Best Camera for RC Planes

Best Camera For RC Planes: The Complete Guide!

Flying your RC plane throughout nature is always challenging. If you’ve already gotten yourself into RC planes, the next thing you must be looking for is the best camera for RC planes

Because when you fly your plane you might not want to miss the shots from your plane pov. Also, it’s hard to fly your plane through impossible situations like in between tree branches. 

When having a camera might make things really easier. Now, there are tons of cameras out there available in the market. Conversely, you might get confused wondering which one should be the best pick.

Hence, we have researched over 50 products to find out the best 5 cameras for your RC plane. Also, we’ve added a buying guide along with a pros/cons list too.

So, without further delay, let’s check these combos out!

Comparison Table



Camera resolution

Field Of View


RunCam 2 FPV Camera

1920*1440@30fps / 1080p@60fps / 720p@120fps

FOV 120°

Crazepony Spotter V2 Camera

700 TVL

FOV 170°

AKK Micro FPV Camera

600 TVL

FOV 120°

Foxeer FPV Camera

1200 TVL

FOV 120°

Wolfwhoop WD03 Micro FPV AIO Camera

600 TVL

FOV 120°

RunCam 2 FPV Camera

Best Camera For RC Planes


  • Camera resolution: 1920*1440@30fps / 1080p@60fps / 720p@120fps
  • Low latency 60ms under 1080p 40ms under 720p.
  • Field Of View: FOV 120°
  • Item Weight 0.11 Pounds
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Special Feature: Lightweight

Product Overview 

The first product on our list is the RunCam 2. We keep it in the first place due to its remarkable overall performance. Kudos to this brand for making these amazing cameras for the last couple of years. 

Without further ado let’s go see what this camera has up its sleeve.

First of all, we are gonna talk about the most important thing you should check before buying a camera for your RC plane. 

Which are the dimensions and the weight. This camera has a dimension of 2.6 x 0.83 x 1.5 inches. And, the overall weight of the camera is 1.76 ounces. Here, the weight and size are pretty decent that any RC plane would be able to handle.

Now, the most important factor comes- the camera resolution. This is the only camera unit in this review that has a megapixel count in terms of resolution and 60fps recording capability. 

Also, the camera has a 4-megapixel sensor. And it can record in 1920*1440@30fps /1080p@60fps /720p@120fps qualities. Which you can change per your need. Besides, the action camera has a field of view of 120°. 

Apart from this, The video record format of the camera is MOV. In addition to that, it can be Switchable to NTSC/PAL formats also. That’s great, honestly. 

The camera package comes with a ¼ Tripod adapter, 1 mount,1 USB cable, and a battery. This is the only camera that has an 850mah battery to run the camera. 

Overall this is the highest resolution camera that you can buy for your RC Plane. Also, it comes with various handy accessories. So in our opinion, this is the best FPV Camera for your rc plane. Plus it’s considered waterproof so it’s suitable for floating RC planes too.


  • Has the highest resolution and 60 fps recording option.
  • Multi-video formatting option
  • Built-in battery 
  • Extra mount and other accessories are provided.
  • Build quality is premium 


  • Overall product size and weight is a bit high.

Crazepony Spotter V2 Micro Camera

Best Camera For RC Planes


  • Camera resolution: 700 TVL
  • Field Of View: FOV 170°
  • Item Weight: 9g
  • Are Batteries Included: No
  • Remote Control Included?: No

Product Overview 

Secondly, we have the Crazepony Spotter V2 Micro Camera. This is a bit different from the first product we reviewed in terms of camera sensor and resolution. But why is it worth the purchase? Let’s find out what it has to offer-

First of all, coming to its overall size and weight. This camera has a dimension of 1.38 x 0.81 x 0.7 inches. And the camera weighs about only 0.37 ounces. In contrast, the overall size and weight of this camera are pretty decent. It is lightweight enough that any plane would be able to pull off.

The next thing is the camera features. Unlike the previous product, this one comes with a 600TVL camera resolution. Now, most of you must be wondering what TVL is. TVL means television lines. 

When a camera has a higher number of TVL, that means it will be able to render more detailed images. So in this case 700TVL is good enough for a camera for your RC plane.

