what happened to bolink rc

What happened to Bolink RC (Truth Revealed)

Imagine you want to buy a Bolink RC car and you’re calling them to order. The number isn’t available anymore. You visit their website and it shows errors. You even send an email but no response.

Doesn’t this whole scenario make you wonder what happened to Bolink RC?

Bolink RC was out of the market for a while in the 2000s. Soon RJ Speed bought Bolink and now they are the official owners. There isn’t any Bolink RC website that exists now.  It became RJ Speed in 2004. Due to bad leadership they suffered. Their products are still ideal for any RC vehicle.

This is not all. There’s a lot you didn’t know about Bolink. Also, you’ll know about companies we can look at except Bolink.

This is going to be a fun roller coaster. Are you ready?

Keep going!

What Actually Happened to Bolink RC? (Explained!)

Bolink RC has been in the market for decades. Suddenly, in 2003 they disappeared without showing a cause. They disappeared as the great planes kits.

Here’s a vintage Bolink RC from someone’s storage.

From several secondary resources, we found some facts that justify its sudden hideout. 

Bob Rule the man behind Bolink passed away in the same year. His sudden demise made the company’s fate at stake. His son Steve was responsible for making further decisions about the company.

However, Steve Rule failed in his job. The company lacked planning and strategy. This made the owners stop their operations.

Customers are still waiting for 1988’s Bolink eliminator‘s comeback. They are hoping to get new eliminator enduro 10 to add to their RC collection. Are you one of them?

In a nutshell, the new owner after Bob couldn’t handle the aura of Bolink. They failed to manage the company. It could be debt or other financial difficulties.

Customers seem to be satisfied with Bolink and were surprised to see them closed. Even to date, they admire Bolink pan cars that their dads used to have. 

So, it’s clear their products weren’t the reason they stepped back. It’s either the leader’s wrong choices or financial barriers that made Bolink disappear.

But, has Bolink completely out of the market? 

Let’s find out the answer next!

Bolink pan cars
Source: Tamiya Club

Has Bolink RC Made a Comeback?

Fortunately, Bolink RC made a comeback soon after they went off. It came to the news that in 2004 RJ Speed started selling Bolink RC. 

From then you can find all Bolink RC cars on RJ Speed’s website. From Bolink RC bodies to Bolink cars everything is available on their website.

RJ Speed, once Bolink RC’s competitor, is now selling Bolink products along with their own. This is called business. This made RJ speed’s business more profitable than before. 

Now you’re getting both RJ legends and Bolink legends in the same place. Also the other RC vehicles, like RC scale cars, and trucks. There was no better way for Bolink to survive.

RJ Speed saved Bolink’s vintage reputation in the world of RC cars. Otherwise, the latter generation could have never experienced the magic of Bolink RC.

Have you ever thought of any other substitutes? What would happen if Bolink was actually discontinued? Have you ever considered other brand’s RC cars before?

In the next part, we’ll discuss new tech and advanced replacements for Bolink RC cars. Then you’ll be able to answer the questions asked before.

Bolink legends
Source: Pinterest

What are Some Other Substitutes for Bolink RC?

In this era of advanced technology, you’ll find tons of replacements for Bolink RC. The most famous ones are horizon hobby, HPI Racing, and Traxxas.

Horizon Hobby

Horizon Hobby entered the market at almost the same time as Bolink RC. They’ve now become a reliable name for radio control vehicles. 

From RC scale cars to trucks they have sold high-quality durable products for all these years. They’ve made the process of choosing the right-sized RC scale car easier. If you haven’t checked them out yet, give them a try.

HPI Racing

The next one is HPI Racing. HPI came into the market back in 1978. Soon it made its name in making scale model cars, streetcars, and whatnot.

It was awarded for making the best radio control vehicles against its competitors. It’s definitely a must-try brand for all RC enthusiasts.


Lastly, Traxxas. Traxxas is capable of building as big as 1/16 scale RC cars. Not just cars, trucks, monster trucks, buggies, boats you just name it. Traxxas has specialized in making modern RC vehicles.

Fun fact, it was under a horizon hobby before. That means horizon hobby used to sell Traxxas. 

For some reason, they discontinued doing so. Now Traxxas is selling its own products. Sure, it’s seen more success than before.

See, you’ve got a bunch of options other than Bolink RC. You should definitely try them out for a change.

To summarize, it’s still there and you can avail them whenever you want.

We are almost at the end. Hopefully, you find this helpful. You shouldn’t have any doubts about your favorite RC brand Bolink anymore. 

Well, before we wrap it up, let’s learn some common FAQs.

Traxxas rc cars
Source: PicClick

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happened to ECX RC?

Horizon Hobby bought the ownership of ECX RC. It was already the parent company for ECX. Now you won’t find any separate ECX website. ECX vehicles are now being sold from the Horizon Hobby website. However, the exact reason is unknown. Fortunately, your ECX RC has gone nowhere and you still buy it.

What Happened to Ultimate RC?

There isn’t anything serious that happened to the youtube channel Ultimate RC. The YouTuber and founder of ultimate RC took a break. The reason Jang stated was that he got burned out. This is normal in all YouTuber’s careers. Jang is no exception. This is the reason ultimate RC went off for a while.

How to Stop RC Car from Flipping?

You can do a couple of things to stop RC cars from flipping. First, cut the outer edges of the rear tire. Don’t cut too much. Just a little bit would be fine. Also, lower down your car. The main problem lies in the tires. Hopefully, cutting off the edges will solve your problem.

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