which electric motor is equal to what glow engine

Which Electric Motor Is Equal to What Glow Engine? – Explained

A glow engine has a high energy output and combustibility. But it’s essential to know their equivalency with electric motors.

So, which electric motor is equal to what glow engine?

The answer lay between horsepower and watts. The glow engine expresses its output as horsepower. And the electric motors express it in watts. And the math is that 1 horsepower equals 746 watts. The sizes of motors need to be taken into account while calculating this.

Does this seem like what you’re looking for? This article contains examples and in-depth information to make you understand it completely.

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13 Examples of Electric Motors Equivalent to Glow Engines

Here are 13 examples with in-depth reasoning and guidance-

1/10 Scale 4-Ply:

The most popular sized motor for a 1/10 scale buggy is a 540 size electric motor. Well, there is a debate between the 550 and 540. However, the 540 is equivalent to the stock 11.1V glowplug engine on many older model cars.

1/10 Scale Surface:

A 3200 size electric motor produces a smooth and powerful torque at relatively low RPMs. This makes it ideal for surface vehicles such as buggies or truggies. 

Alternatively, an 8800 will provide higher speeds to reach obstacles quicker. But it will require more aggressive gearing or belt tensioning. It’s to prevent stripping teeth from the gears due to high RPMs.

1/10 Scale Electric Buggy:

For 1/10 scale electric buggies or trucks, an 1800-size motor is the most popular. This is equivalent to a 3.5 glowplug engine and a brushed hobby-class electric motor. Or even a smaller-sized nitro engine in terms of power output and speed. But things are different with a brushless motor brushed motor.

110 Scale Electric Buggy
Source: redrc.net

1/16 2WD Electric Buggy:

For a 1/16th 2WD electric buggy the most popular size is the 540 size. It is an equal substitute for an 11.1v 3-Ply Glowplug Motor.

116 2WD Electric Buggy
Source: modelaviation.com

1/16 4WD Electric Buggy:

A 1/16th 4WD electric buggy or truck can utilize a 540-size motor. This is equivalent to a stock 11.1v glowplug engine on the majority of trucks and buggies. However, some older trucks may require more power such as the 302 or 413 motors.

1/16 Off-Road Electric Buggy:

1/16th off-road buggies or trucks are designed to tackle rough terrain. Such as dirt, sand, and rock. A 540 motor is recommended for these. The 5-speed transmission (5+5) belt arrangement would be ideal for this style of vehicle.

1/16 Electric Buggy:

For a 1/16th electric buggy, grabbing an 1800 battery version would be the best choice. This will provide decent speed on long straights similar to the current 20.5v glowplug engine. 

It offers good performance on most 1/10 scale buggies and trucks. The motor would need to be at least 8,000 RPMs. It’s to create enough power for a 3-Ply transmission system.

1/8 Buggy:

A 540-size motor is ideal for a 1/8th buggy or truck. It’s due to it being an equal substitute for a stock.

1/8 Truggy:

A 5300 size motor is a good substitute for a nitro 17.5 XCR motor. This applies on a 1/8th Truggy. 

While it won’t provide the same top speed as an XCR, the 5300 is much less maintenance. And it can be run in both 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke modes. Unlike the XCR which can only be run in 4-Stroke mode to utilize its full potential.

1/8 Off-Road Buggy:

For a 1/8th off-road buggy, the 3200 6-Speed transmissions (6+6) will be needed. It can handle the extra torque of the motor while providing the most power.

1/8 4WD Truggy:

For a 1/8th 4WD Truggy this is the ideal size for both power and speed. The combination of an 8800 and a 540 will allow the Truggy to reach high speed. It can reach a high speed of around 50 miles per hour on long straights. 

Otherwise, the Truggy would reach around 45 mph with a 540-size motor. It’s sad that the Truggy will lose top speed. But the 540-sized motors will allow the Truggy to take corners harder and faster. And better than most 1/8th buggy or truck racers. brushless 

A good 4-Stroke nitro engine may work in place of the 8800 if desired.

20 Size Glow Engine/ 300 w Electric Motor

A 300 w (300 watts) electric motor is equal to a 20.5V glow engine. This is a great starter combination for buggy and Truggy racers.

20 Size Glow Engine
Source: rc-airplane-world.com

Here’s someone who has used the 300 w electric motor-

15 size Glow Engine/ 540w Electric Motor

For 1/8th scale buggies and trucks, a 540w (540 Watt) electric motor is perfect. For the smaller-sized chassis use an 8-cell stick pack or 10.5-volt hump pack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the size of a 540 motor?

These figures are used to generally represent the can’s length. A 540 is 5.4 cm long, roughly. Its diameter is 36 mm. and 28mm is the diameter of 380. The diameter of 280 is 24 mm.

What is the proper brushless motor sizing?

Matching motor size is typically the best place to start when sizing a brushless DC motor (diameter, length). There are 13 to 30 mm in diameter. The diameter and length of a brushless DC slotted motor are given in inches.

What does the T on RC motors stand for?

The “T” symbolizes turning. This represents how many times the stator has been looped around the wire within the motor. Typically, fewer rounds result in more power and less resistance. Usually, a higher number indicates less power and greater resistance.

End Note

We hope that now you completely understand which electric motor is equal to what glow engine. Knowing the specifications of your engine and motor is crucial. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an underperforming setup.

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