The best thing about this camera is the field of view. It has an ultrawide angle of 170 degrees. Which makes it an absolute beast in this segment. No other camera has such a wider field of view. So that surely gives this camera an extra edge.

Let’s talk about its other features, Total input power of this camera is 7.4V-14.8V. Which is pretty higher than the average, so it will eat up a lot of energy, be aware of that. And the video format is standard NTSC.

The main key feature of this camera is, this one comes with a built-in OSD and microphone. The microphone has a channel option of  8/40 Ch. And the antenna used in this camera is made of Cloverleaf design. Overall This camera is recommended by us for your RC Plane.


  • Has an ultrawide field of view of FOV 170°.
  • Cloverleaf Antenna design 
  • Built-in OSD 
  • Built-in Microphone


  • The camera resolution is not top-notch.

AKK Micro FPV AIO Camera

Best Camera For RC Planes


  • Camera resolution: 600 TVL
  • Field Of View: FOV 120°
  • Output power 25mW/50mW/200mW switchable, easy to change
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Polymer
  • Item Weight: 0.01 Pounds
  • Material: Nickel plated

Product Overview 

Third place in our tier list has been taken by the AKK Micro FPV AIO Camera. This is another camera that pairs up with Rc planes pretty well. But why would you consider buying it? 

First thing first let’s see its overall size and weight. This camera has a dimension of 1.34 x 0.35 x 0.83 inches. And, the camera weighs about only 0.16 ounces. This is the most lightweight camera in this category. 

In contrast, the overall size and weight of this camera are the most suitable for RC planes.

The next thing is the camera features. Like the previous product, this one comes with a 600TVL camera resolution. So, this camera resolution is also measured in TV Lines. 

Although its TV lines are less than the previous camera, its field of view is 120 degrees. And, it’s not that much affected in terms of quality.

Coming to its video recording capability. It can shoot in NTSC format. The input voltage is 3.2V-5.5V. 

That means this camera is very energy efficient. Apart from that, the camera sensor used in this sensor is 1/3 CMOS. Which is a good sensor in this budget. This sensor handles white balance and dynamic range pretty well.

Besides, the camera has RHCP polarized cloverleaf circular antenna. Overall this camera can be a perfect choice for your RC Plane. 


  • Has a compact design
  • It has the lowest weight in this camera segment
  • Decent sensors to take sharp images.


  • Quality is not that high.

Foxxer FPV Camera

Best Camera For RC Planes


  • Camera resolution: 1200 TVL
  • Field Of View: FOV 120°
  • Focus Type: Auto Focus
  • Net weight: 12g
  • Dimension: 0.86 * 0.86(in)
  • Lens Coating Description: HD Coating
  • Camera Lens Description: 9

Product Overview 

Another FPV Camera that we have in the tier list is the Foxxer FPV Camera. This is another camera with a higher video resolution than the first camera we reviewed. 

But that’s not all this camera has in store for you. So, what more does it offer?

After using these cameras, RC enthusiasts have praised their high performance and the perfect price. Within the offered price, this provides quite the quality. So, the price-quality ratio is quite high. Let’s take a look at the spec sheet- 

Here, the Foxeer FPV Camera has dimensions of 2.1 x 2.1 x 1.9 inches. And the overall weight of this camera is 2.08 ounces. This camera is a bit bigger in size and heavier compared to the rest of the products. 

But don’t worry about it, the size and weight are in the range any RC plane would be able to handle.

Let’s talk about the camera sensor and the video quality of this camera. The sensor used in this camera is also 1/3 CMOS which is also used in the previous camera model. 

So you already have an idea how good this sensor performs in every scenario. Then coming to its video resolution. It has the highest resolution of 1200TVL. 

Which will make sure to get crystal clear video footage and sharper still pictures. This one is the top class in the TV-Lines resolution cameras. Added to that, the field of view of this camera is the same standard 120 degrees. 

The important fact of this camera we should mention is the input voltage. It has a higher input voltage of 4.5V-25V. So when recording in the full resolution it will drain your battery a lot faster than the others would do. 

But those of you who want better quality footage might consider this issue. 

