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Venom Pro Duo Charger Problems: 2 Issues Fixed!

So you have got a new venom pro duo charger. It hasn’t even been a week and it’s behaving erratically. Sometimes it would show the connection break error. And other times it would show low battery power out of nowhere. 

So you’re wondering how to get rid of venom pro duo charger problems?

Connection break error in venom pro duo chargers is the most common problem users complain about. Installing an alligator clip should solve the issue. Furthermore, getting the proper connector will also work. Another problem is low voltage. Just set the charger between 0.1-0.2 amps to solve it.

Confused, still? Well, don’t worry! Because in this article we have mentioned two common issues with venom pro duo charger. Provided some simple and easy-to-follow solutions, as well.

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Problem 1: The “Connection Break” Error

You just bought a new venom pro duo charger. When you connect this up to charge the NiMH batteries, there are no issues.

However, when you want to charge your LiPo via the balance block, there is. It shows a connection break” error. 

You have already read the manual but could not find anything.

Do not worry! Here is an effortless solution for you.

venom pro duo chargers


This is the most common issue that occurs with the venom pro duo chargers. The solution is not quite complex as well.

You just have to follow all the instructions given below.

Step 1: Cord with Alligator Clips

First of all, you have to plug in the incoming 12 Volts power source. Make sure you do it on the left side of your charger. Now cord it with Alligator clips.

Some of the best compatible Alligator clips are recommended below.

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Step 2: Get A Matching Connector

Now move to the lower right part. It’s a spot where 2 banana plugs need to be put in. Namely, A + and A- like its cover says. 

It is where you’ve to get a matching connector to your battery’s main power source.

Step 3: Get A Proper Connector

The right upper part is for the purpose of balanced charging. A plastic plug would go into this part. 

Put it in with a ribbon connector and balance board for a distinct percentage of cells. The charger may go up to 6 cells. 

What you have to do is get the proper connector. You can get connectors like APP, Astro Zero-Loss, or E-Flite. It will do the job.

Thus you can solve this issue with your venom charger. It has been reported to work most of the time. So, why don’t you try it out?

Connector of venom pro

Problem 2: Low Voltage Error

This is another problem that is very common. So you have 3ser batteries. But the charger reads 2ser.

However, when you choose 2ser, it charges for approximately 25 seconds. Then it stops as it’s full but surely is not.

Also, if you plug in some other clips, it says ‘voltage too low.’


This is another common problem that comes with the venom pro duo charger. However, you can quite simply solve it as well.

Only if you follow the step-by-step process provided below.

Step 1: Enable a Low Charge Rate

Now the first thing you are gonna do is try charging your lipo as a NiMh

However, do it only long enough until you get voltage back over 9 volts!

Because when you leave lipo charging as NiMh, it’ll damage it. Also, it will probably vent and catch fire.

So you’ve to instruct the charger that it’s a 7 or 8-cell pac. Thus it would enable it to charge at 0.1 to 0.2 amps. It should not go any higher. 

And you want to have a low charge rate. Otherwise, the voltage will go up too fast. It can eventually damage the lipo. 

Step 2: Take Action Immediately 

If you notice the voltage up over 9 volts, immediately stop the charge. 

Do not leave when the charging is going on. Carefully scrutinize the charger all the while and then voltage on the lipo.

Step 3: Complete the Process

After you’ve done everything mentioned in the previous steps, you need to switch to a lipo charge. Then it should charge naturally. 

However, there are chances that you may see the lipo begin to swell some time. It may also start overheating. If so, you need to disconnect everything. Then take the charger outside. You have to leave it there for at least a day. 

Because It’s an indicator that it has become potentially unsafe. If the swell does not get any bigger, then you may try reseeding with it.  

However, it is better if you do it outside. Because, this way, if anything happens, it won’t ruin anything.
This is typically how you can rescue an undamaged lipo battery that’s been a little over-discharged. Thus saving you venom pro duo charger.

charging your lipo

These solutions have worked numerous times for many users. However, to succeed you have to actually know what you are doing. 

We believe that following these three-step methods accordingly will be a great help. 

So just try them out to find out for yourself! Venom Pro Duo charger is very reliable regardless of some minor issues. Here’s someone using the Venom Pro Duo charger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my venom charger flashing red?

The venom charger flashing red implies that the battery voltage is maybe too low. If so, the red light is supposed to blink about 90 seconds after the battery insertion. In that case, just leave the batteries in your charger for around 24 hours. Then you can remove the battery.

Is it possible to bring a LiPo battery back into life?

To bring a lipo back to life, first move your battery over to the Lipo balance charger. Do it when the cumulative voltage is about 3.3 volts per cell. Keep the balance charge rating at 0.5C rating. It may take longer than charging at 1C. However, it is safer.

How will you understand when your venom battery pack is charged?

Well, there is actually no way to tell if or when they’re fully charged. Because they only flash a severely bright green light when charging. The LED also won’t change color. Even won’t stop the flashing light when fully charged.

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