Vaterra V100 Upgrades

Vaterra V100 Upgrades: Uplift Your Driving Experience


Vaterra makes amazing RC vehicles. But that’s not why you’re here today, is it? You’re here because the performance you’re getting from the V100 isn’t satisfying your needs.

We understand that fully. And it’s logical too. But we hate the fact that some of the brands don’t give you the premium experience without having to pay extra. I mean, they could just charge you a few bucks more and include all the nice upgrades, right?

I digress.

Today, we’ll talk about the Vaterra V100 upgrades so that you can exponentially improve your RC driving experience.

The V100 is a beautiful little machine. But these upgrades can churn out even more performance from it. So let’s talk about the upgrades without further ado-

Product Overview

First up, we have this motor combo from Dynamite. This one is rather weird-looking. But, you won’t be looking at the motor once it’s in place. So let’s talk in detail-

Motors act as the heart of your vehicle, at times. So it’s normal if you’re spending the lion’s share of your budget on a motor combo. And, this one from Dynamite beat the others that we tested out.

In terms of ease of installation, I’d give it an 8 out of 10. We did need to tinker with the wires a bit to make this fit. 

As for performance, I think this provides the perfect amount of power to the V100. It’s not a lot of power that ends up making the vehicle inefficient. And it’s also not too less to pull the little guy across the track.

We’ve seen a lot of motors during the testing. And some of them even got fried after a couple of weeks. While this one has the tendency of overheating, we didn’t notice anything too strange. So I think you should be safe.

Just try and avoid running the vehicle when the sun’s directly shining on it. This might damage the battery, too, along with the other components. 


  • Provides a decent improvement in torque
  • Improves the motor efficiency
  • Provides more power 
  • Comes with the wires installed
  • Works perfectly with the V100


  • It might overheat at times
  • This might seem pricey

Product Overview

Up next, we have a battery from Venom. I know you saw the size of the battery at first and got confused. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend a 2000 mAh battery in other circumstances either. 

But let me be clear. This battery is almost perfect for the size of the V100. Since it’s not a giant monster truck, you don’t have to equip it with a giant 5000mAh battery.

The car is also comparatively lighter than most of the other vehicles. So adding a bigger battery isn’t a good idea if you want to win races. Added weight will pull back the vehicle. And in competitive races, a slight advantage can get you a long way. 

This one comes with the universal plug. So, I shouldn’t be too worried about compatibility. What I am worried about is the heating issue. This battery tends to get quite hot during normal use. And, the heat just rises when you’re charging it. 

Although this isn’t normal, it didn’t cause any accidents during our three months of testing. So the heating issue can be termed as “normal” for now. 

This is like any other lithium polymer battery. And they do tend to get hot. So don’t worry about it. What matters is the performance.

And that’s decent too. During our testing, we didn’t notice any significant discharge acceleration. So you should be good for the year. This one surely adds a few minutes to the already great battery life of the V100. And that’s an achievement on its own. 


  • Provides a decent discharge rate
  • Provides a longer runtime
  • Affordable upgrade option
  • Great compatibility
  • Lightweight battery


  • The capacity might seem underwhelming
  • It has heating issues

Product Overview

We tried to look for shock sets from other companies. But this set from Vaterra seemed to beat the others. And this one won the votes with compatibility. 

I’m not saying that the other brands were bad, in any way. They just weren’t as perfect as this for the V100. And it makes us mad that Vaterra didn’t make this the stock shock set in the first place. 

Well, I guess they have to have some way to make money from after-sales, right? I digress.

The difference you’ll see using this and the stock is night and day. We were even impressed with the range on it. 

If you’re not convinced, well, we tried to push them to their limits. And I think we went a little too far with these. So, the outcome was a lot of scratches. Well, they didn’t downgrade the performance of the shocks, though. So we were happy.

They also offer a decent range so you shouldn’t have too much to complain about. Although you might not need it, the absorption is decent during the higher jumps.


  • Big upgrade from the stock
  • Fits all sides perfectly
  • Has a decent range
  • Comes with a good absorption capacity


  • It could have been a bit more durable

Product Overview

A driveshaft is something you might not want to upgrade unless you have to. But, I think you’ll change your mind once you compare this one to the stock one. Well, at least we did!

I don’t know if this is a common issue or not, but the stock driveshaft has some vibration issues. I mean, you might not notice it at all if you never tried out anything else. But it’s actually not supposed to be there.

Well, this driveshaft has a far better structural integrity than the stock one. So much so that we noticed a significant decrease in vibrations. 

Now, that’s something that should get you riled up since Vaterra didn’t include this one as stock. But, there’s nothing for us to do in this case. 

The vibration issue is really apparent once the car picks up the pace. We weren’t able to keep the car at a steady 50mph with the stock shaft. But, we were able to pick up the pace to even higher than that without any issues. So that’s a plus point if ever I’ve seen one. 


