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Best Nitro Fuel: Core Power Providers For RC Cars

Let me begin proceedings with a weird yet interesting analogy! An RC car could be compared to your baby. Don’t get me wrong, some people do consider their cars as their own babies. 

Likewise, you don’t want to give your babies the wrong set of food, right? It’ll have bad consequences. In the same manner, one wrong move and you can end up with harsh, poor starting performance, and excessive engine wear.

Yes, that does sound dangerous. And that’s why you have to buy the best nitro fuel for your RC car.

However, if you’re here then chances are that you don’t know what to buy for your RC car. So, let’s help you out with that. Firstly, we will show you the 5 best products. There we will walk you through their features and benefits.

Afterward, we will hand you a buying guide. There we will show you all the features you need to look into before buying the product.

So, if you have you are ready we can start the journey-

Comparison Table




Percentage of Nitro



Byron Originals 2000 Gen2


1 Quart

Torco Nitro Gallon


3 Quart

Traxxas Racing Nitro Fuel


1 Quart

VP Racing Hobby Fuels


1 Quart

Losi Nitrotane LOSF0420 Nitro 


1 Quart

Byron Originals 2000 Gen2

Product Overview

First and foremost, we have Byron Originals INC. Nitro Oil. Yes, this is the number one product on our list but it is there for a reason. And if you stick around we’ll go over the reasons one by one with you-

Before we dive too deep we will like to talk about the nitro level in this fuel. As you might have seen in the comparison table, the nitro level for this product is 30%.

By now, you know that this is the second-highest level on our list. But what does this level indicate?

Well, because of such a high nitro level, the horsepower for your RC cars and the RPM ratings will be high.

Hence, the engine will have more power. Thus it will travel a lot faster. At least, it is faster than the majority of the products that we have on the list. So, that’s a good stepping stone. However, on the other hand, this level isn’t too high.

As a result, the engine will not burn out due to overheating. Moreover, this product has a unique and incredible lubrication package. Because of that, the flow rate of this fuel is quite good.

Plus, this fuel also ensures that the engine stays well-lubricated. Hence, you won’t have any engine malfunction. So, how high is the oil rating for this fuel?

Well, you see, the percentage of oil for this fuel is 9%. That is a pretty decent rate. But, we feel like this could be a bit higher. If it was then it would be perfect for a racing RC car. But hey, this level still works.

In fact, it ensures a longer engine life. That’s because the parts of the engines will not wear out because of all the heat.

On top of that, this fuel is designed in such a way that allows greater unloading. Also, it’ll even expand power curves through increased flow rates of the same oil percentages. However, this doesn’t decrease the lubrication rate.

As a result, less heat is produced in the engine. So, the engine doesn’t get destroyed because of the awful condition provided by the nitro fuel.


  • Doesn’t result in a lot of heat
  • Allows heavy flow rate of the fuel
  • Ensures engine stays lubricated
  • Ensures high horsepower for the engine
  • It allows RC cars to travel faster


  • Percentage of oil could have been more


Torco Nitro Gallon

Product Overview

Second up, we have the Torco Nitro RC Car Gallon. As you can already see from the name this fuel supports both cars and trucks. However, that’s not all. It also works on RC boats, planes, helicopters, and all.

This means it has a pretty versatile use. And because it can be needed in large quantities, its overall amount is also more.

If you saw the comparison table you might already know that the nitro fuel comes in a bottle of 3 Quarts. So, if you need the nitro fuel in bulk then this one will do fine. Besides that, it also has a lot to offer.

For instance, this nitro fuel is formulated in such a way that it ensures that the RC cars and trucks remain cool. Meaning it doesn’t allow the engines to overheat and blow up the whole car.

Also, the consistency of this fuel is pretty decent. So, because of that even if you inhale the fuel it won’t be poisonous for you. But you shouldn’t do this on purpose because it is still nitro and it can be a bit harmful.

Besides, the level of nitro in this fuel is on a lower scale. You might already know this, but this one’s nitro level is only 20%. Yes, it is significantly lower than the previous one. But it might be the right level for your model of RC car.

