Traxxas Revo vs Tmaxx

Traxxas Revo vs Tmaxx- Which is the Better RC Truck?


Traxxas is every RC enthusiast’s go-to brand. However, they have too many products. So, naturally choosing the right RC truck from Traxxas may get intimidating.

So, which RC truck should you choose when it comes to Traxxas Revo vs Tmaxx

Between Traxxas Revo and Tmaxx, the Revo has skid plates. Whereas the steering servo of the Tmaxx is completely open and vulnerable. The Traxxas Revo also has a wider stance and higher suspension. On top of that, the Revo has an in-board shock system which the Tmaxx lacks.  Finally, the Revo has an Optidrive feature which cannot be seen in the Tmaxx.

Well, this is nothing but a fraction of the whole scenario. Stay with us if you wish to know more in detail. 

Traxxas Revo vs Tmaxx: Primary Differences

Knowing primary differences will make it easy to understand the in-depth comparison. For example, you can’t compare Traxxas Maxx and Hoss, if you know nothing about them. 

So, we’ve made a little table for you to understand easily – 

AttributesTraxxas RevoTraxxas T-Maxx
Shock SystemIn-boardTraditional
Stance Wider Narrower
Ground Clearance108mm106mm
Shock Shaft Hardened Steel with Titanium Nitride coatingTraditional Steel
Weight (No Fuel) 4.69kg4.53kg
Handling GreatDecent 
Fuel Tank Capacity150cc125cc
Top Speed 45+ mph45+ mph
Optidrive YesNo
Brake SystemImpressiveDecent

Does the table help you understand which one is better? If not, it’s alright. It’ll become easier once we have an in-depth discussion. 

Traxxas Revo vs Tmaxx: In-Depth Comparison 

Now that you had a quick look at the whole comparison, let’s begin comparing each of the attributes in detail. 


Both the Traxxas Revo and the Tmaxx come with a metallic chassis. As the chassis holds everything in a car or truck it needs to be really tough. So, in this regard both the trucks have appropriate chassis.

However, Tmaxx does not have any protection for its steering servo mechanism. It is completely open and vulnerable. The engines can also get dirty because of it. 

On the contrary, the Revo has skid plates for all of its components including the steering servo. This means there’s very little chance that components will get damaged if the car crashes. It’s also great protection against water and mud.

The chassis of Revo is also raised to provide a ground clearance of 108mm. Whereas, the Tmaxx has a ground clearanace of 106mm.

Even though the Traxxas Tmaxx looks like a big truck its only 1/10th scale of a truck.

Which Truck Has the Better Chassis?

Even though both the Traxxas Revo and the Tmaxx have metallic chassis, only the Revo has skid plates. As a result, it makes the Revo more safer. So, the Revo wins by a longshot in chassis comparison. 

Suspension and Shock System

Between the Revo and the Tmaxx, the Revo has a higher suspension and a wider stance. Revo also has an in-board shock system which allows even more suspension travel that the Tmaxx lacks. 

In-board shock system are some titanium plated shocks that last very long. A good RC shock is always necessary for a good suspension system. 


On the other hand, the T Maxx isn’t anything special. Its traditional shock system and good shock tower provide decent suspension travel. It also has a comparatively narrower stance and a decent suspension. 

In easy words, a good suspension or shock system ensures how many bumps a vehicle can absorb. So, it’s going to be our top priority here since we’re comparing two off-road trucks.

Which Truck Has a Better Shock System?

The Traxxas Revo is the clear winner in the shock category. It has an inboard shock system which allows even more suspension. The Tmaxx on the other hand, doesn’t have this feature.

Shock Shaft and Reverse

Unlike Tmaxx, the Revo has hardened steel as a shock shaft coated in Titanium Nitride. This allows even smoother shock performance. 

It also enlarges the shaft’s lifespan. The hardened steel provides more resistance to prevent bending. 

However, it can also be installed in the Tmaxx but has to be bought separately. 

Along with the shock shaft the traxxas revo 3.3 also have reverse. By pressing the red shift button the shift servo should pull the shift shaft fork in the reverse.

The Traxxas Tmaxx also has a well functioning reverse system.

Which Truck Has the Better Shock Shaft?

As the Revo comes with a built in shock shaft its the winner here. You can also buy a shock shaft for your Tmaxx but you need to get that separately.

Top Speed

The top speed of both the Traxxas Revo and the Tmaxx is 45+mph. So, there isn’t really a difference between the two trucks when it comes to top speed.