  • Deals with vibration issues
  • Comes with improved structural integrity
  • Strong build quality


  • Pricier than plastic shafts

Product Overview 

Lastly, we have this cute little upright set. And, most of you might be ready to ignore this as an upgrade altogether. But hear us out! This set might make it or break it for you on the track.

Firstly, replace those plastic ones right after you get them. I mean it. The difference we observed by putting both the sets side-by-side was ridiculous. Come on, Vaterra, do better. 

This whole page might look like a rant on why Vaterra didn’t include parts. But it’s not. So let’s continue-

When it comes to installation, it was easy. I mean, I did require a couple of extra hands. But that was because I had to do it quicker. You would be able to do this in under half an hour by yourself.

We tested out the V100 for two months with this upright set installed. And the results surprised us. 

The only complaint I have about this is the price. And this is the only thing that’ll keep people from making this upgrade. We put this in fifth place. 


  • Solid aluminum build
  • Good for steering adjustment
  • Easy to install 
  • Simple to operate


  • A bit on the pricey side

Which Upgrades Should You Opt for?

Time to find out the priority list of the upgrades. I mean, you don’t need to follow this to a T. But the order has been proven efficient out of all. So let’s dive right into it.

Upgrade Method #1: Improved Motor Combo

The first thing to upgrade should be the motor. And if you can get yourself a new motor combo, then that’s like hitting the jackpot. 

A new motor combo will almost always improve performance. But don’t opt for a cheaper one if you have better choices. I think it’s worth spending the extra for this. After all, you could consider this one a heavy investment.

That’s because the motor is often the heart of the RC vehicle. The motor that comes with the V100 is no slouch. But if you can install a better motor combo, who’s stopping you from coming first in all the races?

Upgrade Method #2: A New Battery

Since the V100 can go fast, it tends to eat up a lot of power. No, I’m not kidding. You can see this little guy eat up energy from the battery relatively quickly. Similarly, a battery upgrade on Traxxas Slash 4×4 motor can improve its battery too. 

And if you’re participating in a long race, there’s a risk of failing. Now, I know this doesn’t happen a lot. But it could happen at a crucial time that can cost you a fortune.

So, upgrade to a new battery and save yourself from the humiliation. You could probably come last with a ten-second lead if your battery fails. Or worse yet, you could end up being disqualified. That’s not a good look, is it?

Upgrade Method #3: New Set of Shocks

New coil-over shock absorbers always make a difference. The stock ones aren’t too bad. But if you opt for high-performance shocks, you’re sure to see results.

And I think a set of shocks which are built strongly can win you races. Pick out shocks that have a higher range so that you can tune them to perfection. Some of them might be expensive, so conduct your research carefully.

Upgrade Method #4: Better Driveshaft

This is one of those upgrades that you don’t always go for. Even the top competitors can spend years on the stock driveshaft. And you might think that you don’t need a new driveshaft if your stock one isn’t broken.

It’s fine. I can respect this decision. But, once you switch to a more durable and sturdier driveshaft, you won’t want to switch back. That’s the difference a newer driveshaft can make!

Just make sure that the driveshaft you opted for fits the V100 perfectly. If you end up getting something cheaper, you might face huge vibration issues. So the structural integrity really matters in this case. 

Upgrade Method #5: A New Upright Set

Most of you might not even know that this exists on your V100. But this moderately expensive upgrade could help you win the races that you’re losing. Again, winning races cost money. So be prepared to spend.

The plastic ones will almost always be way cheaper. But why would you want to switch to a plastic set from the stock one? That’s absurd! 

Listen, this little mechanism will improve your steering adjustment a lot. And operating with these on becomes a breeze. So think about this one.

Again, this isn’t a must-have upgrade. But it’s something that works to improve performance. 


Question: Will a motor combo increase my speed?

Answer: A new motor combo might work in different ways to improve performance. You might see an increase in torque, while you might see a speed increase too. Not all the motor combos are built the same. So think about your priorities first.

Question: Will my V100 get a longer battery life from changing?

Answer: If you switch to a higher capacity battery, there’s a good chance that your battery life will take a decent hit, in the positive direction, of course. A bigger battery always gets you a longer runtime if it is optimized properly. So pick out batteries from reliable brands. 

Question: Can I install all these myself?

Answer: Most of the parts here have the DIY aspect to them. But you could always ask for another pair of hands. That never seems to disappoint, right? 


The V100 probably has the most overwhelming fanbase. And it’s perfectly normal. Almost every enthusiast wants to churn out better performance from their V100. I can’t blame them.

And upgrading is the way to do it. But you shouldn’t upgrade everything you can if you’re short on budget. Just prioritize certain upgrades over others. I think the list will help you out to decide on the best Vaterra V100 upgrades.

Hopefully, this article can bring you up to pace with the most relevant upgrades. Do let us know how the upgrades went. Till then, take care and stay safe!

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