What are the Sizes of Traxxas Max RC?

Traxxas maxx tires and wheels come in different sizes. And according to the size of the RC, each size of the tire matters. Also, depending on where you drive, the tire size can come in handy.

Traxxas maxx tires and wheels
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Based on the scale of the RC, the suitable tire size varies. Here’s an overview of the tire sizes for different Traxxas Maxx versions:

2.2-2.42.6-2.83.2-3.8Above 4 inches
Suitable RC1:10 Traxxas Maxx Buggy1:10 Short Course Traxxas Maxx1:8 Traxxas MaxxTraxxas X-Maxx

Below we have discussed 4 different tire sizes for traxxas maxx. We have mentioned both pros and cons of each of the tire sizes. So that you can understand the tire sizes properly. 

So, let’s get started!

2.2 – 2.4 Inches:

The 2.2 to 2.4 tire sizes are not very common these days. Back in the days monster trucks used to be smaller. And with smaller monster trucks, came smaller tires. It’s really hard to get your hand on these as well. 

You can use these tires on your old or retro series of the traxxas max. Since Traxxas has been making RCs for a while, they have come a long way. Now like everything, the RC trucks are big as well. 

2.6 – 2.8 Inches:

These sizes of tires are used in 1:10 Size RC trucks. This is the most common size out of all. The 2.6 inches tires are still used in the older versions of the RC. but the newer monster trucks use 2.8 inches tires. These are best tires for traxxas maxx 4s

You might find some similarities with the tire sizes of Traxxas Rustler. Since these tire sizes are really common. These are the best tires for traxxas maxx. 

Since these are the most common sizes, often these size tires can be used on a general basis. So, it’s fine if you just beginning with RC and learning about tires. These are no-brainers and you can get these tires really easily. 

3.2 – 3.8 Inches:

The 3.2 to 3.8 inches tires are considered quite big for even monster trucks. Usually, these tires are used on 1:8 scale Traxxas Maxx. These tires are good for achieving high speed. But these tires are not good for acceleration.

best tires for traxxas maxx

So, with these tires, it can take a minute to jump to higher speeds. But with smaller tires, you cannot get high speeds. Also, with these sizes of tires, the outer diameter of the tire can largely differ. This can be a traxxas maxx tire upgrade. 

Above 4 Inches:

These tires are only used in big Traxxas Maxx. Especially, the Traxxas X-Maxx. These tires are so big that you cannot even use them in smaller RCs. The 4-inch tires are best if you’re looking for traxxas maxx 4s tire upgrade. 

But these tires are really good for off-roading. Also, the tires look really rough and tough, so they can easily stick to any terrain. Often these are known as, ​​traxxas maxx 2 8 tires. 

But, always remember to glue your tires. No matter what size of tire you are using, you need to glue them. Otherwise, they can come right off. If you are looking for the glue to stick tires, check the links below.


Both of these glues are great for use in any size of RC tires. Also, always remember to clean your RC after a tough fight with your buddies in the mud. 

Now, that was everything about the different tire sizes of Traxxas Maxx. 

Different Tires Mounts

Let’s just say you go your tires. But you cannot just push them in and go for a ride. You need to make sure the tires are hooked in properly. And the mounting methods can differ on the basis of the tire size. 

Below we have elaborated on the common tire mount sizes. So, let’s begin!

12 mm Hex:

The 12 mm hex mount is the most common mount. But you can only find this mount in smaller RCs. the bigger RCs require bigger tires. And bigger tires require much stronger mounts. 

Cause otherwise, the tires can come right off the wheels. 

14 mm Hex:

What size rims are used for 14mm hex mount?

Usually, the 14 mm hex mount goes with 3.2 or 3.6 inches rims. Also, these mounts are used in the bigger version of Traxxas Maxx. usually, 1:10 size RCs use these mounts. With the 3.2 or 3.6 inches rims, you need to use bigger tires. So you have to use 3.2 or 3.8-inch ties with the 3.2 or 3.6-inch wheels. 

17 mm Hex:

In often cases the 1:8 scale Traxxas Maxx uses this mount. There is a major difference in this mount, in comparison to other mounts. The difference is the mounting nuts are quite big. Also, the holes for it and the axle in the rims are quite big. 

So, this mount is particularly made for bigger RCs. also, these are perfect for traxxas maxx belted tires 17mm. 

In search of the best Tire mount of each size? We got them listed for you:

12mm HexCheck Price
14mm HexCheck Price
17mm HexCheck Price

We provided the best deals you can get from Amazon and Aliexpress combined. Choose your preferred mount size!

traxxas maxx belted tires 17mm
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Bearing Mounting:

Sometimes not all wheels are the same in RCs. people love to customize their RCs. and in that case, you might need to use this mount. 

This mount is used on the front wheels of the rear-wheel-drive RC. But nowadays you can find these mounts only from the manufacturer. Also, these mounts are 24 mm hex sizes. 

If you’re wondering how to mount wheels on RC? It’s really easy. Glue the tires to the wheels and use the nuts to tighten the tires. 

So, that was everything about the different mounting methods of an RC. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Glue Traxxas Maxx Tires? 

To glue Traxxas Maxx ties, firstly, apply glue inside the tires and put the foam in. then apply glue on the wheels and stretch the tires onto the wheels. Let the glue dry before you use the RC.

What Are the Normal Tire Sizes for RC?

The stock tires come in 160mm. The outer diameter of the tires is 6.3 inches. The “s” rated tires are 0.5 inches smaller than the stock tires. But the diameter of these tires is the same as the stock tires. 

Are Traxxas Maxx Paddle Tires Good for Off-Roading?

Yes, the Traxxas Maxx paddle tires are good for off-roading. The paddle tires have paddle-like grips on the tires. These are kind of the best tires for off-roading. Since these tires can get a really good grip, they can easily get hold of the ground. 


So, that was everything you need to know about traxxas maxx tire size. 

Always make sure the tires are properly glued to the wheel. Otherwise, the tires can go elsewhere while you are driving. 

Have fun with your RC!

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