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What Happened to Aeroworks? The Sunken RC Aircraft

How do you feel when your favorite item is out of the market? Be it anything small or big you would love to see it in the market.

Those who love flying and are interested in aviation only understand the wonders of Aeroworks. It’s become a piece of emotion for them.

All of a sudden they quit. You might wonder what happened to Aeroworks.

Aeroworks stopped their services after leaving a post on Facebook on October 28, 2016. But didn’t reveal any reason. From multiple sources, it’s found they were in financial trouble. Both the founders had little or no inventory. Also, the evolving industry didn’t fascinate Rocco and Sandy much. So, all these made them take such a decision.

Are you thrilled to know more? 

This is just the beginning of it. Scroll down to know the full picture.

What Happened to Aerowokrs? (Explained)

Aeroworks has been in the industry for almost 25 years. Their journey started back in 1991. In these two decades, they’ve achieved a leader’s position in the RC airplane industry. Here’s the picture of one of the first Aeroworks planes shared by someone!

Every beginning has an ending. Sadly, Aeroworks announced its farewell by giving a Facebook post in October 2016.

The news came as a shock to the Aeroworks aircraft lovers. This reminds us of the time when Bolink RC suddenly disappeared.

No one ever imagined this would happen to their favorite RC kit company. Also a few days before the announcement, they ran a 30% off sale.

So, why did Aeroworks discontinue its venture?

Aerowork’s performance was up to the mark like before. But, their product’s pricing went off the mark. They purposely kept high prices since they were in financial debt. 

From secondary sources, we came to know that they had left with a few inventories. This resulted in bankruptcy and there wasn’t any possible way.

Also, one of the founders Rocco allegedly talked about the changing industry. He found the industry hadn’t had enough opportunity for growth.

In those tough times the two founders, Rocco and Sandy decided to close Aerowroks for good.

But, how did they start Aweroworks in the first place and make it this big? Do you want to read a brief backstory of Aeroworks? 

We hear yes. So, Let’s find out!

Aeroworks aircraft
Source: Industry Tap

How Did Aeroworks Start?

We found the history in a 2010 article published by the Academy of Model Aeronautics. The story is fascinating for all the aviation people.

Rocco the founder had a knack for flying since his childhood. He was 10 when his uncle discovered his interest in flying. Rocco joined a local flying wing as well.

By the time he was 13, he started competing in Radio Control Aerobatics competitions. Eventually, he found his passion for large-scale aircraft.

He and his friends even built a 96-inch wingspan aerobatics model from scratch. They officially started making it in 1994.

In 1994 they started building airplanes along with airplane offerings. Soon their business took off.

Rocco always gave priority to customers’ opinions and listened to his heart. Sandy used to handle the PR side of Aeroworks along with making planes. With their joint effort, they made it their pride.

So, in this way, Aeroworks came into the industry. Due to unfavorable circumstances, they’re no longer operating in the world of RC. 

However, Is there still any chance of a comeback? Found out next!

Will Aeroworks Ever Make a Comeback?

So far the answer is not. Aeroworks mentioned in their goodbye post that they’ll come with new endeavors. From 2016 to 2022 there hasn’t been any new endeavor.

Also, Aeroworks didn’t come to live after October 2016. This disappearance causes customers discomfort. Now they don’t have a source to buy Aeroworks RC parts for their new airplanes.

As we mentioned earlier, they set Aeroworks up for sale just before they quit. Customers didn’t know the reason and bought new Aeroworks kits

Their situation was like DJI users. DJI’s fly app is not on the play store. Here, Aerowork’s new kits didn’t and still don’t have spare parts for sale. 

Customers became highly disappointed. Because buying a plane isn’t enough for an RC setup. You need other items with that. Specifically, an AeroWorks plane needs Aeroworks parts.

Since 2016, we haven’t heard from Aeroworks. It’s safe to say they’re not coming back to the industry.

Since they haven’t returned yet, who took their place?

Aeroworks kits
Source: Giant Scale News

What Are Some Replacements for Aeroworks?

With time, Aeroworks got numerous competitions in the RC industry. But, who exactly fills their shoes? 

We sorted two big names who are doing extremely well with their products. Let’s find out more about them.

Extreme Flight

The first one is EF or extreme flight. EF is also known as 3DHS. It’s sometimes considered superior to Aeroworks.

EF’s 540 edge is one of their best products. Its lightweight build quality gives ease in flying. Also, It’s safe because it’ll come down automatically when gas is low.

If Aeroworks were still in business, EF would be their prime competitor.

Horizon Hobby

Horizon Hobby has been in the game for the longest time now. Even before Aeroworks, it was reigning in the industry.

Its highly-priced items couldn’t affect their sales. The reason is customer convenience. They sell parts of models that they discontinued so that users don’t face any hassle. Also, they make sure there are enough parts available for each model they release.

In terms of the customer’s point of view, HH takes over Aerowork’s place. Just how Aeroworks used to value customer opinion.

No matter how many companies come and go. Aeroworks will still have the same place in the hearts of aviation fanatics. It’ll always be remembered for its amazing product lines.

Horizon Hobby
Source: Fly RC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is RC Plane Same as a Drone?

No, RC planes aren’t as same as drones. Drones are comparatively smaller than RC planes. Also, both are used for different purposes. RC planes are smaller versions of aircraft. It’s mostly piloted, unlike drones. Both have distinct features and technologies.

How Far Can RC Planes Fly?

Normally RC planes can cover a distance of 1.5Km. It can go up to more based on UHF (ultra high frequency). Moreover, radio power, controller’s antenna, flying environment, and wind all impact the covering distance. So, there’s no exact answer to that. 

What Was the First RC Plane?

The Big Guff was the first radio-controlled plane. Walt and Bill’s two brothers started this back in 1938. Most likely, You haven’t heard about them in recent times. In today’s advanced technology Big Guff couldn’t make it. The new-age RC planes hail from Horizon Hobby, Extreme Flight, and others.

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