Traxxas Slash 1/16 vs 1/10

Traxxas Slash 1/16 vs 1/10: Which Is Better?


There is a highly heated debate going on in the RC world. Both 1/10 and 1/16 users will strive to justify their vehicles. It’s totally understandable if you are completely lost.

The big question is which one should you choose between Traxxas Slash 1/16 vs 1/10?

The Traxxas Slash 1/10 has a maximum top speed of 60+mph, whereas the 1/16 can only top 25+mph. 1/10 is also much faster and has better battery life. If you’re looking for build quality, both are pretty much the same. 1/16 has a lower chassis and is more affordable. Between both, 1/10 has a wider stance and a lower suspension.

This is only a small part of the conversation. Continue reading if you want to learn more in-depth.

Have some time on your hand? Let’s get this started!

Traxxas Slash 1/16 vs 1/10: Primary Differences

If you are wondering, the scale does matter when it comes to RC cars. If you’re confused about how big your 1/16 scale car is, you’re not alone. 

Understanding the basic differences will help you go a long way in making a decision.

We’re aware you may not have a lot of time on your hands. Keeping that in mind, we’ve prepared a little table for you- 

Dimension15.2 x 9 x 7.6 inches9.3 x 12.1 x 24.9 inches
Top Speed25 mph +60 mph +
Battery 2S Battery 2S and 3S battery
Upgradable LowHigh
Height4.92 inches (125mm)7.60 inches (193mm)
Weight 1 kg2.16 kg
Length 14 inches12.6 inches
Runtime20 + minutes15 + minutes

 We hope you have a fundamental understanding of each of them. Let’s now go to the thorough comparison-

Traxxas Slash 1/16 vs 1/10: In-Depth Comparison

Choosing the best RC car can be a very tricky process at times. This is why our thorough comparison will help you make the best possible decision. 


If racing is your main priority, the top speed is one of the most important factors you will be looking for.

When it comes to top speed, Traxxas Slash 1/10 possesses double the top speed of Traxxas Slash 1/16. The Traxxas Slash 1/10 can reach a top speed of 60mph or more. On the other hand, you can reach a maximum of about 30 mph with your Traxxas Slash 1/16.

The very strong 3500kv brushless motor of 1/10 makes sure that it produces top-quality performance. Although the 1/16 motor employs a decent Velineon 380, it’s not as powerful.

You can select any of the options from this list for improved performance. We can now move forward with the differences. 


The Traxxas Slash 1/16 and 1/10 are both off-road crawlers. This makes them highly dependent on good chassis to support their driving.

1/16  comes with a flat chassis. It’s also much lower than 1/10. Therefore, it has very low ground clearance. Its chassis is fairly strong but unfortunately, you cannot upgrade its chassis.

On the other hand, 1/10 has a raised chassis. So, it has much more ground clearance than its smaller size.

The good news is you will be able to upgrade the chassis to 1/10.


It’s time to talk about suspension. Simply put,  Suspension controls how many bumps a vehicle can withstand. 

Both have shocks with titanium plating that are exceptionally durable. A decent RC shock is always necessary for a good suspension system.

Lower suspension is beneficial for racing since it enables quicker acceleration and max speed. As a consequence, 1/10 will outperform 1/16 on the tracks. 

A higher suspension can absorb more bumps than a lower one. 1/16 can withstand a lot of bumps and blows. This makes them a good candidate for extreme off-road. 


When your RC does not steer how you want it to, it’s quite inconvenient. If you try to drive a car with poor handling violently, it will overturn. Hence, many individuals prioritize good handling over other factors.

While both of their handlings are on par, the size of the cars comes into play here. 1/16 can be a bit of a menace while driving. It has the chance to flip over more frequently. 1/10 is heavier and bigger, it has less chance of overturning. 


Traxxas is well-known for producing extremely durable body parts. Their vehicles are designed for off-road racing and bashing.

Both 1/16 and 1/10 are very durable. One thing to keep in mind is that durability improves with improved body and suspension kits. So if you can take care and clean your RC regularly, it might be long-lasting. Since 1/10 is bigger and more customizable than its counterpart, it’s more durable. 

There is a downside to this. You will have to spend more to make the RC stronger and more long-lasting.


1/10 has a higher runtime. It will give you up to 20 minutes whilst 1/16 will run up to 15 minutes.

With a 3000mah battery, the Traxxas Slash 1/10 can provide a runtime of 40 minutes. On the other hand, you can enjoy about 30-35 minutes of runtime with your Traxxas Slash 1/16 with a 3000 mah battery.

One of the reasons is the battery. 1/10 supports both 2S and 3S Li-Po and NiMH batteries. The same cannot be said for 1/16. Due to its size, one battery can be used. Its capacity is limited to 3500 mAh. 

You can use up to 5000 mAh battery with your 1/10 RC. This will extend the battery life as well as the durability of the car. 


When it comes to RC cars, affordability can matter a lot. 

You’ll get Slash 1/10 for about $364, which can be a bit expensive. 1/16 can be bought for around $289.

If you are tight on budget, 1/16 can be an excellent choice for you. It may not be as powerful as its equivalent, it’s still a pretty decent RC. 

Final Verdict

Did our comprehensive guide help you choose which RC to buy?

At the end of the day, what matters is your purpose. If you want to buy a car purely for racing purposes, Slash 1/10 is the way to go. However, if you are looking to bash, 1/16 is a very decent RC. 

Even though Slash 1/10 outperforms its competitor in most areas, 1/16 is still an incredible RC to have. Its affordability is a plus point as well.


Question: What is RC bashing?

Answer: In the RC world, bashing is an informal term for casual racing. It does not adhere to any rules. Tracks can be designated for jumping only rather than landings.

Question: What are Traxxas bodies made of?

Answer: The bodywork of Traxxas RC cars is composed of polycarbonate plastic, popularly known as Lexan. This material is resistant to hard conditions.

Question: Will Slash 1/10’s tire fit on 1/16?

Answer: No, it won’t. The steering axle and the arms of the 1/16 are smaller. As a result, it cannot take bigger tires. 


That’s all we have for you today when it comes to Traxxas Slash 1/16 vs 1/10

We’ve done our best to put everything on these two. Hopefully, the picture is a little clearer now.

Until next time, happy racing!

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