What Is A Roller Car

A Simple Guide On What Is A Roller Car


Whether you’re new to RC cars or a veteran, you must’ve heard about roller cars. Are you unsure about what they are exactly? More importantly, have you thought about buying them but can’t wrap your head around why?

If these questions strike a chord, then let’s explore. Let’s answer the question, what is a roller car?

Simply put, a roller car is a chassis that is ready to race. It has no electronics or controls and needs to be sent to a manufacturer for building. These allow for customization, recycling and are affordable. A roller car is also great if you are on a budget and want something unique. 

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What Is A Roller Car?

This question is actually up for debate. Different people have very different ideas about what they think a roller car is. This can get as confusing as getting the best of best Bearings for your RC. However, there are some unifying factors.

Essentially a roller car is an RC kit that has none of the electronics. This means there is no engine or motor, neither there are receivers or servos. 

A roller car is essentially a chassis.  It has the base and wheels along with some other non-electrical components like wiring and some gears. You can send a roller car along to a manufacturer for a custom build. 

The debate with roller cars arises with the drive shafts and transmission. Although, there might be confusion on how transmission works.

You see there are two conditions for a roller car. There can be no electronic components and the car has to roll smoothly despite these lackings. 

While some people argue that these parts are essential to be called a roller, others disagree. Many argue that transmission and shaft prevent it from rolling, so they need to be out. 

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Now that you’ve seen what’s out there, let’s continue. Let’s see why you would even buy a roller car. 

Why Buy A Roller Car?

With all that being said about roller cars, the question remains. Why would you want to buy a roller car? 

Let’s find out!

Customizing A New Model Of RC

Since a roller car comes in with the most basic of frameworks, it allows for intensive customization. When you look at RC cars online, you may like one part and not like the other. Say, you like the motor but you’re not a fan of the wheels.

Buying a roller car allows you to make your own choices. By using the roller car as a base, you can build up. You can invest in amazing servos for steering while adjusting for a  mid-range shock for your new RC. 

You can even send the roller car to a manufacturer for a custom build. This way, you can build an RC car that is unique from all the cars in the market.

Efficient Recycling

Sometimes, many of you don’t want to say goodbye to specific parts of your RC. This can be the radio or the motor or something else. 

This way, instead of constantly buying new RC cars, you can recycle the working parts. Think about it. Your tires and shock go through a lot over the course of time and need replacements. 

Thus you can keep the working parts and buy great drift tires. This way you keep your RC running for longer and recycle the serviceable parts. 

Saving Up On Costs

Buying a roller car saves you a lot of hidden costs. A lot of times, many of you can’t find the parts you need and then end up buying a new RC. 

However, a roller car comes with options for customization and recycling. This saves costs in the long run. If you want to build a collection, then that’s up to you. But if you are on a budget, a roller car is a good place to start.

How To Use Roller Cars?

Once you get your hands on the roller car, you also need to get the other parts. These are essentially the electronics and other bits. They can be incredible RC shocks, controls, and other electronics you want the roller to have.

After that, it’s a matter of sending it to a manufacturer and waiting for the build. You should get your unique RC in your hands within a week or two. 

With all of that covered, we’re almost at the end. 


Question: Can roller cars be trusted?

Answer: Yes, they can. When you send a roller car to a trusted manufacturer, the chances of faults are slim. A few test drives should make you comfortable and help you understand the feel of the Rc better.  

Question: What is a roller kit?

Answer: Unlike a roller car, a roller kit is essentially a make-it-yourself RC car. Kits will force you to pay attention to every part of the RC while building it. The problematic thing with kits is that since you are making it yourself, mistakes can happen. Thus you need to be careful. 

Question: How are roller cars and roller kits different?

Answer: Roller cars are made in a way that they can be raced that way. Even if there are no modifications, the car should be able to run. The same cannot be said for a roller kit as it needs to be built from scratch.  


And there you have it. We hope we have answered your question on what is a roller car

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Till then, roll to your unique RC build and have fun!

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