If your only criteria for an RC is it’s speed then you can choose either of these two and have a great time.

However keep in mind that different variations of these models may have different top speeds. Now, you may wonder how fast is traxxas E Revo?

The Traxxas E Revo can go as fast as to 70+ mph. So, when it comes to top speed this model of Traxxas Revo is way faster than the other models.

Which Truck Has Higher Top Speed?

Its a tie when it comes to top speed between the Traxxas Revo and the Tmaxx.

Fuel Capacity and Weight

Unlike a Tmaxx, the Revo weighs more while providing almost the same top speed. It also has a fuel capacity of 150cc which guarantees longer sessions. 

On the other hand, the weight of the Tmaxx is 4.53kg which is lower than the weight of the Revo. Consequently, the Tmaxx also has a lower fuel capacity of 125cc. So, you can’t enjoy long RC sessions with the Tmaxx.


For an off-road monster truck, weight is really important. It can help stay a car stable. The Revo’s extra weight improves the truck’s center of gravity which affects stability

Which Truck Has More Fuel Capacity and Weight?

The Traxxas Revo truck has a higher weight with a higher fuel capacity. So, when it comes to stability the Revo is the clear winner here.

Optidrive and Brake System

The Traxxas Revo has a great brake system that synergizes with Optidrive. It’s a simple brake system but can stop the truck really fast. The Optidrive is a new addition to the Traxxas line of monster trucks and the Revo has it pre-installed. 

However, the Tmaxx doesn’t have the Optidrive pre-installed. You have to install this system through upgrades separately. This can mark up the price of the Tmaxx by a lot.

The Optidrive allows you to have a lighter transmission with fewer moving parts. It reduces the overall inertial mass which provides better torque handling. 

Which Truck Has the Better Brake System?

The Traxxas Revo has the Optidrive installed making its brake system much better. You can install the Optidrive to Tmaxx separately but it can get quite complicated.


When it comes to accessories both the Traxxas Revo and Tmaxx has options for a host of different accessories. Starting from chassis to drive shafts, you can find almost all sorts of accessories for the two trucks.

However, Traxxas Revo has more accessories to choose from. Some of the accessories that you can get to improve the performance of your Traxxas Revo truck are given below:

Getting any one of these will improve the performance of your trucks by a lot.

Even though Traxxas Tmaxx has less accessories available for them there are a few key ones nonetheless:

These are some of the best additions to your Traxxas Tmaxx.

If you were wondering whether to get a waterproof coating for your Tmaxx then rest assured bacause you don’t need one! The Traxxas Tmaxx are absolutely waterproof. They are fully protected with the Traxxas’ innovative waterproofing.

Which Truck Has the Most Accessories available?

The Traxxas Revo has more accessories available comparatively that’s why its the winner here. However, that doesn’t mean that Tmaxx doesn’t have enough accessories.

Final Verdict: Which Truck is Worth Getting?

And that’s it. These are all the factors you have to worry about while choosing one. 

By now you have realized that the Revo wins against a Tmaxx in every single category. However, they are very expensive compared to the Tmaxx. Getting a Revo can cost you anywhere from $500-$600.

So, is Traxxas Revo worth it?

With an amazing suspension system and pre-installed Optidrive, the Traxxas Revo is worth every penny. Don’t get me wrong Revo is pretty pricey. But the features that you’d be getting with it are some of the best.

Don’t be too sad if the Revo seems too pricey to you. For a price of around $430-$500 you can get yourself a Tmaxx. Now, you may wonder is getting the T-max worth it?

If you want a budget-friendly truck then T-maxx is a great option. The T-Maxx is a really strong and versatile monster truck. 

You can always upgrade a T-Maxx later if you want to. But if you want everything in a truck, get a Traxxas Revo. 


Is Traxxas Revo Waterproof? 

Normally yes, Traxxas Revo is waterproof. However, with usage, metals become rusty. You can use cleaning agents to keep it rustproof. 

What Fuel does the Traxxas Use? 

According to Traxxas’s recommendation, they use the Top Fuel. However, this doesn’t mean others are inferior. You can use other fuels such as Power Master, Omega, and Blue Thunder. 


And that concludes our discussion on Traxxas Revo vs Tmaxx. We really hope this has helped you understand the differences.  So hopefully, you have a much better idea now. 

So, which one is better considering the prices? Which one would you buy? 

Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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