Traxxas Slash Ultimate Vs Platinum

Traxxas Slash Ultimate Vs Platinum: Which To Choose?

Things get very difficult if we have to pick between two of the most famous RC cars. This is not an easy task at all. You have a big decision in your hands. 

The major question is, Which one of the two should you pick between Traxxas slash ultimate vs Platinum?

Both are similar in many respects, yet there are some significant distinctions. Platinum is more durable and also has better battery life. In terms of customization, both are roughly equal. Ultimate is more expensive. If speed is your aim, Platinum is faster. 

This will not be sufficient to assist you in making your decision. Check out our in-depth comparison for more details.

Are you ready? Let’s start!

Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum: Basic Differences

Most individuals will go with just speed when it comes to choosing the best RC cars. Other things must be considered before making such a decision.

Before we get into the details, here’s a sneak peek at the summary. If you lack a lot of free time, this may come in handy-

Feature Traxxas Slash Ultimate Platinum
Outlook Not as impressive Premium looking
Speed 60-65 mph 70-75 mph
Runtime  7-8 minutes 9-11 minutes
Weight 2.28 kg 2.26 kg
Length  22.36 inches 22.26 inches
Price More expensive Less expensive

Here are the basic differences between the two RC cars. If you want to make a thorough decision, this is not enough. 

Want to take a closer look so you can make the best selection? Let’s get right to it, then.

Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum – Head-to-Head Battle

Have we piqued your interest enough to warrant a more in-depth comparison? Because that is just what we have planned for you today.


Speed is where Platinum excels at. If you use it in a race, it can go up to 70-75 mph. Traxxas Slash Ultimate will only give you 65-70 mph.

Platinum’s very powerful 3500kv brushless motor comes into play here. Even though Ultimate’s motor is a respectable 3000kv, it’s not as powerful.

Tires also play a crucial part when it comes to speed. If you choose quality tires for Traxxas slash, you can conquer the race track.


Platinum’s handling is excellent both on and off track. It’s incredibly smooth and easy to control. 

Ultimate’s off-road handling can be average at best. This is why you should be careful. It won’t be a good idea if you purchase an Ultimate for off-road racing.

When it comes to RC vehicles, landing is quite important. Ultimate’s landing is a bit off at times.


Suspension is decent for both cars. Good quality crawler shocks are used for both Ultimate and Platinum.

Platinums’ arms are shorter. The steering axle is therefore kept tighter than its equivalent. You will be given a lot of stability in track races.

Ultimate’s suspension is a little softer than Platinum. It’s satisfactory nonetheless.


There is very little difference when it comes to run time between the two. The runtime of Ultimate is 7-8 minutes. Platinum will give you 9-11 minutes at best. 

One reason why Platinum has a higher runtime is its weight. Ultimate weighs 2.28 kg whilst its counterpart weighs 2.26 kg. Due to this little difference, their runtime is almost similar.

The next reason is the battery. Platinum uses a 4S battery compared to Ultimate’s 3S. 4S’s higher capacity coupled with more charge allows Platinum’s run time to be a bit higher. 

On that subject, here are some LiPo batteries for RC vehicles that we recommend.

Product 1 Product 2

Hopefully, these batteries will serve you well. Now, let’s move on with the comparison.

Upgrade Ability 

Both the RCs have the capability to be upgraded. Since their chassis is small, there is a lot of space available for optional upgrade parts.

A huge selection of upgrades is available for Ultimate and Platinum. This will allow you to make your car more stylish and rugged than ever before.

Your imagination is the limit here. If you want to, you can convert your RC into a full-on monster truck. All you need are decent tires and servos. 


A chassis must be dependable and robust for any automobile or crawler. This goes especially for off-road RCs. 

Compared to Ultimate, Platinum’s chassis is just a bit lower. This allows the car to have better ground clearance. 

Both these cars come in metallic chassis. Platinum and Ultimate have 106mm and 108mm ground clearance respectively. 


With Ultimate, you’ll receive high-volume GTR shocks with an adjustable collar. The body will be PTFE-coated aluminum.

When comparing the two, there is one significant variation in viewpoint. The body of platinum is transparent. Ultimate has a completely painted body that’s ready to use as soon as you plug it in.

Both have heavy-duty suspension arms and driveshafts.


Up until now, it was a fairly close call between Ultimate and Platinum. Price is where the latter pulls ahead.

You will get Platinum for about $350 dollars in your nearest RC stores. Ultimate will cost you about 50 bucks more. 

You can use the extra bucks saved to buy more upgrades for your car.

Final Verdict

That’s all there is to it. All of these are the considerations you must make while selecting the best RC.

By now, it’s clear Platinum beats Ultimate in almost all the categories. They are faster, more durable, and affordable.

It should be remembered that Ultimate is still a formidable opponent.


Question: Are both the cars waterproof?

Answer: Yes, in the great majority of cases. Corrosion occurs when metals are used a lot. To keep it rust-free, you can apply cleaning solutions.

Question: What fuel does Traxxas use?

Answer: According to Traxxas’s website, it’s Top Fuel. You can use other fuels such as Power Master, Omega, and Blue Thunder. 

Question: How long do Traxxas brushless motors last?

Answer: Traxxas RC vehicles are manufactured with high-quality parts and are designed to last. A Traxxas brushless motor has a lifespan of 2000 to 4000 hours.


We hope we’ve helped you choose a winner in the race between Traxxas ultimate vs platinum.

We have tried our best to put everything together on these two. Hopefully, we were able to solve your dilemma.

Until next time, take care!

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