What Is A Servo Saver

What Is A Servo Saver- A Necessary Evil?


Servos are usually very expensive. So saving a servo from a collision is necessary. A servo saver can save a servo from breaking. 

But what is a servo saver?

The main objective of a servo saver is to save the servo from an impact. While racing or freestyle bashing your RC vehicle, you might face collisions. These can result in breaking parts of your RC car. Servo is one of those expensive materials of an RC car. So saving the servo is necessary.

Now that you have some idea, dig deep to know more about servo saver. We’ve got it all covered. 

What Is The Purpose of a Servo Saver?

The mechanism of a servo is to steer the whole vehicle according to your direction. Servos are connected to the front tires of any vehicle and also the radio controller. Some of these servos are best for any kind of steering.

But what does a servo saver do?

All racers and freestylers always try to save the servo from any kind of collision. Thus, a servo saver comes in use here. 

The inner materials of the servo saver are mostly spring. That’s too of the best kind. In case of any impact, they absorb the energy and save the servo. 

But wait-

What happens to the servo saver due to the impact? It breaks to save the servo from breaking. 

If the saver is absent, the servo will break. They are very expensive. Especially the servos which are used for monster trucks. So you don’t want that.

By now, you must’ve understood the mechanism of the servo saver. Knowing about the pros and cons will help you decide. So we’ll make it easier for you. 

Pros- Why Get The Saver?

Saver not only saves a servo but also keeps suspension and  RC shocks safer. Though there are some flaws.

Here are some pros of a servo saver you need to know about:

The Servo Won’t Break

The sole objective of a servo saver is to prevent the servo from breaking. This will save you from buying a new servo all over again. Also, installing the new servo to the RC vehicle.

Worst case scenario- you’ll have to replace the broken servo saver. But it’ll cost you much less than buying a new servo.

Spongy Mechanism Of A Servo Saver

Usually, the inner material of a servo saver is spring. So, the basic mechanism of a servo saver is to embrace the impact. 

That’s how the monster trucks get a spongy suspension. 

For this reason, the freestylers use the servo saver most of the time. Because during hill climbing or drift showdowns, the servo tends to be vulnerable.

But, you can perform the stunt without any worries. Because the servo saver will save it from breaking.

Useful for Drifting

Steering axles are the parts of an RC vehicle that connects two tires at the front. The servo savers are located above the steering axle. Which makes it a bit tighter. 

This is a benefit for the racers. But you might be wondering how. 

In some racing tracks, drifting is important. While doing so, the car might roll over and lose control. In that case, look into getting the best tires for drifting.

For these cases, the tight steering axles are good. It maintains the stability of the vehicle.

These three reasons should be enough to convince you to use a servo saver. But there’s more to it. 


Servo saver saves you from buying a new servo. But at what cost? 

Let’s see the cons to decide if it is necessary.

Sluggish Effect

Think about it, you’re racing with advanced level racers. You’re using a servo saver to avoid buying a new servo. But for the sluggish effect of the servo saver, you’re losing the race. 

Can you really afford that?

Servo saver adds some weight to the RC vehicle. Which results in making the car a bit slower. Most racers don’t want to use it for this reason.

Unnecessary for Stunt Performance

Though a tight steering wheel is useful for drift racers. It’s a con for the stunt performers. Soft steering is obviously an advantage for the freestylers.

This is because stunts need soft steering. 

Servo saver is of no use if you are a stunt performer. It’ll degrade the performance of your servo. And it affects your control over the car. 

Servo Saver Itself Breaks 

Servo saver keeps the servo safe by giving its own life. This is a benefit for the user. But sometimes it’s also a bit problematic. 

After a servo saver breaks, we’ve to either repair it or buy a new one. Buying a new one is better. 

Because the inner parts will shatter after the impact. So, after buying a new one, we’ll have to install the saver. The process is easy but lengthy as well.  

Hence, many customers don’t use a servo saver.  They use servo horns for better performance. Here are some top picked servo horns for you:

Product 1
Product 2

If you’re not interested in a servo saver, choose either one for your servo.

Got what you needed to know? Now, it’s time for you to decide whether you’ll use it or not. 


Question: Do I need a servo saver?

Answer: That depends on how you use your RC vehicle. If you want to save your expensive servo from a collision you should use a servo saver.

Question: What is an Hpi servo saver?

Answer: Servo saver saves a servo from an impact. Hpi manufactures one of the best servo savers out there. Hpi servo saver will help you to boost your performance.

Question: Do servo savers break all the time?

Answer: Servo savers have a certain threshold. If the impact is beyond that then it might break.  


So, I hope by now, you’re clear about what is a servo saver. Always keep in mind, servo savers affect the speed of the car.

It’s a must for a stunt performer. But might not be quite ideal for a racer.

Let us know if you have any more questions about a servo saver in the comment section.

Till then, enjoy racing RC vehicles.

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