XT60 Vs Deans

XT60 Vs Deans: Which One Should You Go For?


Connectors are the tools that keep the RC batteries connected. But choosing a suitable connector is quite exhausting. People often mess the deans’ connectors with xt60s. So you might get bewildered thinking about deans and xt60 connectors.

So you might ask, which one should you choose: xt60 vs deans?

Deans are lightweight, less resistant and high-performance connectors. Xt60 serves the same but is a bit larger than the deans. Deans are a good alternative for Tamiya connectors. Whereas xt60 is commonly replaced with a deans connector.  

Aren’t you satisfied? Go through the full tutorial to get a complete idea about these connectors. 

So why are you waiting? Let’s get into the discussion. 

XT60 Vs Deans: Basic Discussion

Both of these connectors serve the same purpose in RC batteries. But still, there is some silver lining that makes one superior to another. And that’s why we’re studying this comparison similar to the comparison of ec3 and ec5. 

Before getting into the discussion, let’s have a quick review over common factors of connectors. It’ll help to have a good grasp and understand the whole discussion in a better way. 

Features  XT60 Deans
Capacity  60 A 25-50 A
Size Large Small
Plugging difficulty  Low High
Soldering difficulty  Low High
Contact module Bullet pins Spring flat tabs
Price Cheap Expensive 

Now you’ve got the overviews, we’re ready for our detailed discussion. 

XT60 Vs Deans: Detailed Discussion 

In the following discussion, we’ll learn in detail about xt60 and deans connectors. You’ll get to know the reasons for choosing your suited connector for your RC. 

Deans connectors are much older than xt60. So, undoubtedly it has been used with many LiPo batteries. 

But surprisingly xt60 is taking the place of deans connectors.  Why is this happening? I think you’re curious enough to know the reasons behind xt60 connectors. 

So, let’s hop into the business. 

Build Quality

XT60 connectors are made of high-temp Nylon with brass built spring pins. Gold flash emollients the pins for securing better conductivity. 

On the other hand, the dean connectors are made of hard plastic material. And it has brass made spring flat tabs instead of pins. Also, gold plating is available for those flat tabs.

As the plastic is less durable than Nylon, xt60 has better-built quality than deans. Also, dean connectors are less heat resistant than xt60s. 

Soldering & Connectivity

The deans’ connectors are a bit rigid to connect with the batteries. You may count as one of the dark sides of these connectors. Its flat tabs make it a bit tougher to connect to than other connectors. 

In such respect, xt60 has a plus point. It’s much easier to connect or disconnect the plugs than the deans. Its bullet pins perform better than the spring flat tabs. 

In terms of soldering, deans are a bit trickier than xt60. Wires are soldered on the back of the tabs and insulated using a heat sink.

In the xt60, soldering around bullet pins is quite handy due to its circular shapes. The soldered wires can easily be fit on the pins and make the solder sustainable. Also, it’s easier to desolder without melting the plastics like the deans. 

So overall projection goes for xt60. Because of its easy connectivity and soldering ability. 

Contact Module

We can observe a clear difference between the contact modules of these connectors. First of all, deans connectors have a spring flat tab instead of bullet pins.

And this mechanism has made the dean a bit more exceptional than others. Because these tabs secure constant connectivity pressure better than the bullet connectors. Often after many cycles, bullet connector pressure becomes loose while flat tabs don’t. 

On the flip side, xt60 contains bullet pins to be connected with the batteries. These pins are the most commonly used pins for connectors. But as we’ve known, bullet pins perform less in the case of constant connectivity pressure. 

So, the deans’ connectors are more advantageous in terms of contact module than xt60.

XT60 Vs Deans: Final Verdict

By now, you might have noticed both of them are the same in terms of functionality. 

XT60 comes in different variants like xt60U, xt60H. These variants are just the upgraded version of xt60. They are small in size and good at conductivity. 

Now you’ve learned everything about xt60 and deans, you might have found the winner. 

To us, almost in all aspects, xt60 performs better than the deans. Also, the upgraded versions have smaller sizes, so they can be a good replacement for deans. 

In addition, nowadays many fraud and clone deans connectors are available in the market. So finding out the correct deans plug is a tedious task.

Therefore we would recommend going with xt60 connectors. 

Though you’re interested in deans connectors we have the best suggestions for you. We’ve listed the genuine deans’ connectors for you.

Product 1 Product 2

Hope it might help. However, xt60 has some other versions like xt30, xt90. The primary difference is that xt30 is smaller and xt90 is bigger than xt60. But to know the differences between xt30 and xt60, we should google. Who knows, xt30 might be the best suit for you.


Question: Can I make a replacement of xt30 with xt60?

Answer: Yes. These two variants function almost the same. But the performance and cost of the xt60 are a bit higher than xt30.

Question: Is xt60H better than xt60?

Answer: Yes. xt60H or xt60+ is the upgraded version of xt60. It is much lighter, easier to connect with an integrated grip area. 

Question: Is the deans’ connector waterproof?

Answer: Yes. Deans connectors are robust and waterproof. Also, it comes with many cord options that are very good to use. 


That’s all we have for your convenience. Hope you clearly understand the dissimilation between xt60 vs deans connectors. Now you should be able to make the best choice for your RCs. 

Have a good day. Don’t forget to tell me what you have chosen in the comment section below.

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