Traxxas Slash Steering Works But No Throttle

Traxxas Slash Steering Works But No Throttle- Solved


While playing with your RC vehicle, you can face so many problems. One of the most common issues is the throttle or steering not working as directed.

So how to fix Traxxas slash steering works but no throttle?

This happens due to three reasons. Such as keeping the controller on, press the reset button by mistake and the motor stops working. The solution is to calibrate the RC vehicle. Basically, we have to reprogram it. If the motor stops working then we have to replace the motor.

But that’s not all. So, read along to know more about fixing the issue.

Why Does The Throttle Stop Working?

There are mainly three reasons for the throttle to stop working. Sometimes we forget to switch off the controller or the RC vehicle. Most likely, we forget to switch off the controller. Because the RC vehicle makes a sound when it’s turned on. 

When you keep a controller turned on for a long time, it affects the program of the controller. It forgets the program which was built in.

Sometimes we also press the reset button of our controller. Then the RC vehicle stops working. Because the reset button changes the commands to the keys. 

There’s another reason why this issue takes place-

The motor stops working and thus the car stops functioning as well. Though electricity is provided to the motor, it doesn’t rotate. 

You should fix the problem right away. Otherwise, the expensive materials in your car like servo, RC shocks, the engine, etc will be jammed. 

Now, you might be wondering how you’ll know the reasons behind your vehicle stopped working. Don’t worry we got it all covered.

Problems And Solution: Troubleshooting The Steering

Problem 1 of 3: Motor Not Working

Let’s start with why the motor stopped working-

The motor not working is one of the most common reasons for the issue. Identifying a nonfunctional motor is a bit hard. Here are the tools we need to troubleshoot the motor.

  • screwdrivers
  • one light bulb
  • electric tape
  • pair of gloves 

First, you have to open up the vehicle with the help of screwdrivers. Then switch on both the controller and the vehicle. You’ll notice there’s a green light in the receiver of the vehicle. 

Greenlight means electricity is passing through.

But the throttle is not working because the motor is damaged. Now, you unplug the motor from the receiver. Then you have to test if the wires are working or not. 

If possible, use a voltmeter to help identify this problem.

This process is easy, you’ve to hold the light bulb to both wires. If it lights up, the wires are all good. If it doesn’t, the wires are also jammed.


After identifying the problem, all you have to do is buy a new motor to replace it with. You’ve to keep in mind that the new motor must be compatible with your RC vehicle. 

Here are some recommended motors for you.

Product 1 
Product 2

Connecting the motor is easy. There’ll be two wires- black wire and a red wire. And the motor you bought will also have two wires. So it’s easy, the black connects with the black and red with red.

Sometimes, you should check the battery. Dead batteries can result in no throttle. In that case, look for better quality RC batteries as a replacement.

Hopefully, the throttle will start working after you are done. 

Problem 2 Of 3: Controller Reprogrammed Itself

The next reason is simple. When you keep the controller switched on for a long time, you’ll face the problem. The controller will reprogram itself. 

In this process, you’ll have to open up your vehicle again. After opening the vehicle, you’ll see a red light in the receiver. It should be green. 

Red light means the electricity is passing through. But the circuit isn’t receiving the command. 


The solution to the second problem is to calibrate the controller. We’ve to reprogram the controller.

Firstly, we identified the receiver light as red. Now, there’s a switch on the receiver. We’ve to long-press the switch. Hold it until the light starts blinking.

When the light will start blinking, hold the throttle from the controller. Now, the light will turn green. 

You have successfully reprogrammed the controller. 

But wait-

Don’t start playing right away. You’ll have to reboot the controller and the vehicle. And voila! The problems should be fixed and you can play with them now. 

Problem 3 Of 3: Controller Mistakenly Reprogrammed 

Identifying the third reason is similar to the second problem. When you open the receiver box of RC, you’ll see the red light is blinking. If you’re a Traxxas user, you’ll also find the same problems in rustler and stampedes.

This means everything is fine. But the controller was reprogrammed by mistake. Don’t worry! We got the solution for you.


After opening the receiver box, you’ll see the red light is blinking. But in this case, we don’t need to do anything in our vehicle. 

If the throttle doesn’t work and the steering does, long-press the reset button. Hold the throttle forward all at once. The controller light will start blinking. Leave the reset button and keep holding the throttle forward. 

The light will stop blinking and you’re done.

You’ll also have to do the same process by holding the throttle backward. Don’t forget to reboot your device after this process.

Congratulations! You’ve fixed the problem all on your own. 


Question: How do I reset my Traxxas controller?

Answer: There’s a red button behind the antenna of your controller. Hold the button until the green light starts blinking.

Question: How do I know if my motor is broken?

Answer: When the motor breaks all functions of your vehicle stop. The servo won’t work and it starts burning.

Question: Can I turn a servo by hand?

Answer: Yes, you can turn a servo by hand. But it’s better not to. Because there’s a controller board in your servo which might be damaged if you turn it manually.


I hope you got your fix to Traxxas slash steering works but no throttle. Though the issue is problematic, the solution is easy. 

One last tip, don’t forget to switch off your controller after playing.

Let us know if you face any problems while fixing.

Till then, enjoy drifting.

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