traxxas titan 12t 550 motor problems

Traxxas Titan 12t 550 Motor Problems: 5 Easy Fixes!

You may find problems with the brush motor, especially when you are new to the hobby. Overheating, throttle response, the popping of ball bearings, etc. can be the cause of your headache. 

The Traxxas Titan 12t 550 Motor is no exception. There have been several complaints about motor centering the most common problem.

So how to fix Traxxas Titan 12t 550 motor problems?

To fix Traxxas Titan 12t 550 motor you have to identify the problem first. You may have a burnt-out motor and replacement is required. Some users complain that their motor dies after running a few feet. Sometimes there is a ticking sound. You may need to take the motor out and put it in water and grease it. 

We will talk about the problems in detail. 

Let’s start a discussion. 

3 Common Problems With Traxxas Titan Motor

Traxxas Titan motors are reliable indeed. Here’s someone sharing the amazing journey of a Traxxas Titan motor!

Identifying the problem is very important. You should learn to fix minor problems by yourself, like spartan problems. Otherwise, you have to wait a long time for the company to send a replacement. 

So, let’s see how to troubleshoot Traxxas Titan 12T 550 motor issues!

Problem 1: Motor Dies After Sometime 

Let’s start with a very common problem. Very often the users could, the motor dies after running a few feet. While starting, the motor makes a throttle response. 


An easy solution to the situation is to give a light tap. It is supposed to start working. If not, there is a possibility that your Traxxas Titan 12t motors are burnt out. 

To make sure your motor is bad, use a multimeter. Set it to low limits ( 200 ohms). Then check between the winding terminal with it, and also the casing, If you find any reading on the multimeter, then the motor has gone bad.

Traxxas Titan 12t motors
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Problem 2: Sound From The Motor

While using the motor ticking sound comes out of it. The sound appears as if the ball bearing will pop out. This is also another common issue. Let’s see how to fix 


To stop this problem oil brush the motor from time to time. You can use motor spray too. Make sure not to overheat the motor. Now, how to make a Traxxas 12t motor faster? Oil it.

Problem 3: Cannot Do Free Spinning

We are at the third problem now. When the motor is left unused for a lot of time, it shows some inactivation problems.  The battery may be freshly charged. Yet if you try free spinning, your motor might not be able to get past half speed.


Testing tires on a free spin can damage your Traxxas gears. The motor can be shot. Leaving it unused for a time being may cause worn-out internals. The damaged or dirty motor should be handled carefully.

You may need to rewind or replace your motor. Don’t leave it unused for a long period of time. Use an ohmmeter to check the activity of windings. Thoroughly clean the oil reservoir if the motor has any.

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Problem 4: Over-Heating

If you are using the wrong combination of gear, your motor may heat up very quickly. You will burn up motors. Changing gear may not solve the overheating problem.


First, check your gear mesh. Check if there is any binding in the drivetrain. If you are under gearing, it also may be the cause. Or using the motor at Higher RPMs.

Problem 5: Burning of Slash

This is the last problem we are discussing. While using the motor you will see that smell will come out, and after sometimes there will be smoke. This shows that your Traxxas Titan slash is starting to burn.


Oils and maintenance are required for the motor. If the slash is burnt, take out the battery at first. The battery would be hot. What are we doing? Brushed motor break-in.

After unplugging the battery, take the motor off. On the shaft, there will be a flat piece. Put a Screw on the top of the flat piece and take the back bumper off. 

Afterward, you have to put a  screw on this thing very tightly. Maintain the slash tire size too. 

Here is another troubleshooting article for you – Rear/back wheels problems of RC car.

Maintenance of Brushed Motor to Avoid Quick Damage

Appropriate maintenance can be very helpful to make your motor last longer. Follow the steps mentioned below once in a while. 

  • At first, remove the motor from the main body. 
  • Take the dirt and dust off gently with a toothbrush. 
  • Dipping the motor in a water bath can be a very effective way to restore the motor.
  • Take the end wheel out, clean it up, and restore it. 
  • After the training process is done put the motor back. Do exactly the opposite of when you took it out. 

So your motor is clean and fresh as new. You can take it to the field. It’s ready to be made dirty again!

If you are tired of worn-out brushes, you can try a brushless motor. It can be your Traxxas Titan 12t 550 motor alternative

Traxxas Titan 12t 550 motor
Source: Dollar Hobbyz

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to check the activity of a brushed motor?

First, detach the motor from the speed control to check the activity. Then directly connect the terminals to a battery’s positive and negative end. The activity of the brushed motor can be checked by applying direct voltage. The direct voltage causes rotation with high frequency.

What is the lifespan of a motor?

The lifespan of a brushed motor is between 1000 to 3000 hours. On the other hand, brushless Motors can survive up to tens of thousands of hours. The reason is there is a mechanical advantage to a brushless motor. There are no brushes that can wear off.  

What is the efficiency of brushless Motors?

Brushless Motors have higher efficiency than brush Motors. Because there are no brushes to get worn out, as a result, their performance is significantly better.  they have higher efficiency and lower susceptibility.


Worn out of the motor can be a tricky problem to handle.

If you are thinking about how to fix Traxxas Titan 12t 550 motor problems?– Now you know the answer. 

That is all for today. 

See you again with a new technical problem. Till then, take care. 

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