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Traxxas Stampede Problems [4 Issues, Reasons & Solutions]

Traxxas Stampede is a popular name among RC users. However, with all the exhilarating experiences, it also has some cons. These are the issues the users always frown upon. 

Hence, in this comprehensive guide, I will discuss all about Traxxas Stampede problems

On Traxxas stampede, there occur issues like the ESC or the receiver keeps blinking. Or sometimes the car simply won’t move. Fixes are quite simple. To fix the flashing ESC, recalibrate the battery. To stop the receiver from flashing, reset it. And replacing the motor will fix the movement issue. 

Still confused? Well, do not sweat. Because in this article I have resolved it all. That too, in a very easy-to-follow manner. 

Read on.

Quick View of the Problems & Solutions

Traxxas stampede

Here I am including a brief view of all the issues of Traxxas stampede. And their reasons and solutions as well. 

Have a glance. 

ESC keeps blinkingthe LVD system is engagedThe battery needs to be recalibrated. 
Receiver’s LED indicator light flickers redError in the receiverReset the receiver
The car will steer but won’t moveWorn motorReplace with a brushless motor
The car won’t runBattery pack isn’t adequately connectedFully charge/ Replace the battery

So, there you go! This was just a quick picture of it. 

Next, I am gonna get into it in a detailed manner. Keep reading. 

Problem 1: Traxxas Stampede ESC Blinking 

This is a common issue that Traxxas Stampede users complain about. That the ESC keeps blinking red and green. 


The reason behind it is that the LVD system might be engaged. 

I am gonna explain. 

On Traxxas ESC units, the LED indicator light is intended to signal particular operations and problems with the ESC unit. Here, the LED light’s main purpose is to indicate the battery mode that the ESC is in.

For both NiMH and LiPo batteries, Traxxas ESC devices present two precise modes. 

It isn’t suggested to operate a LiPo battery with a NiMH ESC. 

The Low-Voltage Detection (LVD) system in that ESC is switched on while using LiPo batteries.

However, if you want you can use any good quality lipo battery for this purpose.

While the LVD system would be activated, ESC’s indicator light would start blinking. That is, when employed with a NiMH battery. It might harm that ESC. 

However, there might be LED flashing red and green while using NiMH batteries. Then, according to the RC car guide, you shouldn’t drive. 


This flashing light implies that LVD is engaged. The battery needs to be recalibrated to use with a NiMH battery.

To recalibrate your ESC for NiMH battery use, apply the following steps. 

Step 1: Disconnect the Battery 

First of all, you’re gonna be disconnecting the battery from ESC.

After you have done it, turn the transmitter on. It suggests the controller in case you are wondering. 

Step 2: Press the EZ Set button

Hold down the EZ-Set button on the ESC while pressing it repeatedly. This is to make the LED illuminate solid red. When the LED goes red, release the button right away. After one blink, the LED will switch off.

Step 3: Let the LED Blink

After the LED goes out, turn on the transmitter fully and keep it there until the LED blinks twice.

After the first two blinks, switch to full reverse right away and hold on tight. The LED will start blinking quickly.

Step 4: Again Press And Hold EZ Button

Press and then hold EZ Set button on that ESC for about 10 sec. while maintaining full-reverse. So that the LED turns solid red. At this point, the ESC may also emit a brief musical tone.

Step 5: Complete the Process

So soon as that light becomes solid red, try disengaging the throttle. Also, the EZ Set button. The said LED is supposed to now be solid red. Also, it is gonna stop blinking after a fleeting blink.

The battery is now in NiMH mode and is prepared for usage safely with a NiMH battery when the LED is solid red and glowing.

Problem 2: Traxxas Stampede Receiver Blinking 

This is yet another very common issue with Traxxas stampede. The receiver sometimes behaves erratically and keeps blinking. 

It’s better to mention they are not quite the same as the Arrma Granite issues


Each remote control car has a receiver that accepts input data from the transmitter to function. 

The receiver loses its ability to operate the vehicle if it has a malfunction or error. Depending on the fault, the car can come to a stop or keep going until it runs into something.

The receiver’s LED indicator light will rapidly flicker red if an error occurs.


Fortunately, this problem has an easy cure that takes nearly little time to complete. To restore normal operation, the receiver only has to be reset.

Here are the steps for how to reset the receiver. 

Step 1: Remove the Car Body

Your RC car’s body should be removed. Remove the waterproof cover covering the electronics to reveal the receiver.

Both the receiver as well as that red LED would be blinking.

Before you continue, make sure the ESC and all other auto parts are off.