One thing worth mentioning is this camera comes with a separate OSD board. Also, the company includes 1 razer mini cable, 1 bracket, and 1 2 pin OSD cable. Overall this is a nice package for your RC plane.


  • High-quality video resolution
  • Separate OSD Board included
  • Multi-video format supported


  • Power consumption is a bit high.

Wolfwhoop WD03 FPV AIO Camera

Best Camera For RC Planes


  • Camera resolution: 600 TVL
  • Field Of View: FOV 120°
  • All in one vtx + camera + antenna, plug and play, ready to fly
  • Integrated camera and 25mW/50mW/200mW adjustable transmitter

Product Overview 

Last but not the least, we have the Wolfwhoop WD03 FPV AIO Camera. Yep, this product is in the fifth position on our tier list. But, it’s not that much behind compared to its competitors. It has a lot to offer on the table too. 

Also, it did beat out all the other products out there on the market. So, without further ado let’s check out what it has up its sleeve.

The Wolfwhoop WD03 AIO Camera combo is the perfect camera for RC planes. This is a combination of a transmitter and an antenna being an FPV camera no bigger than a one-dollar coin. 

And, you won’t require any soldering. All you have to do is install it into your plane and power it with a 1S Lipo battery and enjoy. Now let’s go check the spec sheet out-

This camera has a dimension of 4 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches and the weight is about 0.81 ounces. This camera is so small that when you install it in your plane you won’t even notice if you don’t look closely. 

This camera also comes in TVL resolution. It runs with 600tvl. Which is not the best in terms of quality but it will do its work. 

The camera has a wide field of view of 120 degrees. The most standard viewing angle every camera in this segment usually comes with. No lackings here too. 

Also, the video format this camera can record in is the NTSC Format. The voltage input figure of the camera is from 3.2-5.5V. Decent in the category. 

In contrast, it will give you a long time video recording support even if you power it with a 1s Lipo. Besides, the antenna of this camera is a dipole brass antenna.

Overall if you’re looking for a small-sized lightweight camera that can record decent video footage for a long time. This is the right camera for you.


  • Small form factor suitable for RC planes
  • It is very low in power consumption.
  • Lightweight option.


  • Video footage lacks sharpness and details.

Buying Guide

Alright, we have seen five products that are the superior Cameras for the RC Planes available out there on the market. But, how will you know which one is the most suitable product for your RC Plane?

Okay, the way is pretty simple. Let’s go through the basics of FPV Cameras-

You’ll see, this segment will help you make the perfect decision.

Form Factor

If you’re into buying an FPV Camera for your RC plane The most important fact that stands out first is the overall size and weight. Because when you install a camera to your RC plane.

You don’t want your RC plane’s head to get heavy. Or, you might don’t want to compromise the flying capability of your plane for your camera being heavy. 

So before buying a camera make sure the size of the camera fits your plane perfectly. And the weight is below 2.5 ounces at least. 

Camera Resolution 

The second most important thing to look for before buying your FPV camera is the video quality of the camera. Because when you fly your plane in between those trees the sight is really amazing. And a higher resolution and detailed video footage is the thing you really gonna like. 

So, make sure the camera has at least a 4-megapixel count sensor. Or if it has a TVl Type resolution count. Then Pick a camera that has at least 600TVl. Otherwise, the footage will not come usable. 

OSD Board 

This is something you don’t find in every camera. But having a Separate OSD board will help you experience the most out of your camera. 

So, though this is optional, check if your camera has an OSD built-in or is separate. And try to pick one that comes with an OSD.


Question: Is 500tvl good for my RC Plane? 

Answer: No, Below 600tvl is not recommended, Cause the quality falls apart, The video footage lacks quality and sharpness.

Question: Can I mount my regular action camera in my RC plane? 

Answer: NO! Regular action cameras are not compatible with RC planes because they are a lot bigger in size and the weight is too high. Your Rc Plane won’t Fly properly. 

Final Words

Well, that’s everything summed up for the best Camera for RC Planes. Before buying your camera go through the facts discussed in the buying guide.

We think we have discussed every topic that you’ll need to know before buying the product. Hope it was informative enough to make you choose the best product for your needs.

Good Luck!

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