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Traxxas Slash Tire Size (Which Tires to Rock on Your RC)

The world of RC is all about off-roading, stability, and gaining speed. But without the proper size of tires, you cannot get the full performance out of your RC. 

So, what are the Traxxas Slash Tire Size?

There are 5 different tire sizes for different Traxxas Slash. The 1/16 tires are made for speeding and short course tracks. The 1/10 tires are bigger and better at off-roading. But the ⅛ tires are the biggest in size and the best at off-roading. On the other side, the ⅙ and ⅕ tires are just thick. 

So that was a quick glimpse at the different sizes of tires. But there are more details to learn about. So jump down below to learn about the different tire sizes for your RC!

What Are the Tire Sizes for Traxxas Slash?

There are different tire sizes for different Traxxas Slash RC? One RC cannot Rock all sizes of tires. That is because the wheel whale of the RC is not the same. 

Also, the rod which connects two wheels is not compatible with all tires. That is why there are even differences in Traxxas Slash 4WD and 2WD

One thing to note is that not all the Traxxas Slash output the same level of power. For example, even if you change the battery the rate of speed can easily escalate. And if you’re rocking the wrong tire on, it can get detached. 

Or you might not even be able to reach your desired speed. Because different tires have different sizes of diameter. 

A tire that is much thicker can get more grip. That means it can stick more to the ground. Hence it can improve stability. 

That is why for your help we have listed a different set of tires for different scenarios. Below you can find that we have divided the different types into each separate sections. This way you can get information on just the tire you’re looking for. 

So, what are we waiting for, let’s get started!

Traxxas Slash 1/16: 

Traxxas Slashes are about gaining some speed no matter which tracks you are on. All of the Traxxas RCs can gain speed, but the size of the Traxxas Slash 1/16 tire is a bit small. Some even call this RC mini in comparison to other RCs.

Traxxas Slash 1-16

But don’t let the small size fool you. Cause these tires can get you some real speed. So, make sure your RC is on a short course track, cause you need to speed up. 

The tires are small because they can output some serious level of torque. And the smaller the tires, the more rotation per minute there can be. 

The 1/16 Traxxas Slash tires can be a Great Deal actually. Because of the overall fun, you can get out of it. They provide the thrill of the speed that you’re looking for in RCs. 

Traxxas Slash 1/10: 

In comparison to 1/16 tires, the Traxxas slash 1/10 tires can get you some serious speed. As you can guess by the magnitude of the tire, these tires are bigger than the 1/16 ones.  

This RC replicates real-world driving to its core. So, it’s better if have some experience of driving a real car. 

That way you can make those corners perfectly. Cause this RC can even reach 30+ miles per hour. And that is a big number for an RC.

Traxxas Slash 1-10

Now, you may wonder, what is the Traxxas slash 4×4 tire size?

The Traxxas slash 4×4 uses the 1/10 tire. The default size of the tire for the Traxxas slash 4×4 is the 1/10 tire. These tires are bigger in comparison to 1/16. However, they are good for off-roading as well. 

These are the wheels you’re wondering about 

Traxxas Slash ⅛

The Traxxas slash ⅛ tires don’t even have a wheel whale to fit inside. So these tires sit outside of the main chassis size. The tires are so big the suspension of the RC is tilted a bit. 

Now, you may wonder what is the slash 2wd tire size? 

The Traxxas slash 2wd uses the ⅛ tire size. These tires are the perfect in-between size.  

But big tires do give you some advantages. It can get some serious grip on sand and loose gravel. 

Also, you can gain good levels of speed while you take the corner on the track. The tires are even a bit concave in shape. It’s because it wants to pack much more groves and cuts to stick in the mud.

slash 2wd tire size

Also, remember to clean your RC properly when you drive them really dirty. These are the best traxxas slash tires 2wd. 

Traxxas Slash ⅙

Now, according to the trend of tire scale we are following, you must think these tires are huge. But actually, they are not at big. 

But one thing about these tires has increased. Which is, how thick the tires are made. Get these if you’re looking for a traxxas slash 2wd tire upgrade. 

Now, more thickening tires are good for better stability. But they do limit the off-road capability.

traxxas slash 2wd tire upgrade

Although they are superior for running around in the park on the grass. Though this can be a serious Traxxas slash tire upgrade. 

Traxxas Slash ⅕

Like the ⅙ tires, these tires are similar. These tires are much thicker than the ⅙ tires.

Traxxas slash tire upgrade

Also, with the increase in tires thickness, comes better stability. So you can gain some serious speed with these. 

Also, these tires are good on grass. So rock these tires on if you are hitting the part. These Traxxas slash tires and rims are widely available. Also, the Traxxas slash 2wd wheels as well. So, you won’t run into any problems while searching for it. 

It’s better to use different sizes of tiers in different scenarios. That can you will get the best performance on different tracks. 

So, it’s best to always have a variety of sizes of tires because you never know what you’ll need. 

Getting the right size of tires isn’t enough. You need the appropriate glue to go with it as well. This is where I come in. 

From my experience, I’ve only found 2 tire glues in specific to work exceptionally well. These are: 

You won’t be disappointed if you get these glues!

And that is everything about the tire sizes of Traxxas Slash. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Gluing Process on All the Tires Same?

The glueing process is similar depending on the type of tires. Glueing of the tires is really important on an RC. Because of the high speed and torque, the tires can easily fly away. 

How to Glue the Tires Properly?

To glue the tires properly, you need the right glue for RC tires. After you get the RC tire glue, apply it inside and push the foam in. Afterwards, apply the glue on the rim of the wheel and stretch the tire on the wheel. 

Can I use the RC Upside Down with the ⅛ Scale Tires?

No, you cannot use the RC upside down with the ⅛ scale tires. Even though you might think the RC tires are big enough so that they can run upside down. But the spoiler of the RC can get in the way if you run it upside down. Also, the shell of the RC can fall over.  


So, that was everything you need to know about Traxxas Slash Tire Size. 

Always remember to glue the tires properly. Otherwise, you might just damage the whole RC while driving it.

Have fun with your RC!

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