What Bodies Fit Arrma Senton 3s

What Bodies Fit Arrma Senton 3s?: [A Detailed Guide For You]

The arrma senton 3s has been a great hit in the section of RC cars. This monster of a 4X4 wheel RC car is the definition of powerful and durable. 

Since it is so powerful, it is normal for it to get hit on many terrains. In this situation, you can restore your arrma senton by changing its body.

So the question is, what bodies fit arrma senton 3s?

There are many models of different RC bodies which fit the arrma senton 3s. For instance, you can pick models from Chevy, Volkswagen, Ford & Toyota RC cars. You can color the bodies. However, don’t add too much weight while customizing. You can also change tires according to the bodies.

Alongside this information, you’ll need to read the article to get the bigger picture.

Hence, don’t waste any time and read along!

5 Bodies That Fit the Arrma Senton 3s

Picked Arrma after having an Arrma vs Traxxas debate?

Well, now, you have lots of things to do. For example, the arrma senton 3s upgrades may seem a bit complex. However, if you find compatible components with your existing model, it can be easy! 

Source: arrma-rc.com

There are a handful of body kits that fit the arrma senton 3s. Note that, almost all arrma senton body options can be matched with the other models. For example, 3s, 4s & 5s. 

Let’s look at the arrma senton 3s body shell options below.

Option 1: The Race Truck Body of 1978 Chevy C-10

If you’re looking for an ideal arrma senton 3s body upgrade, this one is perfect. You don’t have to worry about fitting issues for this one.

This Chevy C-10 body has a unique old-school style, which is hard to dislike! The retro and nostalgic feeling you get from this body is really worth mentioning. This car has won many off-road races. 

Although this body is on the heavier side. If it feels too heavy to you, you can always make nitro fuel for RC. It’ll boost the speed of your RC car whenever you need it. 

However, boosting too frequently might create issues regarding the arrma senton 3s battery. It’s best not to take the risk and refrain from it.

Option 2: The Full Fender Baja Bug Body of Volkswagen

This body is good for sandy occasions. On top of that, it fits perfectly with the arrma senton 3s. This is an officially licensed body, so you don’t need to worry.

The Volkswagen full fender Baja bug body comes in blue color. You can always get creative and try different looks on your RC. Customizing RC paint can be a great way to modify how the car looks. 

The blue color combined with sandy occasions gives a breezy vibe to your RC experience. 

Option 3: The SUV Body of 1981 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is a famous car in the whole world. Having the body of this on your arrma senton 3s can be extraordinary.

This body captures the SUV look from the Ford bronco’s 1981 model. However, if your tire and body combination is too heavy, it might impact the battery. If you find difficulties with the battery, you can always replace them.

Here are some good quality batteries for your arrma senton 3s-

By using these batteries, you can be tension-free about your RC cars!

Option 4: The Desert Truck Body of 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

This one is good for indoor racing. This body has stickers relating to the legendary Ford raptor itself. This arrma senton raptor body is an exceptional one for this reason!

We all know how famous the Ford F-150 Raptor is. This car is a monster when we’re discussing 4X4 wheel drives. Having the body of this car on your favorite arrma senton can be amazing!

Source: thercnetwork.com

You’ll have the option to customize it with stickers. Furthermore, you can make the stickers at home yourself. The car can have a racer appearance, a muscle car appearance. It is totally up to you.

Option 5: The True Scale Body of Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

This body of the Toyota tundra TRD pro is made out of polycarbonate paint. That makes it very durable and lightweight. Also, this body replicates the original tundra pro.

The front grille, tail lights, and the Toyota logo create an iconic look. And honestly, who doesn’t love Toyota?

This model provides an on-road action look of a Toyota truck. So all in all, if you are a Toyota fanboy, this body is the perfect option for you! 

The arrma senton body shell mentioned above can provide good quality. You can opt for any of these. They’ll fit the arrma senton 3s effortlessly.

Additional Information Regarding Body Shells

It’s always fun and games while applying the arrma senton 3s body changes. However, you’ll need to keep some things in mind in order to avoid mistakes. Let’s look at some of them-

  • You might not always find the desired color when choosing the body. In this situation, you can consider painting the arrma senton 3s body. You can be creative with an arrma senton-painted body

Make sure to use lightweight colors which dry quickly. You can use acrylic colors to paint the body of the arrma senton 3s. If you paint, let it dry fully before your next run!

  • If you use a body on an old arrma senton 3s, it might damage the motor. Using a heavier body than recommended can also cause this. The extra weight puts pressure on the motors.

If it’s outputting less performance, replace it with one of the best-brushed motors out there. Brushed motors are the best option when considering arrma senton 3s motor.

  • Different bodies change the weight and overall boost of the arrma sentons 3s. So, you may consider a tire change when you fit a body onto the senton. A tire change can easily counteract all the performance-related issues!

Choosing an allrounder tire can be game-changing. Try to find tires with good grips, long-wear, and fit for all terrains. For example, Pro-line slingshot tires, Badlands MX SC tires, etc.

Source: Polo Creations RC

That’s all from me.


Do the alternative bodies of arrma sentons 4X4s cause problems?

No, the bodies don’t cause problems; unless you choose an option that is not fit. For example, you cannot fit a body of a truck on a car. It will have weight issues, motor issues and the overall experience might get ruined. Only use bodies that are compatible with the Arrma senton model you own.

Can the same motor be fitted into every arrma senton?

Not every model of the arrma senton can be equipped with the same motor. The size, weight can mismatch and create performance issues in some models. However, you can fit the same motor in some series. You can equip arrma senton 5s, 4s, and 3s with the same motor. It’s not recommended though. 

Is it possible to equip other gadgets onto the arrma senton?

The arrma senton RC cars can be equipped with many different gadgets. The only thing you have to worry about is the weight. If the car itself becomes too heavy, it won’t operate well. The sentons are beasts with great pulling capacities but they have a limit too. So, always check the weight.

Wrapping up

I’m hoping this guide regarding what bodies fit arrma senton 3s has been very helpful. 

You can always get creative with the arrma senton 3s bodies. But, try not to do something which compromises the structural integrity of the body. 

All the best and have fun upgrading!

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