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Traxxas Spartan Problems [With Solutions]

When you initially started out, you were ecstatic to spend time with your Traxxas Spartan. It made no difference as long as your Traxxas Spartan carried out your instructions.

But now something is wrong, and you’re not sure how to fix it. What a letdown!

So, what’s causing Traxxas Spartan problems?

If you can’t control the controller, start by looking at the battery. Make sure the antennae are straight as well. Look for any loose wiring or connections. Additionally, this can impair the responsiveness of your transmitter. There can also be problems with the steering.

We’ve got you, so don’t worry. The most frequent Traxxas Spartan issues and solutions are listed. Let’s go through them.

Solutions to Traxxas Spartan Problems

Let’s examine and address the most typical Traxxas Spartan issues we encounter.

Traxxas Spartan

Problem 1: Working throttle, But Not Steering

This generally happens when the battery pack is not properly charged. Or the servo connector is loose or unplugged. Servo lead wires are cut or frayed. There can also be problems in the steering linkage which can be damaged. This is more common than working steering not throttle.


Now it’s time to fix the issue. 

Ascertain if the:

  • Servo gears have been removed.
  • Frayed wires on the servos.
  • Loose servo connector.
  • Links that are correctly linked and reacting to the servo.

You can try this thing out to solve the issue.

Problem 2: Left or Right Steering Sticks

Although it may turn both left and right, your automobile usually leans far more. In one way than the other. Or it can spin without difficulty yet find it difficult to maintain its straightness or center.


Most likely, there is a problem with the servo horn or the servo trim centering. Check all of the links and your servo horn.

Look for damage or disconnections in the links. If the servo output shaft is spinning and you can hear it reacting to steering input.

Problem 3: Traxxas Spartans Hardly Turn Left/Right Automatically

As soon as you start on your automobile, the Traxxas begin to move strongly. To the left or right. Or after using it for a short period of time. This turning usually happens due to problems in the servo. It is quite a fixable problem. 


Looking for the solution of Spartans unexpected automatic right and left turn problem?

Examine the servo horn and the position of the servo trim once again. Ensure the EPA is correctly reset. If none of that helps, your servo’s gears may be stripped in some places. Perhaps the Traxxas spartan’s linkages on one side aren’t tight.

These are solutions to some of the mentioned problems.   

Also have a look someone’s experience with the Traxxas Spartan

Check the Following in Your Traxxas Spartan Before Continuing

Every helicopter, boat, rail, off-road vehicle, and slippery pavement automobile contains a servo. Traxxas Spartans can also have start problems like Spektrum dx 9 problems. For Traxxas Spartan kits, your servo determines how fast you can travel and virtually everything else. 

Traxxas Spartan boat

Check the following items in your Traxxas Spartan before proceeding:

You Have the Appropriate Servo

Whether you purchased your Traxxas Spartan ready to go or built it yourself from a kit. The servo horn has to be positioned appropriately on the chassis. The conductor’s wand, if you will, or the primary arm of your servo is this horn.

Double and triple the Traxxas Spartan manual. Some models require the servo horn to be somewhat angled or off-center from the chassis. If the servo horn is mounted perpendicularly, the Traxxas Spartan won’t operate correctly. Other models, however, need the servo horn to be perfectly 90 degrees off the chassis.

You can also be using a servo that is of the incorrect size and strength. Find replacement carts by model if you believe your servo might need to be replaced. And you may easily install them on your own.

Your Links are All the Appropriate Length

Every Traxxas Spartan has sets of links that join the servo to the steering rack. And the wheels to the steering rack. Your Traxxas Spartan won’t move even if the radio and servo are working correctly. If the links are improperly put or the incorrect length. 

After confirming that your servo and servo horn are operational, examine your linkages. Verify that nothing is impeding the movement of the servo, steering rack, or tires. They ought to all react quickly and fluidly.

You Have the Proper End Point Adjustment Set

Setting the endpoint adjustment on your radio improves your servo.  And steering rack comprehends your steering’s more subtle movements.

Your Traxxas Spartan must be on the ground at driving height prior to setting the EPA. You have to make sure your car is at actual driving height. You might need to repeatedly press it into the shock mounts to do that.

Your Radio and Servo are Connected Well

When your radio won’t switch on, it’s quite evident. Your servo’s transmitter may occasionally cease receiving data from the radio. Even when all servo parts, including the radio, are functional.

A quick method to see if the servo transmitter is working is to switch the servo and throttle connections. The controls on your radio will then change, letting you know everything is working properly.

Traxxas Spartan rc boat

Things to Remember of Traxxas Spartan

Troubleshooting these issues first can almost always solve Traxxas Spartan issues. They are:

  • Check that the servo is properly positioned and of the suitable size. Check to see if the cables and gears are responsive to your radio. And in excellent working order.
  • Check to verify that the servo horn is mounted to the chassis at the proper angle. For the brand and model of your automobile. Ensure that all linkages are the proper size and react to the servo’s commands without any hiccups.
  • Your End Point Adjustment might need to be adjusted several times. And verify that the radio and servo are effectively communicating.

These particular points will help you to solve the problems more efficiently. 

There are various types of tires for Traxxas spartan. I’ve compiled a list of excellent Traxxas spartan. These are of good quality and at a reasonable price:

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Pro Boat Lucas Oil 17″ Power Boat Racer Self-Righting Deep-V RTR, PRB08044T2 is a little expensive but works great. 

I’m hoping the information I’ve provided will help you pick the right Traxxas Spartan!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Traxxas Spartan go in salt water?

You can, indeed. Although your Traxxas boat will work just fine in salt water, Traxxas highly advises against it. as seawater is quite caustic. The warranty on your product does not cover corrosion-related damage.

Does the Traxxas Spartan come with batteries?

It does, really. Only four “AA” batteries are required for the transmitter, therefore it is already operational. and a charger for the two 7-cell NiMH battery packs that are provided.

How can I make my Traxxas Blast faster?

Using a seven-cell battery pack is an easy solution to make the boat quicker. You could want to give the esc and engine water cooling. Since the additional cell will produce greater heat. Cooling becomes essential when switching from the standard battery to a seven-cell GP3300 pack. Because a longer duration generates more heat.


We believe that these fixes have taken care of your Traxxas Spartan problems. 

Contact a qualified specialist if you are unsure about doing these tests or repairs yourself.

Wishing you all the best!

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