What Is The Difference Between Ultra TT and Hyper TT

What Is The Difference Between Ultra TT and Hyper TT?

Have you been hearing about Ultra TT and Hyper TT a lot these days? And I’m sure you are confused between these two categories. Because trust me, even I was thrown off at the start. But today I’m going to help you clear out your confusion.

So,  the question is what is the difference between ultra TT and hyper TT?

The main difference between Ultra TT and Hyper TT is the body design and usage. Ultra TT cars look like modern real-life sports cars. Whereas, Hyper TT looks similar to monster trucks or truggies. Ultra TT cars are good for sprint and circuit racing on-road. But Hyper TT cars shine on dirt tracks. 

There are more differences in terms of performance and build quality. I will be explaining everything and clear your confusion along the way. 

So, without further ado, let’s rollout.

Quick Comparison

Before we begin, here’s a quick comparison between Ultra TT and Hyper TT:

Grounds / FeaturesUltra TTHyper TT
Usage / Race CategoryOn-road sprint or circuit Off-road jumping, crawling
Build StructureRTR RTR or 80% ARR
Body DesignSimilar to Racing CarsSimilar to monster or dirt truggies
SpeedMax: 56.88 mphMax: 33.4
TorqueHigh Torque at High-SpeedHigh Torque at low speed

Have you gotten a surface idea yet? Next up we’re going to talk in detail about both RCs.

The Main Difference: Ultra TT vs Hyper TT

Although these two cars have some distinguishing features, they belong to the same family of cars. As a result, choosing a winner between them can be quite tough. 

But there’s nothing to worry about as the dispute isn’t as perplexing as the differences between dx6 and dx9. 

Now, it’s time for the real race. Both Ultra TT and Hyper TT have their strong sides and weak sides. Without further ado let’s jump into the details: 

Build Structure 

The fascinating part of TT cars is that they aren’t fully built. So, you can be creative and change parts as you like. More about that comes later.

Most Ultra TT’s are RTR (Ready to Run). You may have to follow the instruction manual to put the chassis on. These cars come with independent suspension and shock absorbers on the front. These cars also have front and rear bumpers. I personally like that a lot. 

Now, Hyper TT’s are usually RTR or 80% ARR (Almost ready to run). For the ARR version, you will have to add the tires, ESC and motors manually. Apart from that both RTR and ARR versions are the same. 

But, the build structure of Hyper TT’s are different from Ultra TT’s. The tires are bigger, wider and usually open hooded. Because Hyper TT’s are mainly used for bashing or crawling, they have bigger shock absorbers. 

The suspension springs are made out of silver or aluminum. Lastly, the car comes with a lightweight plastic chassis. 

Winner Hyper TT


Ultra TT vehicles are basically your powerhouse racing cars. These types of cars have similar body structures to that of real-life racing cars. In other words,  It’s a 1/10th or 1/8th scaled version of real sports cars. 

Source: razorrcblog.blogspot.com

On the other hand, Hyper TTs are more like glass cannons truggies, or bashers. Their body kits are similar to that of monster trucks. 

These RC cars come in 1/10th scale or 1/8th scale. In terms of body structure, it’s a miniature version of actual monster trucks or truggies. 

However, there are no ways to adjust or modify the roll centers using camber links. So you have to rely on the springs and ride height.

I generally keep the ride heights a bit higher than general. Probably, 10 mm more than the stock height just to be safe. 

Winner Tie


This is what we’ve been waiting for. 

We fanatics use Ultra TTs for racing on road. We love that high speed and maneuverability. These cars are agile and can get between 30 to 58 mph. Now, it does depend on what type of Ultra cars you are running. 

For example, a Ford Mustang GT4 4WD TT-02 can pick up to 58 mph. This car is very good for racing and high-speed cornering. 

But the Losi TENACITY TT Pro 4WD Brushless RC can get around 40mph. This Ultra TT car is mainly for off-road jumping. The torques are higher at a lower speed so that you can make that beautiful jump.

For Hyper TT cars you can get a 4500 kv with 4 pole Injora racing motor. With that brushless motor, you can get up to 33.40 Mph. That’s a lot of speed when it comes to slashing or bashing. I ran a 4s LiPo battery for this. It can definitely handle 3s batteries as well.

But there’s more.