Step 2: Turn the Transmitter on

Switch off your transmitter and press and hold the top “SET” button while the receiver is uncovered.

Turn on that transmitter at the same time, and hold on to the SET button. After that, just release all the other buttons.

Step 3: Complete the Process

After that, press and hold the receiver button next to the LED. Turn on the ESC while keeping the receiver button depressed.

The receiver’s LED requires to turn green after your ESC turns on. It is gonna indicate that receiver’s been reset. 

Your vehicle is considered to be ready to drive. 

Problem 3: Traxxas RC Car Will Steer But Not Move

Often with Traxxas you are gonna encounter the issue where the car won’t move. However, it will steer just fine. 


It may be a problem with your brushed motor. The motor might be worn. 

Traxxas stampede battery

Electric motors need to be replaced sometimes. By putting it off and then again attaching it directly to a battery, you might check the motor. 

If the motor is turning slowly or not at all, replace it. If the motor rotates quickly, the ESC or radio system may be at fault. Brushless motors do not apply here.

Something similar occurs when RC cars don’t respond to throttle

Using a multimeter is the simplest way to check your motor and make sure it is receiving the right amount of power.


Motors come in two varieties: brushed motors and brushless motors. Knowing what kind of motor your car now has is crucial. There’s a possibility that the brushed motor in your car has failed and has to be replaced.

They are frequently short-lived and are known to degrade quickly. You can tap the motor with a screwdriver to provide a temporary remedy while you wait for a replacement motor to arrive. 

A brushed motor may occasionally jerk slightly before restarting.

This is the perfect chance to switch to a brushless motor in case the brushed motor failed. Because there are no brushes to wear out, brushless motors often have a significantly longer lifespan and are also typically of much higher quality.

Your automobile will have more power, speed, longevity, and durability with a brushless motor.

What if it doesn’t work out for a brushless motor? 

It can also be the case that you find out your car already has a brushless motor system installed but is still immobile. You might be confusing the Tx and the Rx. 

To try to get the automobile moving once more, move them both. In case this does not help, you’re gonna need to contact the store. 

Or the manufacturer where you bought it if it was brand-new or still covered by a warranty. 

They could assist you in repairing the car’s crucial components so you can get it moving once more.

It’s critical to keep in mind that just because a motor is brushless doesn’t guarantee it’s not broken. 

The problem will probably be resolved if you replace the motor if your multimeter shows bolts connecting to the motor but there is no movement.

Problem 4: Traxxas Stampede Does Not Run

Traxxas stampede tear down

This is the problem where the Traxxas stampede won’t run. It may move to some extent. But nothing more than that. 


There are several probable reasons as to why it may happen. I am gonna include some of those.

  • The transmitter isn’t switched on. 
  • Battery pack isn’t adequately connected. Or it might be. damaged.
  • Or it is the damaged or loosened spur gear. When the engine is revving, a loose or stripped spur gear will stop the truck from going.

These were the possible reasons why the issue might occur. Now let us see the solutions. 


Connecting the battery pack comes before turning on the radio. After installing a battery that is fully charged, start the car.

Also, check to see if the slipper clutch is not extremely loose and slipping.

You gotta verify that your battery pack is connected adequately as well. And that the connector’s (plug’s) pins are not bent or otherwise compromised. 

If you’re unclear about your battery’s condition, try a different battery.

Fixing the problems you should be able to race it again. Here get kids are enjoying racing with Trannas Stampede

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why won’t my Traxxas Stampede turn on?

The reason why it won’t turn on is maybe the battery pack isn’t connected well. Verify that the battery pack is connected properly and that the connector’s (plug’s) pins are not bent or otherwise compromised. If you’re unclear about your battery’s condition, try a different battery. The vehicle can’t run without a charged battery.

Can a Traxxas Stampede 2WD be converted to 4WD?

Yes, it can. Traxxas just revealed a new Stampede 44 kit. Your 2WD Traxxas may become 4WD by using the Stampede 44 package. The Stampede 44 kit from Traxxas is available with or without electronics.

Why is my Traxxas transmitter flickering red?

The transmitter batteries are perhaps weak, discharged, or put in improperly if the LED flashes red. Start that transmitter and look for a solid green light on the status display. Replace with fresh or brand-new batteries.

Wrapping Up 

Hope I have resolved all your queries about Traxxas stampede problems. 

Now you have this comprehensive guide handy. From here you can point out the issue that matches your case. Then go for the solution. As I have explained everything here, it should not be a hassle. 

This is all for now. Have an awesome day!

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