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What Is a Glitch Buster – Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes while starting the RC device, the receiver gets disconnected from the remote controller. This phenomenon is termed a glitch. A glitch is a potential threat to your RC device. 

This threat can be handled by using a glitch buster. But, what is a glitch buster?

Well, a glitch buster is a small component used to avoid connection glitches. It consists of a capacitor and a receiver input plug. The glitch buster contains a charge within it. This charge comes in handy during power shortages. In any shortage, the buster supplies power to avoid disconnection.

This is only the starting. There is still much information unrevealed about the glitch buster. Please keep reading to get a complete idea!

What is a Glitch Buster? 

A glitch buster is a device that is used to avoid glitches in the RC device. Often there are glitches between the receiver and remote control of the device. That can cause a sudden disconnection between the remote and the car. This might result in an accident.

A glitch buster is used to avoid this problem. The buster forms a continuous signal transmission with the remote. This is very beneficial for the RC machine that has a glitch issue. Just like the best RC GPS, a glitch buster is also important for speed runs.

How Does A Glitch Buster Work?

The function of a glitch buster depends on the stored charge of the buster. The glitch happens due to the shortage of power on the BEC circuit. As a result, the circuit can not function and browns out. To stop this, an alternative source of power is required.

The glitch buster and BEC is the perfect combination for alternative power. There is a capacitor in the buster. The amount of charge stored in it depends on the glitch buster capacitor size. When there is a shortage, this charge is used to supply power.

As a result, the connection remains unbroken. The receiver can receive commands from the remote. And thus accidents or other mishaps can be avoided easily.

Do You Need A Glitch Buster? 

Though a glitch buster is very beneficial for the users, not everybody needs this. For some users, this can be an extra component. Before getting a glitch buster one must become sure about its necessity. Or else it can be a complete waste of money. 

The receiver can malfunction due to various reasons. Adding a glitch buster in the circuit will not solve all these problems. So before deciding on getting a buster, you have to find the causes behind the problem. Then look for the solution.

However, if you are using a heavy servo, you might need a glitch buster. Because heavy servos are very power hungry. They draw a huge amount of power from the circuit. Because of this, the BEC within the ECS can fall short of energy. 

This is known as a servo glitch. At that time using a glitch buster will be ideal. It will be able to meet the power demand of the servo while keeping the connection alive. Is the problem is in the remote controller of the RC? Then a glitch bust won’t be of much use.

Factors to Check While Getting a Glitch Buster 

Getting a glitch buster can be tricky just like getting the best brushed motor. To get the perfect buster for you, you must look into certain factors. Below I have discussed the essential aspects of the glitch buster for your convenience. 

Capacitor Size 

A glitch buster is nothing but a capacitor with input and output. For getting the ideal glitch buster, it must have an ideal capacitor size. The ideal capacitor for a glitch buster is 16v 2000 to 6700 microFarad. Get a capacitor within this range for optimum results. 


Another important aspect of the glitch buster is its installation. You can get either ready-made or DIY glitch buster. But the RC glitch buster install must be done correctly for its proper functionality. So, how to install glitch buster?

This device is to be installed in the receiver of the RC. There are several channels in the receiver. Any of these channels can be used for connecting the glitch buster with the receiver. Make sure that the buster is inserted properly. 

If you are confused, take help from a professional. 

Cost of Glitch Buster 

The price of the glitch buster is not much. You can get a buster for between $5 to $10. This price varies depending on the brand and quality of the buster. You can make the glitch buster at home too. For that, you will need some small components. 

You will need a capacitor and a receiver input plug. Also, get some electrical tools before starting the work. If made at home, you can get the glitch buster for $2. But any error in the DIY buster can damage your RC device. So be careful about that.

Do not spend too much on the glitch buster. It is a small and simple device. So spending much on it is not a very good idea.

These are the factors you should verify before getting your glitch buster. Then you can get the best one for you. The right glitch buster is equally as important as the correctly gluing RC tires. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a glitch buster do for an RC car? 

A glitch buster maintains a continuous connection between the receiver and the remote. The main work of the glitch buster is to bust the glitches. That means getting rid of the glitch. For doing that it contains a small charge. This charge provides current in case of power shortage. 

Do RC glitch busters work? 

Yes, RC glitch busters work. The RC glitch busters are very useful in reducing glitches in the receiver circuit. Anyway, the function of the glitch buster is dependent on its quality. A low-quality buster might not be able to reduce the glitches. So it’s important to get a high-quality buster.

Is glitch normal in RC?

A glitch can be a regular phenomenon if you are using a heavy servo. The glitch happens due to the huge power pulled by the servo. Because of this, the receiver does not get enough power for connecting. Then the glitch happens. Necessary measures should be taken to avoid this glitch. 


I think that you have got the answer to your query, what is a glitch buster. Now you should be able to solve your glitch problem easily. 

Always get RC products like the glitch buster from a reliable source. Because a faulty glitch buster can be harmful to your RC device. 

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