Hyper TT can hold up to 6s LiPo batteries which can deliver more torque. You can adjust the torque however you like using Hobbywing Sensorless ESC

Woah did I lose you there?

I know there are too many variations here. So, I have made this performance chart below. It will show you the average speed between Ultra TT and Hyper TT.

As you can see, on average, Ultra TT performs better as further, they go. But Hyper TT has the upper hand around the 20 m range. It’s due to the extra torque and power they produce. 

Winner Hyper TT


Now, this one is gonna be a challenge. The durability of the car mostly depends on what you’re doing with it. However, it all comes down to a couple of key factors. Those are chassis, body kit, springs, and shock absorbers. 

First question, How durable Ultra TT is?

If you are using the stock kit, then it can sustain up to 60 N force. This number varies between the manufacturer and the body kits. If your Ultra TT has an aluminum spring and suspension, then it can handle more force. 

Generally, we use Ultra TT models for racing and slashing on road. So, I’m gonna assume you won’t be bashing your car with anything. In that case, the stock body is good enough to get the job done.

But I personally don’t like the stock driveshaft. So usually I replace them before going for a test drive. Here are some of my personal favorites: 

Now, how durable Hyper TT is?

Hyper TT cars are like glass cannons. The stock modules are a bit flimsy compared to other truggies. But the suspension, shock absorbers, and body kit are good enough for crawling. You can comfortably use it for off-road racing and dirt ramp jumping.

But if you want to use Hyper TTs for bashing, you will have a hard time. The chassis isn’t durable enough to handle the pressure. So, depending on your model, you may have to get a metal frame. 

So, one of the main problems of the Hyper TT is its durability. This is common among many RC cars. Even while listing the problems of spektrum dx9 durability falls under it. 

Source: Amazon.com 

Winner Ultra TT


Both Ultra TT and Hyper TT cars are multipurpose. But they do have their subtle differences in terms of usage. 

Ultra TT cars are dominating in on-road racing. These cars shine in sprints and circuits. 

But you won’t find them running smoothly on dirt tracks or off-road. This is due to their tires and axles being small. So, that’s the main limitation.

Whereas, Hyper TT cars are dominating on the off-road tracks. But, the axles of Hyper TTs are wider and more spread out. So, you can run it smoothly on on-road tracks as well. 

In short, Hyper TTs are good at both on-road and off-road. But, they do fall short on max speed compared to the Ultra TTs.

Winner Hyper TT

Our Recommendation

In terms of value for money, both cars come in different price ranges. And both Ultra TT and Hyper TT cars are good and flexible. Because you have the freedom to change the parts according to your need.

Here’s a small table for you that will provide a quick recap: 

If you want to do a sprint or circuit racing, Ultra TTs will be your best bet. One thing to keep in mind is the torque factor. Torque depends on your motor and batteries. 

If you want more power at high speed, go for 4s LiPo batteries. As for the motors, it is better to get the brushless ones. 

Now, if you want to do off-road racing, then Hyper TTs should be your choice. For your motor, both brushed or brushless are fine. And I always recommend 3s or 5s LiPo batteries for off-road truggies.

Hyper TTs are generally a bit more expensive than Ultra TTs. Then again, it depends on how much you are modifying. I personally like to change the major components and adjust them to my needs. 


Can I Use Hyper TT Rc Cars for On-Road Racing?

Yes, you can use Hyper TT Rc cars for on-road racing. Hyper TT cars shine in dirt races or off-road tracks.  But the long axles allow them to ride smoothly on-road as well. Plus, you can pick up a generous speed by using 4s LiPo batteries.

Are Hyper TT Cars Good for bashing?

Generally, Hyper TT cars aren’t good for bashing, if you’re using a stock body kit. But if you install a metal frame, then your car will be more durable. Replacing the stock driveshaft with a metal one also helps big time. By making these modifications, your Hyper TT will be good for bashing. 

How Fast does Ultra TT Rc go?

You can hit a maximum speed of 58mph at a 20m distance. The speed depends on the type of motor and batteries you have. A brushless 570 motor and 4s LiPo batteries are good enough to hit 55mph at a 20 m distance. 


You now know everything about what is the difference between ultra tt and hyper tt. So, find your desired Truggy by differentiating all the factors of both of the truggies.

Finally, you don’t have to be concerned about the fact anymore. 

So, we hope you found our content interesting. Please let us know how you resolved your issue.

Happy Racing!

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