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Truggy Vs Stadium Truck: 6 Major Differences!

The fun of RC vehicles varies with the model of the car. Several models of RC devices are popular among enthusiasts. The stadium truck and Truggy are two of them.

But what are the major differences between truggy vs stadium truck?

Well, there are many major differences between truggy and stadium trucks. The truggy comes with a heavier body. It has a 4WD drivetrain. Whereas the stadium truck has a 2WD drivetrain. The price of the stadium truck is also less. The motor position in the truggy and the stadium truck is different too.

This is only the starting. Much more information is yet to be unveiled. Kindly come with me to know everything you need!

Short Comparison 

The truggy and stadium truck can be differentiated by several factors. They have differences in almost every factor. You can easily identify them by looking at their properties just like identifying buggy and truggy.

I have made the following table to make your work easy. Look at it to know all the major differences at a glance. All of your doubts on the topic will surely be cleared then.

Factors Truggy Stadium Truck 
Drivetrain Mosltly 4 WDMostly 2 WD
Centre DifferentialYesNo
Motor Setup Mid-mountRear
ProductCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

This comparison table will enable you to make a fast decision. Yet there are many more details to these points. Please keep reading to learn about every small point on this topic!

truggy truck
Source: Youtube

Extended Comparison 

Stadium RC trucks are fun to play with. Here’s someone sharing their stadium RC trucks.

However, stadium Truck and Truggy are different vehicles. Their RC models are also very disparate. In this section, I have discussed all the differences with a comprehensive review. Have a good look at it!!


The drivetrain of any RC car can be regarded as its main skeleton. The connection of the wheels with the motor is dependent on the drivetrain. There are mainly two types of trains, 4-wheel drive (4WD) and 2-wheel drive (2WD).

4WD means 4 wheels are connected with the drivetrain. So the car moves with all 4 wheels. In other words, the motor supplies power to all of the wheels. On the other hand, the 2WD drivetrains power 2 wheels of the RC car.

The truggy mostly comes with a 4WD drivetrain. And the stadium truck consists of a 2WD drivetrain generally. However, both truggy and stadium trucks have 2WD and 4WD models available.

So the overall driving power of the truggy is generally greater than the stadium truck. However many other factors are also responsible for power delivery.


RC cars are well known for their looks. They have a look similar to the original model of the car. Only the size is small. And how small this site depends on the scale of the car. Suppose an RC car is made on a 1/12th scale. 

This means the model is 12 times smaller than the original version of the car. The truggy is bigger than the stadium truck in this case. The scale of truggy is 1/8th. So it is 8 times smaller than the original truggies.
On the contrary, the stadium truck scale is 1/10th. So it is 10 times smaller than the original stadium truck. So the 1/10 scale RC stadium truck is smaller than the 1/8 scale RC truggy. It is completely on the user to choose between 1/10 & 1/8 RC scales.

stadium truck
Source: Expert Reviews

Center Differential:

The center differential plays an important role in power distribution. The speed of the wheels of the RC car is synced with the differential. Also, torsional stress in the drivetrain is reduced with its help. Thus the power delivery is improved.

The center differential system is missing in the stadium truck. It is mainly due to the absence of a 4WD drivewheel system. Because a 4WD truggy requires more power balance than a 2 WD stadium truck.

Anyway, the truggy comes with a center differential. As it has a 4WD mechanism, the center differential allows it to balance between the wheels. The traction is improved along its power delivery because of this.

Motor Setup: 

The truggy and stadium trucks can also be identified based on their motor position. The position of the motor in the RC vehicle can be important for many people. There are certain aspects of rear and mid-motors.

The motor of the truggy is mid-mounted. That means the motor is present in the middle of the vehicle. This position of the motor allows even load distribution. The weight of the vehicle is maintained equally in the front and back of the RC truggy.

Whereas the stadium truck comes with a motor positioned at the rear. So the truck is powered from the back of the vehicle. Rear engines are known for their power and high speed. Usually, race cars come with rear engines for this reason.


Another important difference between the truggy and stadium trucks is their weight. The weight of these two vehicles is dissimilar. Lightweight is appreciated for RC vehicles. But often it is not possible to make every vehicle light.

The truggy is such a vehicle. It is quite heavy. The reason behind its weight is its specifications. The 4WD drivetrain of the truggy has made it heavier. Whereas, the truck is lightweight. This happens for the differences between 2WD & 4WD drivetrains. 


Now let’s talk about the prices of these two RC models. The price of Truggy is higher than the stadium trucks. This is due to the presence of a 4WD system and center differential. Anyway, there are many models with vast price ranges available.

Some of the best Truggy RC cars are listed below.

Currently, one of the best Truggy RC cars on the market is Arrma Vorteks.

For similar performance and lightweight, go for Traxxas Rustler XL-5.

For cutting sharp corners at high speed, opt for Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car.

These are all the comparison factors of the stadium truck vs truggy. If you are still confused, follow the next section. There I will present my opinion on the choice of stadium truck and truggy.

stadium truck and truggy
Source: Traxxas

Final Discussion 

It is not very easy to decide between the truggy and the stadium truck. Both of them have excellent specifications. However, I have tried to choose by comparing these two.

The truggy is a heavier RC model. It comes with a 4WD drivetrain. So the force of the vehicle is more. Also the control and power delivery are better. But it will gain less speed due to heavyweight. The wear and stress on the battery and motor are more too.

On the contrary, the stadium truck is quite lighter. The controlling mechanism of this vehicle is not as improved as the truggy. The price of a stadium truck is also less. So this is a good choice if you have a tight budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Difference Between a Truggy and Buggy? 

The difference between a truggy and a buggy is in their size. A buggy is a traditional vehicle. It is smaller than a truggy. A truggy is bigger in almost all aspects than a buggy. It has longer arms, drive shafts, and a wider chassis. The combination of these parts is also different from a buggy.

What Is a Truggy?

A truggy is a vehicle with a combination of features from a buggy and truck. It is an off-road racing vehicle. Importance has been given to its performance while making it. The look of a truggy is similar to both a buggy and a truck. It can be described as a buggy with the shape of a truck.

What Is the Difference Between a Short Course and a Stadium Truck?

The difference between short course and stadium truck is in their size. The size of the wheel, body, and tire of a stadium truck is bigger. A stadium truck is wider with a short wheelbase. The sidewall tires in a stadium truck are wider and taller than in a short course truck. 

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