That is because some cars don’t naturally support such high nitro levels. Hence, this lower level might be suitable for your usage. However, it is true that with this nitro level you won’t get a lot of horsepowers.

But that doesn’t mean that the power output will be super low. No!

It is still a decent number so you will get plenty of power to ensure that your RC car works just fine.


  • Ensures power for the RC cars
  • Keeps the engine running for a long time
  • Doesn’t overheat the engines
  • Not poisonous
  • Works on a variety of RC models


  • A bit pricey

Traxxas Racing Nitro Fuel

Product Overview

Moving on, we have the Traxxas Racing RC Nitro Fuel. This is another great fuel with a lot of stories to tell for us.

Let’s start with the nitro level. You will be happy to hear that this one has the highest nitro level out of all the products on our list.

So, if your engine can support a 33% nitro level then this might be the one for you. That’s because with this you will get the maximum horsepower output and this will ensure that your RC car runs at a fast rate.

However, this fuel doesn’t compromise lubrication. This fuel will ensure that the fuel doesn’t wear out your engine while trying to provide the highest power output.

Moreover, it also prolongs your engine life. Thus, the engine will not give up working because of this fuel. In fact, it will make the engine run longer than it can.


  • Prolongs engine life
  • Ensures good lubrication
  • Allows for maximum acceleration
  • Results in high horsepower


  • Highly flammable

VP Racing Hobby Fuels

Product Overview

Moving along, we have the VP Racing 20% Nitro fuel. Ever heard of this before? Well, it really doesn’t matter because we will go over this product like you’re knowing it for the first time.

We loved the fact that this fuel works with all types of RC vehicles. Let it be RC cars, or boats, or even planes. It will work on them all. Hence, you get the option of versatility.

As for the nitro level. It’s only 20%. Yes, it is a bit lower than the others on the list but hey that might not be a bad thing. You see, some of the RC models don’t allow for a high level of nitro.

So, if your RC car or boat requires something with a low level of nitro then this might be suitable. Besides, it is a pretty decent level. You will still get a moderate acceleration rate and horsepower output from this oil.

Besides, this nitro fuel is pretty safe to use. That is because the packaging and the chemical formula tests prevent any explosion. Hence, you will be safe from harm.


  • Has a massive capacity of 8000 mAh
  • This battery generates a punchy power due to high voltage
  • Comes with two battery packs
  • Offers good high-speed and offroad runs


  • Too much heat can damage the battery


Losi RC Car 1/8 4 Wheel Drive Truggy

Battery Type: Lipo

Product Overview

Last but not least, we have the Losi Nitrotane LOSF0420 Nitro. Yes, this is the last product that we have to offer! But remember, it did beat out a lot of its competitors. It surely did crawl its way to the top 5. So, do give it a chance-

Firstly, we would like to state that the lubrication that this fuel provides is amazing. It doesn’t allow the fuel to get watery. Hence, the material inside the engine doesn’t degrade.

Moreover, this fuel has a pretty low acid content. That allows for a longer glow plug, bearing, and engine life.

The overall performance of this nitro fuel will not let you down. It will allow for decent performance. Meaning the acceleration rate and horsepower will be at a moderate level.

It also ensures that the engine doesn’t overheat. Hence, it can keep the engine cool which in turn prolongs the engine life. And, it doesn’t cause a lot of damage to the engine itself either.


  • Ensures long engine life
  • Allows for moderate acceleration
  • Ensures good performance


  • A bit pricey

Buying Guide

Imagine walking into the store and seeing piles of nitro fuels, each of different brands. You might start to panic a bit if you don’t know what to look for. That is because simply buying any nitro fuel can be bad news for your RC cars.

So, you have to have a bit of knowledge about the fuel before making a purchase. This can be said in the cause buying top-quality glow plus igniter too. And guess what? That’s exactly why we are here.

You see, we will help you understand the features so that you can make a sound decision. Doesn’t that sound helpful. Well, let’s not waste any more time, and let’s dive into the next part of this guide-

Percentage of Nitro

First things first, always and we repeat always pay attention to the percentage of nitro. That is one thing that you simply cannot miss. And you probably won’t. This is because it is usually written in the biggest font on the package.

