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What Happened to Duratrax: The Reasons Behind Its Doom!

We all use RC to have fun. If you don’t enjoy driving your RC, what is the point of even buying one? In recent times Duratrax RCs are not that good in comparison to the competition. 

So, what happened to duratrax?

Duratrax became extinct because the parent company Hobbico went bankrupt. At the same time, because of their poor RCs, competition caught up with them. As a result, many employees were let go. Also, the RCs were in poor condition. Such as low performance, poor tires and build quality. 

There is more about why Duratex Failed to exist in this competitive arena. We have a full detailed discussion on why they failed to exist. So, let’s get started on that!

Why Did Duratrax Stopped Production?

Nowadays when we talk about RC it’s all from big companies like Traxxas. But before Traxxas became a fan favorite, Duratrax existed. And in that era, Druatrax dominated the RC market. Especially the duratrax evader. 

However, even this beast of an RC is remembered now as if it’s a relic of the past!

So, what happened to duratrax RC cars

These days, Duratrax does not manufacture or sell RC cars. Because of their bankruptcy, they can’t produce the complete RC build. They only sell paints and wheels for RCs. 

duratrax RC cars
Source: reddit.com

Now, why did they get out of the RC market? It’s mainly because their product wasn’t that good. 

And in many criteria, it was lagging behind other brands. One of the main drawbacks was they had really stiff tires. Stiff tires made them hard to stick to the ground. Although, there are ways you can soften up RC tires

Also, another major thing is that the RCs Duratrax made became kind of boring. People started to shift to different designs and sizes. But Duratrax kept its original look. Also, the company was way too focused on how it looked.

duratrax logo
Source: genesisrcraceway.com

So, eventually, Duratrax disappeared from the RC market. Nowadays, they just sell RC parts and paints. But let’s focus on why their RC was lacking behind. 

Discontinued Production

Duratrax RCs are lagging behind the competition. But the producers didn’t take any steps against it as well. 

So, another main reason why Duratrax disappeared is that Hobbico went under. Hobbico is the producer of Duratrax. They stopped the R&D of the Duratrax. Also, those who were working for Duratrax later worked on the Tower Terror.

Duratrax RC
Source: bigsquidrc.com

Hobbico was too busy working on the logo of the RC and other aesthetic stuff. Which is important for any product. Meanwhile, the RC was not doing great on the performance. 

The RCs Are Not the Fast:

Performance is a really important thing when it comes to real cars or an RC. if your RC can go fast through tougher terrains, that is a win. 

RCs experience next-level brutalities from their user. Off-roading is another thing that every RC user really likes. But duratrax RC cars were lagging behind. 

The motors Duratrax used in their RC, output really low power. So, it cannot achieve really good speed. And it’s not like you need great speed for off-roading. But without sufficient power, RCs get stuck in off-roads. 

If you want to get the proper idea about how inferior Duratrax cars are, check out these RC cars:

Even with a relatively small build, Kyosho 32523Y – Mini-Z 4X4 offers great speed and performance.

Losi 1/18 Mini-T 2.0 2WD Stadium RC Truck is a very affordable RC truck. It has everything built-in with excellent balance.

If you really want to experience the best RC truck control, Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3 is the one. Yes, it’s a bit on the pricey side but you won’t be disappointed at all.

The top speed Duratrax RCs can get up to is 30 mph. Whereas other RCs offer speed greater than 45 mph. That is a high difference in performance. 

Crappy Tires

Tires are a really important part of an RC. Bigger, wider, and sticky tires can bring out better performance from your RC. but that is where the Duratrax RC tires sucked. Also, Duratrax didn’t have many tire sizes like Traxxas Maxx

The tires were not bigger or wider. The tires didn’t even stick to the ground very well. And the main reason behind that is durability. Duratrax wanted their tires to last a long time. So they made the tires really strong.

And since the tires were really strong, they could not stick to the ground. The groves and cuts in the tires were really stiff as well. Nowadays RC tires have foam inside them. That makes the tires bouncy. 

Poor Battery Latch 

The battery was the main source of power for the motors. And the battery had a poor latching system. Which they fixed in their last model. But before that, they used velcro which was a different mess. 

Since RCs become really dirty when you drive them, the velcro could not hold the battery. And eventually, the duratrax battery will rattle inside and make the whole RC unstable. That is why a great latching system is necessary. 

Also, today’s RC runs on fuel beside the battery. That allows the RCs next-level power in the tracks. Some RCs even use nitrous fuel which can increase the horsepower of the engine. 

Bad Steering Control

Steering is a really important part of driving any vehicle. And precision driving is necessary on the track. But because of having bad components, Duratrax RCs have really bad steering control. 

Taking sharp turns is really difficult with Duratrax RCs. although, there are things you can do to improve your RCs turning capabilities. 

Radio signal strength is necessary as well. Cause without a good radio signal you cannot command the RC. and be on track every moment matters. Cause without that you can end up with a turned-over RC stick in the dirt. 

Poor Build Quality

Using high-quality materials really matters. One example of poor build quality is the suspensions on Duratrax RCs. The RCs use plastic suspensions. Even though the metal caps are aluminum, it’s not that durable.  

The main reason they use poor components is to cut down costs. But the RCs performance isn’t up to the price you are paying. Even though they don’t make RC these days, you can find your duratrax evader parts. 

What Does Duratrax Do Now?

Finally, you might be wondering, “What is Duratrax doing now? Duratrax makes paint and RC components like tires now. They are making good products. But we would still suggest using something which your RC brand originally makes. 

The paints which Duratrax sells work on other RC models. But best to use them on Duratrax RCs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best RC by Duratrax?

The best RC launched by Duratrax is the RTX-27. The RC was launched in 2008. This RC was powered by a fuel motor and had a powerful engine. Also, this RC had great off-roading capabilities with 8 suspensions. 

Who Owned Duratrax?

Duratrax is a division of Hobbico Inc. Hobbico Inc is the world’s biggest RC maker. They not only produce Duratrax RC but many more. Also, they develop different types of RCs. 

Which Battery can you use on Duratrax RC?

Your Duratrax RC can use lipo battery packs. Lipo battery packs are lithium-ion batteries. Such as the RC-1700 and Onyx 8000. Since these are really old batteries, they don’t have a great capacity. 


So, that was everything you needed to learn about, what happened to duratrax. 

Duratrax used to be really famous. But in recent times they could not keep up with the competition. I hope by now you are clear about everything about this incident.

Be careful if you have Duratrax RC!

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