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Traxxas TSM Not Working: 3 Reasons and Solutions

Without any doubt, TSM is one of the best features of Traxxas. But it’s annoying when despite having TSM in your RC it loses control or slips. Many of the Traxxas users complain about facing this situation. 

So, why is your Traxxas TSM not working

There can be some causes behind TSM not functioning. There can be a glitch in the receiver. Or maybe you are driving or braking your RC in reverse. Sometimes, not electronically bounding the transmitter properly with the receiver can cause a problem. Follow proper installing orientation. 

Don’t get hopeless though. These problems are easily solvable. I am going to give you a proper guideline for this. So, keep on reading and get your RC right back to track. 

Why Is Traxxas TSM Not Working? 

TSM is a great feature to have better control of your RC., especially on a slippery, non-traction road. But for some reason, you can find your RC TSM not working

Let’s start your Traxxas TSM troubleshooting.

Reason 1: Receiver Glitch

In most cases, the TSM problem happens for the receiver glitch. When you turn the car on, everything works. But when you give some throttler, you will notice the TSM is not working. 

You may think, How do I know if my Traxxas TSM is working

As you just turned the car on. It’s easy. Give the RC some throttle and rotate it a little. If you see the front steering is not moving, that means the TSM is not working. 


Turn the receiver off and turn it on again. You can do it 2-3 times. Then give your car a throttle. Rotate the car. If you will see the front steering moving, that means the TSM is working. 

Sometimes you can face problems with the throttle. Even when the slash steering is working alright. 

Reason 2: Reverse Braking & Driving

If you were driving your RC in the reverse or braked it that way, then don’t worry. Your TSM doesn’t have any problem. Traxxas has a feature where it automatically deactivates the TSM if you do these things.

Traxxas TSM
Source: Traxxas


Just drive it straight again and TSM will work. It is a feature to protect your car from damage. There is nothing to worry about. 

Reason 3: Improper Bounding of the Transmitter and the Receiver

If you don’t bound your transmitter and receiver properly, TSM won’t work properly. The electronically bound is important. 


To bind the transmitter and receiver properly, follow these steps. You may face a problem binding the receiver sometimes. 

Step 1: Switch the transmitter on. To start the transmitter setting, press and hold the “SET” button of the transmitter. 

Step 2: Switch the model on. Press and hold the LINK button of the receiver. And release it. 

Step 3: You will notice the LED is turned to solid green. Now the transmitter and the receiver are bound. 

Step 4: To make sure the TMS is working properly, give your RC some throttle. And check if the front steering is moving. If everything is okay, your RC is ready to use. 

Remember, Blinking or flashing light on the LED of the receiver or ESC means many things. Focus on the frequency and brightness of the light. 

Make sure to connect the to a power source of 4.8-6.0v (nominal). And make sure while binding, the receiver, and transmitter are within 5 feet of each other. These are a must. 

So, this is how your problem should be solved. But if your TSM receiver is broken, you can buy this one – Traxxas 6519 TQ 2.4 GHz Micro Receiver.

This is an amazing Traxxas RC model with a TSM feature. 

Setting the TSM Properly

There are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to setting the TSM. Such as, 

  • The multi-function knob of the TSM is rotated at a 90o position. Where there is a zero mark. If you wanna increase the assistance, rotate the knob to the right. And for decreasing the assistance, turn it to the left. So, can you turn TSM off?

Yes, you can turn off the TSM. Turn the muti-function knob anti-clockwise to the fullest. And the TSM will be totally off.

Setting the TSM
Source: RC Tech Tips
  • The receiver should be installed as same as the original one. Where the label is facing upward. It will give the highest performance. 
  • When you adjust the steering trim, You have to entirely turn off the TSM. 

It’s now time for some FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Reset Tsm Traxxas?

Power of the transmitter. All of the receiver’s trim levels should be at zero. Take the throttle stick to the off position. Press any trim button and hold it. After a while, you will notice the LED is blinking red light. Which indicates that the reset is completed. 

What Are the Benefit of Traxxas TSM?

TSM gives you more control of your RC. You can easily run the car on the slippery and non-traction road. For TSM, your car won’t fishtail or spin. Additionally, it gives more cornering speed and you can accelerate harder. Moreover, the setting and instruction of this feature aren’t complex at all. 

How Does Traxxas TSM Work?

TSM has a sensor. It can detect the direction and speed of your RC. Suppose, your RC is going through a non-traction road, where there’s a chance of slipping. TSM will detect that and will tighten the control so that your car won’t slip or fishtail. 

End Note

So, could you figure out why is your Traxxas TSM not working? I hope you could, and also could fix it. Remember, to protect your RC, you must follow the instruction given about settings and other things. 

That was all for today. Enjoy driving your favorite RC car and have a good day.

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