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A Complete Guideline on Traxxas Rustler Tire Size


Getting suitable tires for your RC cars is a tedious task. And, if it’s the Traxxas rustler, you might get bothered in searching for the right tires for rustlers. Therefore you might be interested to know about the sizes of tire sizes. 

So, you might ask, how to pick the right Traxxas rustler tire size

Well, Traxxas rustler tires vary depending on the width and diameter. The range of width fluctuates between 2.2”- 4.3”. But 2.8” widths are commonly used for rustlers. However, the right tires need the right choice of wheels for better performance.

We’ve only given you the brief of the whole guide. If you’re not satisfied, don’t fret. We’ve gathered everything to answer each query you have.

So why are you waiting? Let’s get into the business. 

Things To Consider While Choosing The Right Tire Size

You might be wondering why we’re discussing wheels and mounting points. It’s because buying tires from different manufacturers has some points to ponder. And, that includes the dimensions and the mounting method of the wheel. 

Another important fact- wheel offset indicates the distance of the hex hub to axles. It helps us to know which surface our rustler will run better on. So we need to be careful while choosing suitable tires for the rustler. 

Rim Size

A wheel consists of two parts namely wheel discs and rims. The outermost cylindrical edge where the tire is engaged is called the rim. And the disc is the connecting point between the rim and axle hub.

And did you know that rim sizes state the tire sizes? Yes, you heard it right. The tire size is determined by the size of the rims. 

So, whenever we are talking about tire size, we’re concerned about the rim size. 

Mounting point

Placing tires over rims and installing them with the axles is called mounting.  

Multiple types of mounting points like hex mount, pin mount, etc are available. Among those mounts is the most common practice. But you can choose the suitable one depending on the car you have. 

That’s why while buying rims or tires checkout the mounting points. Otherwise, you might suffer from incompatible mounts you bought. 

However, installing RC tires is different from that of real cars. Gluing the RC tires is one of the essential parts of installing tires. Venting and mounting tires also include the technical skills needed for the tire installments. If you’ve studied the fundamentals, you can proceed to the next step.

Know Your Traxxas Rustler Tire Size

The most important factor to understand tire size is to measure the diameter and the width. These two parameters make the difference in tires’ dimensions. However, the scale of your RC trucks will also determine which tire will suit them. 

Additionally, your choice of tire will vary depending on the usage of your rustler. You might use your rustler for racing or bashing. If you’re interested in racing then if you have points to consider. For instance, drifting is an important part of racing. So while buying tires you must check the perfect size and good drift capacitance tires

Well, if you got these points let’s start our discussion.

Step 1: Find The Dimension of Tires

In most cases, we focus on the width of tires. These widths range from 2.2-4.3 inches. But bigger tires are not always recommended. Because front tires rub against the body when turning and create severe damages. 

However, the above-mentioned range isn’t eligible for rustlers. Only two varieties of tires are accepted in Traxxas rustlers. 2.2 and 2.8 inches tires are the recommended ones. New rustlers are packed with 2.8 inches alias ribbed front and rear tires. 

Regardless of the width, most of the tire’s dimensions are 4.4’’ (inches). So you have nothing to worry about the diameters.

Proper RC tires and rims dictate your decision on which terrain your truck can runoff. So always care about not only the sizes but also the proper quality of tires. 

Step 2: Pick The Right Scale

To sort out the suited tires, the scale of your RC trucks is a vital concern. The scale of an RC truck means an authentic, realistic replica in body styling, and performance. 

Commonly the rustler comes in 1:10 in terms of scale. So whenever you buy new tires make sure to check the scale of those tires. Otherwise, it’ll result in incompatible tires though the dimension matched your criteria. 

Also, consider the mount point carefully. The most common mounting methods are 12 mm and 14 mm hexes. However, in rustler, the 12 mm hexes are in use by default. You can also use the 14mm hexes. But you’ll need an additional hex hub converter to make it compatible with your rustler. 

To buy prizewinning tires for rustlers, follow the list below. It’ll save you time and cost a lot for sure.

Product 1
Product 2

However, you should also check the model of rustler before buying new tires. Different rustler models have diverse functionality. And so, their tires and their structures also vary with respective models.


Question: Is the front and rear tire size the same for rustlers?

Answer: Yes. In Traxxas rustler front and rear tires are the same in configuration. But you may find different treads in tires as it’s useful for different terrains. 

Question: Can you convert a 2wd rustler to 4wd?

Answer: Yes. Using a stampede 4×4 kit you can convert your 2wd(two-wheel car) to 4wd. A 2wd car means only the front or the rear wheel executes the power at once. It is actuated by the engine and transmission only.

Question: Will slash tires fix for the rustler?

Answer: Yes. Slash tires have the same hex mounts as the rustler. However, you might consider the change of rims as they are mismatched for rustlers. 


Well, that’s all from us about Traxxas rustler tire size. We hope you’ve got your query answered. Now you can decide your desired pair of tires accurately. 

Best of luck with your ride. And, don’t forget to convey your opinions in the comment box below.

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