How To Make A RC Boat Trailer [5 Easy Steps]


You’re in desperate need of an RC boat trailer. But the market price is too much for you to handle right now. The only option left is to build one by yourself. If you’re thinking of hardship, luckily it’s not that difficult.

So, how to make a RC boat trailer?

First, make a base frame with angles and flat aluminum bars. Also, make a supporting front for the boat. Use diamond sheets to make fenders for the tires. Now, attach the adjustable suspension on both sides of the frame. Place the axles through the suspension. Lastly, screw the tire fenders on the frame.

That was only a preview of the main steps. Read our piece to know the detailed processes of the steps.

So, let’s start!.

How to Make A RC Boat Trailer: Step By Step Guide

An RC boat with trailer is just the thing you need if you’re living somewhere far from waterbody. It provides high convenience to carry your heavy RC boat from a place to another.


You can simply buy a trailer for your RC boat as an additional accessory. But you can also make one your own and save yourself a good sum of money in the process.

Making an RC boat trailer by yourself is very easy, It takes very few resources and materials to build one actually. All you need is a proper rc boat trailer plan before you start messing with the tools.

You can even make RC boat trailer out of wood if you want to build a cheap rc boat trailer!

Let’s have a look at all the necessary equipment you’ll need for that.

Necessary Equipment

Making a boat trailer is similar to making a roller car. Because just like a roller car RC boat trailer has no motor in it. 

These are the things you’ll need to build an RC boat trailer-

Necessary tools-

  • Drill and drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Dremel/ hacksaw
  • Rivets and rivet gun

Materials needed-

  • A set of wheels (4 units)
  • Small aluminum sheet (2 units)
  • Threaded rod (about 3 feet long)
  • Locknuts and washers (10 units)
  • Flat bar aluminum (about ½”x1/16”x36”)
  • Angle aluminum (about ¾”x1/20”x96”- 2 units)

Optional Equipment-

  • Diamond plate
  • Foam tape

These are all the tools. But if you want to protect your hands, wear gloves. Use the same quality gloves that are used while starting RC minus the starter box. 

With that said, here’s how to build your own boat trailer:

Step 1: Make The Base

Firstly, put some angle aluminum at the back under the boat. The length should be considered 5 inches past the boat’s length. 

Mark the cutting point about halfway up the boat’s length. Then cut a slit and bent the longer side a little (about 20 degrees). Do it for the other piece as well. 

Use a Dremel to cut the edges of the two-angle aluminum. You can also use a jigsaw that cuts through aluminum. Even a grinder that cuts through ceramic tile can come in handy.

Now, join the top of the bent sides and connect them together. It should look like a triangle’s head. 

Make a bracket for both connecting edges. Now, measure the width of the boat. Cut two brackets of flat bar aluminum one inch longer than the boat’s width. Place the first bracket between both aluminum frames. 

Put the other bracket where the angle aluminum is bent. Now, screw all the connecting edges together with a drill bit. The foundation for the boat’s trailer is ready.

Step 2: Build The Supporting Front For The Boat

Mark a point on the angle aluminum that’s 7 inches across the triangular head. Measure the width between two sides. 

Now, cut a bracket of the flat aluminum bar to place between them. Screw it together on the frame. It’s the final bracing system on the base.

Take another flat aluminum bar and cut it 3 inches past the final brace. Now, bend the extra length to 130 degrees. Screw a square-shaped metal piece on the top of the supporting edge.

This measurement can vary for different brands and models of RC boats.

An rc boat trailer for Traxxas Blast must have about 2.5 inches of ground clearance.


Step 3: Build Fenders for the tires

Measure the width of the tires.

Place two tires together and do a length measurement for building the tire’s fenders. Take the flat aluminum sheet and cut two stripes according to the measurement. 

You can use a diamond plate instead of aluminum sheets. Remember to cut it 1 inch wider than the tire’s width. Shape the fenders around the tires.

Step 4: Make The Suspension & Axles For Tires

Make two suspensions for the tires to be connected with the frame. The bracket of the suspension should be movable. Make holes on both sides of the suspension bracket. 

Now, insert a threaded rod through the holes in the bracket. Keep the rod 2 inches longer at both sides.

Attach nuts on each connecting point of the threaded rod. It’ll hold the axle in place. Attach another nut at the medium point of the extra length of the axle. 

It’ll make some gap between the frame and the tires. Do this for other tires as well.

Step 5: Final Adjustments

Bend the medium point of the first & second brackets a little like a V shape. Place a two-angle aluminum rod vertically at both sides of the bent mark. Screw them to the frame. 

Cut two more bars in the same length. Put them over the vertically attached bar. The side view of this should be like C. 

Screw them on the previously attached bar. Put foam tape on the front edge of the bars. Lastly, make some L-shaped aluminum stripes for attaching tire fenders to the frame. 

A heavy boat trailer like Traxxas Spartan requires extra foaming for support. An RC boat trailer for Traxxas Spartan should also have the bunks coated with padded rubber or foam for extra protection.

Want a visual tutorial? You can check this youtube video:

Congratulations! The boat trailer is now ready for demo test! While you’re at it, making an RC crawler course wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Can a boat trailer be considered a vehicle?

Yes, a boat trailer is a vehicle without any motive power. It is designed to be drawn by a motor vehicle. Its purpose is to carry a boat, aircraft, snowmobile, or any other recreational vehicle.

What is considered a utility trailer?

Answer: Utility trailers are the same as normal trailers. Except they weigh around two thousand pounds or less. They also don’t have any motive power. They are designed to be drawn by a motor vehicle.

Does all trailers have a VIN number?

Trailers that are street-legal have a VIN number for them. Finding the VIN number of the trailer can be a bit tricky. Because there’s no fixed location for assigning VIN numbers.


Now you know how to make a RC boat trailer. Hopefully, now you can make one yourself by following our step-by-step instructions.

That’s it for today. See you again in another RC building project!

Lastly, good luck making an RC boat trailer!

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