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What Happened to Vaterra RC? – 8 Shortcomings

Back in those days, if you were into RC, you definitely have heard about Vaterra RC. It’s disheartening that Vaterra RC is no longer in business. There are a number of facts that caused them to abandon the market.

So really, what happened to Vaterra RC?

There were several flaws in Vaterra RC’s system. One of them was their lack of technological inventions. The price of their vehicles was higher than their competitors. Their wrong marketing strategy, low availability, and underperformance are some of the main reasons for their discontinuation.

There are more sad facts about this company that made them dominate the market. If you want to know all about it then this is the right place. We’ve analyzed all the core factors that have caused Vaterra RC to discontinue.

What are you waiting for? Dive in!

8 Reasons Why Vaterra RC Was Discontinued

The failure of Vaterra RC teaches why technical innovations and performance is important to survive. It should be a lesson to all the popular RC companies out there today.

Why can’t you find the Vaterra website?

Well, the once very popular Vaterra RC is now discontinued. There are many reasons that Vaterra RC stopped manufacturing its RC models. Their popular models include the Camaro, Bronco, Ascender, and many others.

Vaterra RC
Source: horizonhobby.com

Vaterra made great efforts in manufacturing some of the best RCs during the last few years. They have been lauded by many. But their management was not able to maintain the same zeal and enthusiasm after 2014. It’s a sad story like the great plane kits.

Here are some of the most prominent reasons why the Vaterra RC was discontinued-

Reason 1:Lack of Technological Innovations

The RC vehicles manufactured by Vaterra were mainly based on Vaterra’s own trailblazer vehicles. Like the Ascender, GY6, and others. They had very few technological innovations that should’ve propelled them to the top of the market.

Vaterra’s competitors like HPI, Traxxas, and other established brands had better technology to offer. The RC cars offered by these brands were way more advanced than by Vaterra. This might be one of the main reasons why Vaterra discontinued

Reason 2: High Pricing

Most RC cars are expensive. But the pricing of most Vaterra RC models was much higher than its competitors. Similarly, some of the parts used in Vaterra RC cars were also overpriced. The pricing policy of Vaterra might be one of the driving factors behind its discontinuation.

Reason 3: Poor Quality

What material is used to make Vaterra RC bodies?

The overall quality of Vaterra models was found to be very unsatisfactory by customers. Most RC cars manufactured by Vaterra used plastic frames. 

Their more advanced and popular competitors like HPI and Traxxas used high-quality aluminum. This made their RC cars much more durable.

For example the Vaterra V100-S 2015 Ford Mustang GT was a great car. But its frame was made of plastic.

Vaterra RC bodies
Source: redrc.net

This is thought to be another major reason for Vaterra’s discontinuation. 

Reason 4: Vaterra’s Absence from the High-End Dual-Rotor Market

Vaterra was not able to make itself a name in the high-end dual rotor market. Their competitors like HPI and Traxxas had much better technology for dual rotor cars. And hence, they dominated the market. 

Moreover, their more sophisticated products were more popular among customers than those made by Vaterra.

Vaterra’s absence from the high-end dual rotor market is another reason behind its discontinuation.

Reason 5: Wrong Marketing Strategies Adopted by Vaterra’s Management

The management of Vaterra was not able to make appropriate marketing strategies for their vehicles. Their marketing strategies were found to be outdated and not up to the mark. 

This might have also contributed to their downfall and discontinuation.

Reason 6: Performance

Finally, most of the Vaterra RC cars delivered very poor performance. The vehicles were not capable enough to run on a dirt track or crawler courses. Most of the models manufactured by Vaterra had a low voltage battery. This resulted in very poor performance.

In addition, most models did not have the capacity to run fast enough on the track. This made it almost impossible for them to compete with their more advanced competitors.

All these reasons might have contributed to Vaterra’s discontinuation of manufacturing RC toys. 

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Here’s someone who’s having fin with his Vaterra-

Vaterra RC car
Source: toptenreviews.com

Reason 7: Availability

The availability of Vaterra’s products was another vital factor in determining its downfall. As many people were still looking for its products even after it was discontinued. Vaterra’s products were available to dealers and distributors for a few months only.

This might have also contributed to its downfall as people could not find it easily.

Reason 8: Low Production Capacity

The manufacturing capacity of Vaterra was not up to the mark. It was found to be unable to meet the demand of the customers. And hence, they were forced to stop manufacturing their products.

Vaterra did not want to risk losing its competitive edge in the market by under-producing its product.

These are some of the reasons why Vaterra RC discontinued making RC cars. There are probably other reasons as well. But these reasons have been highlighted as they seem to be the biggest ones. 

It’s a pity that one of the best brand names in the RC industry has discontinued its activity. But everything comes to an end sooner or later.

Is Vaterra Gone For Good?

Sorry to break it to you, but Vaterra RC is gone for good. It’s disheartening but the company has packed up its business and left the competition for others. 

Vaterra RC had a long time to fix its marketing strategy and quality. They didn’t adopt new technological innovations. The company could’ve worked with the quality when their cars were underperforming. When they were losing sales, they should’ve figured out a better marketing strategy and lowered the prices.

But they didn’t take any valuable steps. And so they couldn’t survive for too long. So no matter how sad you feel, there is hardly any chance for Vaterra RC to reenter the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the dimension of the Vaterra Ascender’s wheelbase?

The wheelbase of Vaterra RC is 12.36 in (314mm) / 11.9 in (302mm) / 11.4 in (290mm) / 10.95 in (278mm). It has a locked differential. Its Ground Clearance is 1.06 in (37mm). And its internal gear ratio is 4.05:1.

What are the specifications of Vaterra Bronco?

The Vaterra Bronco came with a brushed motor. It had a rear track of 8.66 in (220mm). The Bronco had and included speed control. And the wheelbase size was 10.95 in (278mm).

What are the rare facts about Vaterra RC Camaro?

The Vaterra RC Camaro had a wheelbase of 10.25″ (256mm). It had an outer diameter of 2.68 in (67mm). The battery used to be sold separately. It had an included radio. And it had 7.76″ (194mm) w/30mm rear tires.

Winding Up

We hope that now you understand what happened to Vaterra RC. The decline in Vaterra’s performance and quality is one of the reasons behind its discontinuation.

We’ve presented you with this article so that you can also analyze it from your perspective. 

Till then, best wishes!

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