Traxxas Slash vs Stampede

Traxxas Slash vs Stampede: Which One Should You Buy?


Since they are both Traxxas, Slash and Stampede have a lot of resemblance and dissemblance. So, it’s very common to be confused about them. 

So, which one is better for you, Traxxas Slash vs Stampede

Traxxas Slash has a bigger, wider body compared to Traxxas Stampede, whereas, Stampede has bigger wheels than Traxxas Slash which gives them better ground coverage. You can also get higher suspension with Stampede which makes them a great option for RC bashing. On the other hand, Traxxas Slash is a better option for on-track racing due to having smaller wheels and lower suspension. 

Anyway, this is nothing but a tiny portion of the discussion. Read along if you wish to know more in detail. 

Traxxas Slash vs Stampede: Key Differences

Knowing basic differences can help you understand a comparison very easily. For example, you’ve to know about Traxxas Velineon and Castle Sidewinder to properly compare them.  

So, let’s not waste time and jump right in – 

FeaturesTraxxas SlashTraxxas Stampede
Length22.36 inches16.25 inches
Width11.65 inches12.75 inches
Wheelbase13.2 inches10.63 inches
Top Speed60+mph30+mph
Torque125 oz/inch80 oz/inch
ChassisFlat chassisRaised chassis
SuspensionLower suspensionHigher suspension
ShocksTraxxas Stock ShocksTraxxas Proline Shocks
SpecialtyOn-track RacingBashing

Looks like there’s quite a lot of distinguishable factor between the two Traxxas types.


We hope you’ve got a basic idea about both of them. Let’s move on to the detailed comparison. 

Traxxas Slash vs Stampede: Comprehensive Comparison

Now that you have the sneak peek, have you decided which one suits your needs?  If not, don’t worry!

Keep reading and you may discover some new information. 


For any car or crawler, a chassis has to be reliable and strong. Since these are both off-road crawlers, chassis plays an important role here. 

Unlike Stampede, Traxxas Slash comes with a flat chassis. It’s also much lower than Stampede. Therefore, it has very low ground clearance. Its chassis is fairly strong but unfortunately, Traxxas doesn’t offer any upgrades for them.

On the other hand, Traxxas Stampede has a raised chassis. So, it has much more ground clearance than a Traxxas Slash. 

Like the Slash, Traxxas doesn’t offer any chassis upgrades for Stampede as well.  


The next thing we’re going to talk about is the torque. The torque is the rotating force that is produced by the crankshaft of the engine.

Many people ask:

Is higher torque better?

Yes, a higher torque is better because it means that the engine is capable of produces greater performance.

Traxxas Slash clearly has a higher torque compared to Traxxas Stampede. With about 125 oz/inch torque, Traxxas Slash can bring out better performance in comparison to Stampede’s 80 oz/inch torque.


Suspension and Wheels

With that said, it’s time to talk about suspension and wheels. Simply put, a suspension ensures how many bumps a car can absorb. 

A lower suspension is perfect for tracks and offers better acceleration and top speed. That’s why a Slash is going to be better on tracks. Also, it’ll be much faster than a Stampede. 

However, a higher suspension can absorb more bumps than a lower one. Thus, they can absorb more bumps and are really good for extreme off-road. 

As for wheels, Traxxas Slash has smaller wheels than a Stampede. However, they can be upgraded to bigger wheels and be tuned for bashing. 

Unfortunately, you can’t tune a Stampede for racing. 

For example, if you suddenly want to bash, you can first buy a Traxxas Slash. Then you upgrade the tires to make it a better basher.

In short, Traxxas Slash can reach faster acceleration thanks to its lower suspension. While on the other hand, Traxxas Stampede’s higher suspension makes it a great option for extreme off-road driving.


The purpose of the shock is to dampen the spring movements. If they’re too stiff, it’ll make the car bumpy. On the contrary, too much softness will make the car lose responsiveness. 

A Slash comes with Traxxas’s stock shocks, which can be upgraded later if you want to. They are fairly good compared to Stampede but not better. 

On the other hand, a Stampede comes with upgraded Proline shocks. They are of premium quality and make the Stampede a really good RTR basher. 


By now you have realized that almost all parts of a Slash can be upgraded. This is where you have to decide whether you want to get a Slash or a Stampede

Like we just said, the Slash has many upgradable options, unlike a Stampede. If tuned properly, a Slash can be a great basher too. 

However, if you have no plans to race, the Stampede is perfect for you. And the best news? 

Traxxas Stampede is a ready-to-run basher with almost all upgrades installed. 

Racing or Bashing? 

Despite being almost similar, they actually serve different purposes; just like Truggy and Buggy. So, knowing those purposes can easily make up your mind. 

So, are you looking for racing or bashing? 

The answer to this question will matter the most in this debate. Traxxas likes to build their crawlers focused either on racing or just bashing.

So, whichever you buy, is going to be really good in that particular area. Be it racing or bashing.

Now if you’re all about racing, Traxxas Slash is the one you’re looking for. It has faster acceleration and higher top speed. 


On the contrary, Traxxas Stampede doesn’t have a racing class. But it has bigger wheels, which can handle extreme off-roads and rough terrains very easily.

Final Verdict

So, have you decided which one you’re going to buy? If you haven’t, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Traxxas Slash and Traxxas Stampede:

Traxxas ModelProsCons
Traxxas SlashHas high acceleration and top speedLow ground clearance
Great for On-track racingNot ideal for bashing
High torque provides great performanceRoom for upgrade is limited
Traxxas StampedeGood ground clearanceSmaller wheelbase can result in rough driving
Great for BashingNot ideal for on-track racing
Highly upgradableNot enough torque to race

In simple words, a Traxxas Slash will let you upgrade it and make it a basher. You can revert it to a track-focused crawler whenever you want. 

Whereas, a Stampede is just a great RTR vehicle only for bashers. 

Looking to storm the racing tracks? We recommend you go with Traxxas Slash!

Now, you can easily decide what to get. Make sure you’re considering all the above-mentioned factors. 


 Will a Slash body fit a Stampede? 

Answer: Yes, it does. Although it’s not perfect so you may have to adjust the body by cutting or trimming. 

How much horsepower does the Traxxas Stampede have? 

Answer: If you equip the Stampede with a Traxxas Velineon brushless it can reach up to 60mph.

What is RC bashing? 

Answer: In RC terms, bashing in general means casual racing. It doesn’t have any sort of rules. Tracks can be focused on jumps and not on landing.


And that’s it. We have tried our best to put everything together on Traxxas Slash vs Stampede. We hope that this has solved your problem. 

So, which one are you going to get? Let us know in the comment section below.  

Finally, good luck with your purchase and happy racing!

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