So, the chances of you missing it is pretty low. Anyway, what does the percentage of nitro indicate?

Well, it is the level of the nitro present in the bottle, obviously. That you might have figured out. But what does it do?

You see, it boosts the total output of the RC car. Thus, when you have a higher percentage of nitro fuel the output will be higher. But hey, don’t go overboard and buy the one with the highest percentage.

Yes, it is true that you will get more horsepower and RPM. But you still shouldn’t go for the highest value. That is because your engine has a limit. We will explain this bit in a bit, so do stay tuned.

Now, to address the amount of nitro fuel it is alright to have in an RC car. Typically the RC cars support 10 to 40 percent of the the nitro level in nitro fuel. But a nitro fuel with 20% nitro is a decent start.

Engine Size of Your RC car

Now, to address why it is wrong for the nitro fuel percentage to be too high. You see, every engine has its maximum capacity. So, if you buy something that has too much nitro fuel it won’t be supported by your engine.

Moreover, the high percentage can sometimes cause overheating. Which in turn is pretty bad for the engine’s life in general. Hence, always try to ensure what your engine’s maximum capacity is for nitro fuels. Then make a purchase.

Percentage of Lubrication

Apart from nitro, lubrication is also a big part of nitro fuel. This ensures to keep the engine in its optimum condition. The most common type of lubrication present in nitro fuel is castor and synthetic oils.

Now, it is important to consider your purpose. Now, if you want to race with your RC cars then you should consider going with a lower percentage of lubrication. Try to stick between 8 to 12%.

However, if you want a long life for your nitro engine then you should buy a nitro fuel with a 20% lubrication rate. They ensure that the engine doesn’t burn down because of all the heat.

Quantity of the Nitro Fuel

Furthermore, the quantity of nitro fuel is also important. You will have to determine beforehand the required quantity of nitro fuel. This will depend on the amount that your engine is capable of handling.

And make sure that you buy plenty of fuel to ensure that it doesn’t run out. Besides, you should make a calculative plan of how much you need. This is because nitro fuels tend to be a bit expensive in general.

So, it will help you set a budget that will be useful in the long run. Otherwise, you will end up spending a bit too much and then the only thing left to do would be to regret it.

Shelf Life of the Nitro Fuel

Last but not least, ensure how long nitro fuel will last. You see, if you’re planning on storing the nitro fuel for future use it is a bad idea. That is because they tend to soak up the moisture from the air.

So, they lost their freshness. Hence, we recommend you to buy the fresh ones from the market and then use them right away. So, buy the exact amount that you need and fill it inside the engine whenever you can.

Are you not sure if you want to use nitro fuel?

Well, in that case, you can switch to some good-quality nitro fuel alternatives.


Question: Is nitro fuel bad for you?

Answer: Nitro fuels are generally safe because they are diluted to some extent. The only dangerous ones are the ones that have concentrated nitro levels. So, it depends on how much the nitro has been diluted.

Question: Do Nitro RC cars need oil?

Answer: Yes, nitro RC cars do require oil. The optimum oil level is between 7.5 to 12%. The oil level doesn’t have to be super high. But the RC cars are under high amounts of load and run well with a lower than average oil content

Question: Is Nitro better than electric?

Answer: Nitro cars can be run in the mud and on wet roads. But the electric ones can’t. However, electric cars are cheaper and more eco-friendly. So, both of them have their advantages thus it is subjective.

Question: Can you use old nitro fuel?

Answer: It is advisory to not use old fuels. That is because they tend to turn watery or gummy. They usually go bad and the best way to tell this is by looking at the thickness. The nitro fuels get thicker when they go bad.

To Sum Up

There you have it. That’s all we had to say about the best nitro fuel for RC cars. We hope you found your number one fuel that you are willing to feed to your engines.

Anyway, we believe we are done with our part. The next step is on you. Best of luck with your decision. We hope you make the right choice.

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