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Traxxas UDR Tire Size (What are the Different Sizes)

The different tire sizes for different RC cars can be really confusing. And the UDR tire sizes can be even more confusing. 

So, what are the Traxxas udr tire size?

There are 3 different tires for the Traxxas UDR. those are, KR3, pro-line Racing, and the paddle wheels. The KR3 and the paddle tires are 15.5 inches in length. But the paddle tires are better on the sand. But the pro-line tires are best in all terrains. Also, the proline is lighter than other tires. 

So, that was a glimpse of the tires. But there are more details to learn about. We have discussed the details below. So why don’t you jump right in!

What are the Tires Sizes for UDR?

There are different tire sizes for different sizes of RC. UDR stands for Unlimited Desert Racer. And the desserts are full of sand. Not all tires are compatible for use in sand. Cause it is hard to get grip and traction in the sand. 

The Traxxas rustler tire sizes are different from the tire sizes of UDR. which is why it is important to learn about it. 

But there are proper tires which you can use in the dessert. In the table below we have mentioned 3 tires that can be used in the sand. 

All of these tires hold some characteristics. So, let’s go to the table to learn about them. 

Tire SizesTraxxas 85076-4 KR3 TirePro-Line Racing 1/7 Hyrax All-Terrain Unlimited Desert Racer TiresTraxxas 8475 Desert Racer Wheels with Paddle Tires
Length 15.5 Inches 13 Inches15.5 Inches
Width 8 Inches8.5 Inches8 Inches
Height 2 inches2.3 Inches2 Inches
Weight 14.1 Ounces13 Ounces14.1 Ounces
Off-road Capability Good Best Best on Sand
AvailabilityCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Now that was a quick look at all the details. But wait! Below we have given full details about the factors of each tire. So, let’s jump below to learn more about the tires!

Different Tires Sizes and Characteristics 

These 3 different tires have some distinguishing characteristics. And each of them has its pros and cons. Below we have discussed all tires in detail. 

So let’s begin!

Traxxas 8475 Desert Racer Wheels with Paddle Tires:

The paddle tires are best to use in the sand. These tires are quite big in comparison to the pro-line tires. Also, these tiers are an ounce heavy as well. Traxxas udr fox goes greatly with these tires. 

But these tires perform best in the sand because they have a paddle-like grip on them.

Traxxas udr fox
Source: YouTube

And like we use the paddle in the water, these paddle tires can push through the sand as well. The Traxxas UDR aluminum chassis can be a major upgrade with these tires. 

These tires are quite grippy as well. The rubber which is used to make these tires are soft and sticky. So it even grasps on loose sand and as well in the snow as well.

The Traxxas UDR chassis can handle these tires. These tires are even compatible with Traxxas UDR custom body. In fact, I would recommend you get a TRAXXAS 1/7 Unlimited Desert Racer frame side protection board.

This will provide you with proper protection from the pebbles and rocks in the dessert.

Pro-Line Racing 1/7 Hyrax All-Terrain Unlimited Desert Racer Tires:

The proline tires are the best in many scenarios. These tires are like paddle tires. But it’s hard to use the paddle tires in other terrains than sandy areas. This can be a serious Traxxas udr upgrades.

Traxxas udr upgrades
The proline hyrax tires roll over rocky surfaces Source: Modelsport

These tires have a lot of groves and cuts in them. So these tires can perform on the normal flat roads, muddy areas, and even in desserts as well. You can also use these tires whether you’re using a ⅛ or 1/10 scale RC

The tires are a bit lighter and smaller in comparison to the other 2 tires. The length is 2 inches, which is less than the other two tires. Also, the weight is an ounce lighter than two of the tires. 

Tire KR3 Traxxas 85076-4:

Thee KR3 tires are a bit basic in comparison to the other two tires. Because these tires don’t have anything special to offer. These are kind of like the pro-line tires, but a bit less capable. 

Although, you cannot see these with the Traxxas udr 8s. You can also see these tires coming with the Traxxas udr kit.

Traxxas udr kit
Source: Aliexpress

These tires can be used on sandy terrains. Also, they have some similarities with the paddle tires. Other than the paddle grips, the length, width, height, and weight are the same. These tires are often seen with Traxxas udr roller. 

Also, these tires need to have foam inside them. These tires can perform in a lot of terrains. So, these are UDR compatible. 

Gluing the tires to the wheels is really important. Without proper gluing of the tires, the tires can slide right off. 

If you don’t have the glues to use in this case, check the links below. 

Pro-Line Racing Pro-Line Tire GlueCheck Price
Bob Smith Industries Maxi-Cure Extra ThickCheck Price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Motor Does the Traxxas UDR Use?

The Traxxas UDR uses a 2200kV motor. The motor is really powerful. It can output up to 2200 kilo volt of power. The power is equally distributed among the 4 wheels. It is a sensorless brushless motor. 

How to Glue the Tires to the Wheels?

You need to spread the glue on the wheel and on the tires. But before you do so, attach the foam inside the tires. Afterward, squeeze the tire into the wheel and glue on the gap between the wheels and the tires. 

What is the Size of the Wheel in Traxxas UDR?

The size of the wheel used by the Traxxas UDR is dual-diameter 40 mm x 56 mm. The diameter of the wheel also can be 40 mm x 81 mm. You can attach the 13 or 15.5-inch tires on these wheels.

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